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For Those That Have Lost Their Faith

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 08:11 PM
I had lived my life to the fullest. As a successful business manager for a large banking corporation, I had fulfilled my contract with the Source to complete my medium-aged soul and advance into the experienced level. I'd seen my ups and downs of friendships, relationships, jobs, alcohol, experimenting with drugs, and the young life. My best friends have long since past. Out of all of them, I miss Greg the most. Friends since the age of 6, Greg was somebody I could always confide in. His atheistic tendencies and rebellious manner always made him a favorite amongst our groups of friends. He was smart, had a great sense of humor and a relatively easy time getting along with others, especially those he had nothing in common with. His young passing at 54 of lung cancer always brought a lump to my throat.

I was 83 years old, laying in a hospital. The sound of the dialysis machine was the only thing keeping me from drifting to sleep. My family was there, my beautiful granddaughter. Although I had loved my granddaughter with all of my heart, I had known deep within myself that she was not a part of my soul-grouping. Soul. What a funny word. Truth be told, humans did not have any idea what to call the consciousness. Spiritual teachings had been mis-taught from generation to generation by those wishing to advance their own agendas. Hell, I was starting to doubt my own theories on life after death. Was there a Source? Was I about to just blink out into nothingness? I'd find out soon enough.

I had been in that bed for about 6 months. I wasn't getting any better and I knew it. I managed a smile, and some words here and there, but it was over. My son visited frequently, and when his wife and daughter weren't around he'd fill me in on my estate, and planning for my death. Pretty bleak talk to come from your own flesh and blood. He had done everything for me, and was prepared for the inevitable. Then, the inevitable came. It was early in the morning. The nurse had tried to give me breakfast, but I could feel the sickness rising up and overpowering my weak body. Shortly after she left, I started to have the hallucinations I had read about. I started seeing lights, tunnels, and the like.

"So, this is it," my mind managed to convey to my brain. I answered myself, like I had throughout my life, creating a dialogue between mental self and physical self.

"It's been a pleasure," my physical brain said to my mind.

"You too. We made a good team," my mind replied.

And with that, my vision went dark. But only for a second. What's this? I'm floating! Ha! It's real! I roll above, the sounds of the flat line getting further away. I'm being pulled into a tunnel. I felt bad for those I had left behind, but I somehow knew that it was just part of their own growing process. I had done enough and left a pretty decent mark in this lifetime.

Suddenly, I'm jerked out of the tunnel, into what I can only describe as a different plane. What is this, I ask myself.

"Don't worry, you're safe," a voice says to me.

It's gloomy. I'm on some sort of vessel. Grays, yellows and pale whites surround the horizon. "This isn't real, this isn't where I'm supposed to be!" I insist.

"None of us are," answers the first voice. "We've been taken here."

I turn and gain focus. One of my best friends from my young adult life, and early professional career is standing before me. "Sean!" I exclaim, true surprise emanating from my energy body.

"Yes, it is I. Barry, it has been a long time," Sean calmly says.

"What are you doing here?" I want answers.

"Do not be afraid. All will be answered soon," Sean cryptically breaths.

We are communicating by, what I can only describe as telepathy. As I start to focus more on my surroundings on the vessel, I see many familiar faces. Friends, and distant relatives from the previous lifetime.

"These are -" I stammer.

"We are a collective," Sean helps me finish.

It's my own Soul-Group. I move towards the bow of the ship, greeting several of my colleagues along the way. Sean follows alongside of me, explaining.

"Your full memory will return the longer you stay," he explains.

"What are we doing here?" I ask.

"We're not sure. We're in some sort of holding pattern," he replies.

The ship is moving, and there's clamor on board. Despite the lack of a physical world, I find myself moved by the plank-like material underneath my energy body. We drift slowly across a fog-filled ocean. It is breathtaking; like nothing I have ever seen before. I start to receive flashes of memories I do not recognize. Egypt. Greece. China. Swords clashing, disease and poverty.

"Don't fight it," Sean tells me, seeming to know what I am going through. "These are your previous lives."

I'm a poor beggar on the streets of London. An abandoned child in Italy. Born in Africa, and sold into slavery on a plantation in the U.S. I'm black, Chinese, Spanish, White. We're all the same, I suddenly realize.

The boat is picking up speed. Racing into an abyss. Visibility is clearing up. On the horizon I can see another vessel, but the feeling I have is wrong. This is not how I envisioned the afterlife. Hatred, sorrow and self-pity start to swarm our ship. Addiction, punishment, and visions of violence start to penetrate our inner sanctum. The other ship is visible now. Demonic figures, severed limbs, dripping with red ooze. Humanoid figures that are grinning, evil. It's pure evil.

"What is that!" screams my friend Debbie.

