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Climate Catastrophy? - Now or Never- a Book by Tim Flannery

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posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 09:27 AM

Along comes Tim Flannery in 2009, internationally acclaimed scientist and author of the wildly successful The Weather Makers, to shed all pretensions of massaging the message or softening the blow. His newest book, Now or Never, will frighten everyone who dares to read it - from hardened climate skeptics to true believers.

Yes, it's that dire. For Flannery, we have already past the "tipping point" of climate consequences. Now we must act to avoid the "point of no return," which would bring on a new "dark age" of full-scale climate catastrophe. Flannery is not concerned about living up to the billing of climate alarmist. As David Suzuki writes in the book's foreword, it's time to "take the gloves off and tell like it is."

Tim Flannery is no newcomer to the issues revolving around climate change. in his recent book; The Weathermakers, Flannery outlined what needed to be done to avert the catastrophic scenarios which the environmental movement has envisioned as a result of climate change. The previous book garnered much attention around the world. This new book, however, puts that all aside and looks to how we might be able to contend with the results now that our collective feet have been dragging:

To list a few "modest" proposals: massive, unprecedented reforestation efforts are needed in tropical regions; carbon capture and storage technologies must be developed fast to deal with surging coal industries throughout the developing world; and a revolution in holistic agriculture techniques is essential, not just to reduce carbon emissions, but to make farming a net carbon sink. (Flannery suggests using the process of pyrolysis to convert organic matter into fuel and charcoal. The latter could be plowed back into fields as inert stored carbon, improving crop yields and producing healthier, nutrient-rich soil.) But these solutions, and all others listed in the book, leave Flannery sounding rushed and frantic. It's basically a frenzied appeal for emergency measures.

Combined with the upcoming viral movie; Not Evil Just wrong, we have two very opposite sides of a contentious issue. Two forces pulling in two completely different directions.

Interesting months ahead for those of us who have been keeping up. As a past believer in the human contributions toward climate change, the intelligent discourse between members on both sides of the debate have given me much to think about. There are other influences at work besides ourselves, that much is becoming clear to me. How much or how little we are capable of changing is going to boil down to personal desires. For myself and my family, I'll do what I can to pare down wasteful practices, if not for environmental impact, then for monetary savings alone. For instance, I'm getting really tired of plastic containers which take forever to break down in landfills. We can do better than that and I support anything which might eventually get rid of it.

But that's just a sliver of the total changes that obviously has to come. It's not just overflowing landfills... thank you, Michigan, for taking most of Toronto's garbage over the past decade.
Now that you're full, I guess we're going to have to dump it in Ontario.

Issues on top of issues.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by masqua

Just my opinion. . . . .ALERT . . . . . . Just my opinion . . . . . . ALERT

All of this has a political motivation.

In 2007 Tim Flannery co-founded and was appointed Chair of The Copenhagen Climate Council, a coalition of community, business, and political leaders who have come together to confront climate change.
Tim Flannery is on a mission. He believes that human activity is drastically altering the earth's climate, and that before too long these changes will have a devastating effect on life on this planet. He wants to mobilize the social and political will to address this problem before it's too late.


My opinion? We are far too insignificant to have a major, minor, if any impact on our planet in terms of global warming. It's all about power, control, who gets to tell who. . . whatever they want.

These fools have been proven wrong over and over and over and over again. So they constantly redefine themselves and what the global issue is. Today it's polar bears. Tomorrow, rain-forests. Next week? The Southern Spotted Phlem Spider.

These folks need to get a grip. Their arrogance that THEY, tiny people in a small corner of time, can direct/change the PLANET is just too arrogant to believe.

2 cents, as always.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 09:57 AM
This is what gets me:

Yes, it's that dire. For Flannery, we have already past the "tipping point" of climate consequences. Now we must act to avoid the "point of no return,"

That reminds me of the rainbow chart of terror alert.

And what exactly is "the point of no return"? Everyone agrees that the earth has been much hotter than it is now and has had far more carbon in the atmosphere and life has survived, adapted & flourished.
It's like the term "climate collapse". What the the hell is that?
Does that mean that the climate will collapse & there will be no such thing as a climate anymore? Of course not.

It's fearmongering, nothing more, in my opinion.


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