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b 17 this website says it kills 95 percent of patients. confused.

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:08 PM

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:22 PM


In 1980, the National Cancer Institute began a clinical study of laetrile in terminal cancer patients. "Conducted in collaboration with four major U.S. medical centers, the clinical tests showed that laetrile failed on four counts: it did not make cancer regress; it did not extend the life span of cancer patients; it did not improve cancer patients' symptoms; and it did not help cancer patients to gain weight or otherwise become more physically active. Laetrile and natural products containing it, such as apricot pits were thus found to be 'ineffective as a treatment for cancer.'" (Tyler)

First of all, the patients were TERMINAL.

And also...
Radiation and Chemotherapy technically KILL those who end up dying of their cancer in that it didn't cure them. Yet, these therapies aren't banned......

Also you have to ask if the B17 therapy killed the cancer patients or if the cancer did. From what I read from the article, the B17 didn't help and they succumbed to their cancers. So technically the B17 therapy didn't KILL them, it just didn't cure them.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:24 PM
yea that makes sence just sounds like this article is trying to slam b17 so that people wont use it

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:28 PM
Are we talking about b17 as what's found in apricot seeds ?

Just what is wrong with eating them ? Do they make any claims as to what b17 does or can do to you ?

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by cronotrigger30

How is performing an efficacy study "slamming" it? All the study is showing is that they made an honest effort to validate B17 as a cancer treatment, and it proved ineffective.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:29 PM
So long as it doesn't do anymore harm than the terminal cancer itself, anything is worth a shot.

And from the bit of reading I've been doing from the other thread, it seems it's a good therapy to try to maybe prevent cancer from occuring to begin with.

So long as it doesn't do any harm, then what is the harm, if you know what I mean?

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 02:17 AM
ok who is bc cancer,,,, well the parent company is Provincial Health Services Authority
PHSA operates eight agencies that provide province-wide health care services, including the BC Cancer Agency, BC Centre for Disease Control, BC Children's Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, BC Provincial Renal Agency, BC Transplant Society, BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre, the Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission and Riverview Hospital.

one of there headlines about there gold cancer hosp.
10/06: It’s Gold for the Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre

and what do they do,,, they run cancer hospitals and clinics

now if b17 did prevent or reduce cancer,,, would that not be negative to there interest

remember cancer is big money,,, a cancer patient has the potential to be a million dollar project b4 all is said and done

most if go into remission get the same or another cancer in five years,,,,, more money

i was taught recently to ask,,,,,, how does it benefit them if i believe them

i can answer that easily,,,, maybe a million dollars

and here they knock apricot seeds,,, yet at the same time want participants to do a 30 year study to find:

-will help researchers learn more about how environmental exposures, lifestyle and genetic makeup contribute to the development of cancer and other chronic diseases
-Not everybody has the same risk of developing cancer: genetic background, lifestyle and behaviour, and environmental exposures are all known to influence cancer risk
-These risk factors include smoking, alcohol, poor diet, physical inactivity, obesity, and increased age

and after that,,, they don't seem to know a whole lot,,,, more unknown than knowns,,,,, except apricot seeds are bad bad bad
who's making big bucks on peach or apricot seeds???? i doubt anyone

even legitimate sources can spread propoganda in there own seemingly innocent, helpful way

most people thought bank of america, wachovia, citi, were good ole american banks,,,, hasn't that little nugget been shattered

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by shortywarn

Shortywarn, "BC" stands for British Columbia. BC Cancer runs Canadian cancer clinics. In other words, they are not making a profit. These clinics are government run, so patients pay little to nothing out of pocket.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 03:02 AM
well,,,, you may be right,,,, but it looks,,,, or rather sounds like they make money

from these statements,,,, because bc cancer is run by the PHSA

PHSA agencies include: BC Cancer Agency, BC Centre for Disease Control, BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, BC Mental Health & Addiction Services, BC Provincial Renal Agency, BC Transplant, BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre, and Cardiac Services BC.

A key part of PHSA's role is to find operational efficiencies so that those savings can be redirected into patient care. This will be achieved by consolidating and streamlining corporate services and reducing the cost of support services through alternative models, such as sharing services with other health authorities or outsourcing some services.

PHSA is not the BC Ministry of Health and PHSA does not operate ministry programs such as the Medical Services Plan (MSP) or Pharmacare.

BC Health Authority Shared Services Organization uses buying power to cut costs.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 07:36 PM
yeah its very dangerous and scary. thats why people drop dead every time the eat an apple seed, bitter almond or an apricot seed. and why bitter almonds are banned in the usa and you can get thrown in jail for selling apricot seeds to people. i just had some apricot kernel oil on my salad today, and im dead too, incase you hadnt noticed. the Hunza eat apricot seeds all the time and my grandmother uses them in jams and cooking. she died every time she ate one, it was incredible.

yes they are cyanide.

no you wont die; cuz its inert in your body and harmless due to a protective enzyme of your body. the cyanide only unlocks in cancer cells and only affects those cells.

if they WERE dangerous and i was lying to you, i would be dead, my grandmother would be very dead, my parents would be dead, and the Hunza would not live until they are 100.

it is more likely that the B17 treatment was administered too late or without supportive diet changes, and it was probably actually the side effects of the chemo that killed them. speaking personally, chemo has totally ravaged my body which has not recovered one year later. and i am very concerned about my heart which hasnt felt right since. i should be too, since one of the potential side effects of a drug i took was heart failure. doctors arent even slightly interested though nor are they checking up on me re: side effects of chemo once since it finished.

PS: be careful who you believe and what websites you believe. cancer is a 75 BILLION plus dollar industry. people making that much money may not want a cure for cancer i suspect, sadly.

also guess who funds medical research? sweet companies, dairy industry, meat industry, drug companies: this is where the funding comes from. conflict of interest, much?

no wonder there's no clear info on diet coming thru.

i KNOW medical researchers fudge their results to keep their jobs and feed their families (or themselves). i know one. and she has said she wouldnt be above doing this if it meant keeping her job/getting continuing funding and that she knows others think the same.

If your research is funded by a dairy company, are you gonna present results that say dairy causes cancer growth? only if you dont mind having your funding cut off and losing your job. there is a lot of pressure to produce DESIRED results from research. this HAS and continues to compromise medical research and there are MANY cases of studies being faked etc, by TOP researchers and professionals.

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posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 07:42 PM
I used to eat them on a daily basis for months and I felt great. I need to refill my stash, luckly they are not illegal where I live.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 07:45 PM
yeah i know, i eat bitter almonds, apple seeds and apricot seeds (which are VERY bitter, in fact you can almost taste the cyanide taste- i eat apricot seeds very sparingly as i think a little of the stuff goes a long way), but y'know im still alive and i feel fine.

if the cyanide in them was dangerous and deadly i wud be frothing at the mouth by now.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 08:23 PM
thanks for your opinions guys.

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