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Medias Portrayal of African Americans

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 12:02 AM
First, I want to be crystal clear regarding the point of this thread. This is only my recent observation and is not to be mistaken for any shape or form of racism. Any such replies, or comments, are not welcomed and will be ignored. My goal is to generate healthy, intelligent discussion into this observance. Also, satisfy my personal curiosity on whether others have noticed this? Again, I am not presenting this as a vehicle to insight racism, or racially motivated comments.

I've wanted to write about this at ATS for quite some time now. While considered least important to me, it would likely occupy the last spot on my personal priorities list, this issue ranks much higher in regards to my curiosity. Probably due to it being constantly on my radar? The issue is mainstream medias new favorable portrayal of black people in entertainment and advertising.

For the last few years I've noticed this in motion picture movies, TV shows and TV advertisements. Whatever the scenario may be, the media seems to now portray black people in the more favorable, or dominant role? As opposed to the more distant past history of blacks being portrayed as poor, or violent by media, they are now shown as the bosses and problem solvers. They are now shown as braver, smarter and overall more together than their Caucasian counterparts? The answer to the problem comes from the black guy now. The head of the company is black. The friend that has it most together in the group is the black friend. He points out the mistakes. He made the wiser investments. He has the better connections. He gives the orders. He cleans up the messes. He supplies the fashion advice. He marries the right girl. And he remains the better athlete, too!

I have noticed this continually to the point it is now comical to my girlfriend and I. We joke about this all the time now. Not motivated by race, but how prevalent and predictable it has become. I have noticed it in TV shows and commercials the most, but movies do this as well.

Wondering if others notice this is my curiosity? If not, with this now in mind, I'd like to hear back from those that begin to notice this. I will try and locate some video examples and add them later?


posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 12:38 AM
You know I started to see this, but you can look at it on both sides actually.

If you've seen 'Surrogates' then you get it.

And I get your point seeing as the only black person in 'boy meets world' was a geek math club genius.

And the only white guy in 'Cosby' was a crackhead hobo nuisance.

But don't fall into the mistake many do, and think a life portrayed on the tele, is relative in anyway to real life.

I've been on youtube, and apparently the black community there, or at least in quite a few spots, believe that white parents, never ever hit their children even spanking, I tell you this, my parents beat the fk out of me, and i'm white, and so are they!

But if you just watch tv, I can see how one could get at that assumption I could, why i've stopped watching tv.

Try getting a view of the white man on BET!!!

I think we're all missing the point of these movies though.

It's not about the color of the man, it's about the content.

Sadly our society, as a whole, is still stuck on color, so the consequences, will be 'awkward'. I'll expand, society will tend to, as we all know, look to black people for all the answers, it's sad but people watch movies, and believe anything their told (ats aside

You don't know exactly how many people believe the only way you get pink eye is through fecal matter going into the eye, thank you "Knocked Up".

You can still get pink eye from that, but it's not the only way!

[edit on 18-10-2009 by Republican08]

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 12:56 AM
as satanist I see all men as animals. and my experience leads me to believe that bunnys are safer than bears. I do think that if a person is liberal enough to find themselves on ATS then they are ok

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