"I don't know," replies fellow banker and former roommate Tyler.

We are being sucked towards it. Drawing in closer and closer to drooling animalistic figures. Aura's surround each individual. Black, red, dark purple and brown. It is a truly ugly sight.

"They're trying to instill fear on us," Sean calmly explains. "Do not fear them, they cannot harm us in the astral realm."

The Astral Realm. Something I had always thought was imaginary.

"What do we do!" one of my friends Laura shrieked.

"Do not feed into their fear," Sean tried to say. It wasn't working. I could hear discontent amongst the others as they started to get nervous, worried and anxious. Tyler tried to jump off the boat, but was immediately stopped by an external force.

"I need to get off! Let me off!" Tyler breathlessly shouted.

Others were starting to panic. The fear on our ship was high, even I was starting to get tense. The demons approached...

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 08:11 PM
Several details of the demonic ship were now fully visible. A severed head, with a tongue sticking out were at the bow of the ship. Bones were sewn throughout the hull, as flames shot up from torches on the starboard and port sides. The ship drew nearer. Horrifying sounds were now audible from the fear mongering demons.

Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of light on our starboard side. A gigantic light crashed through in the form of a rustic battleship from the 17th century. A loud ringing noise was heard. We all turned our attention to the Ship of Light, as did the demons. We stood in Awe at the luminescent craft. As our vision adjusted, we began to make out figures standing side by side on the deck. They were enclosed in light. It was complete bliss. The Ship of Light slowly started to close the gap between us and the demonic vessel. As the Ship of Light slowly inched by us, it was apparent that this was not another small ship of souls like ours. There were hundreds of light beings aboard.

I turned my gaze towards the aft of the Ship of Light. The deck had two figures, wearing long flowing white robes, with blond hair. They smiled at me, and my group. I felt pure, unconditional love. As I continued to stare, two more light beings walked towards the balcony.

"Hey, isn't that Greg?" Tyler questioned. It was. It was my best friend! From the physical plane, he had come back to help us.

Greg stood tall, like he did in his youth. His unmistakable grin was accompanied by a beautiful blond light-being standing next to him.

"A very important Spirit Guide," Sean whispered.

I was starting to remember more. My guides were watching this key moment in my development. I remembered what I had to do. I mustered up all of the love, and good feelings I had felt. All of the good memories from my physical incarnation. The ship I was on exploded with light, as everyone on board began to remember their love for life. This propelled the Ship of Light towards the demons, who were frantically attempting to retreat. The Ship of Light dwarfed the demonic vessel.

Light beams shot out towards the demons, as they scrambled to make a hasty run for it. As they were illuminated one by one, they were shown for what they really were in their past incarnation. A sexual predator, who ruined the lives of several young children; a drug addict who drove his parents to kill themselves in shame; a killer who cheated death row by ending his life in prison; and far worse. They were pathetic, and whimpered as they knew they faced self-judgment. They had been running around this realm, preying on lost souls for what would be considered an eternity.

Greg grabbed the hand of his Spirit Guide. I felt sorry for the criminals as they started to fall into a light one by one. One pleaded and begged with the light beings to let him continue. He begged not to be returned to the Source, but in the end his banishment would help him get back on track.

The demonic ship started to crack, a brilliant light shining through it. The remaining demons scattered quickly to try and escape. The ship exploded, as the last few were banished to the Source. The battle was over. My ship let out a cheer, and sigh of relief as we were quickly whisked from the scene, into a beautiful setting.

A blue sky, crystal-looking waters, and a dock. We crossed over to the cheer of our guides, friends and family. There were hundreds of beings waiting for us on the shores of what looked like a gold city. I was flooded with an extreme amount of love, and our ship came to a stop on the calm waters before the dock. As I turned, the brilliant light appeared and the Ship of Light came barreling through to a huge roar from the souls on shore.

"Something very important happened here," said a voice from within my ear. My own Spirit Guide, Angela, was with me.

"I know," I said. "But I don't remember -"

"You've helped a dear friend reunite with his other half," Angela explained.

Of course. The purpose of this incarnation was to reunite the physical incarnation that was Greg, and his Spirit Guide. But I couldn't remember...

Greg and his Spirit Guide walked up onto the dock, facing each other. The light beings stood around and watched as a timeless ritual took place. With a final thank you, and a tearful goodbye, the two became one and were enveloped by the light of the Source.

I looked up, to see a changing of the winds in the sky.

"There's much work left to be done," Angela whispered again.

I turned to face her.

"I know," I said.

And with that, I was whisked away to judge the life I had just lived, and plan my next move into reunification with my other half.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 10:12 PM
Wow! What an amazing story!! I was easily drawn in from the beginning and quickly read to the end. Wonderful!!!


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