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A message to my current and prospective government.

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 07:58 PM
OK, I rarely post on here and when I do it's normally to have a rant and hope to use my rant to some constructive extent to inspire people. Maybe I do, maybe I don't but I get to have my rant and you get to read it, all win!

I'll keep this short as nobody likes to read anymore - apologies for the generalisation, if you're not one of those then it won't offend you as you'll be mature enough to understand it's my opinion and doesn't represent actual fact. Basically my rant is about life as an average person in a world that is heading towards uncomprehension. People are getting pissed off with one another and I'm getting pissed off with them. Today I got pulled over by the police, for no apparent reason until they said I was speeding. I was doing 34 in a 30 zone - fair enough 4mph over the limit. I needed a poo, no excuse but I wasn't prepared to sacrifice my dignity so I took the risk and pushed my foot down that 0.124cm and thus increased my speed. Bad boy obviously, £60 fine and 3 points and absolutely no way to disagree with the public servants my tax pays and who in turn work for me. OK it's not that simple I understand, but as he was writing the ticket down I had a small epiphany. Not a revolutionary one, but one that made me think none the less. I also view this website daily to get a general feel of what is happening in the world, it went something like this.

Government (that is you who represent them in anyway), I'm getting sick of you. You push and you push and you push. I am a violent person when the need arises, but never to anyone who doesn't deserve it - it is merely me not being afraid of another skeleton wrapped in meat conditioned by subjectivity. You seem to be going out of your way to make this land inhospitable, whether it's on purpose or not. I, and probably a lot of other people (at least more of us than there are of you) are getting sick of you. I'm a "model citizen" despite hating such a label as I'm a person with feelings. I pay my taxes, national insurance (despite it being 40% of my income and my highest expense every month) unquestioningly. I don't like the fact I have no say in the matter as I never asked to be born into this society - but then again I never had the choice of whether I wanted to be part of it or not - it just... IS.

When I got home I found a tax bill on my floor - apparently my return from last year didn't arrive but I was never informed. Fair enough these things happen. But no, you decided to serve me with a notice of determination which is a guesstimate of the tax I owe. I am no longer self employed and work under PAYE so my employer covers that - but despite the letter I send with my return (which you obviously didn't get) saying I am no longer self employed, I still am according to you. What I dont get is how has my tax arrears increased from £384.32 to £8542.42 in 1 month? Why am I being charged £300.11 daily (it is now frozen as I handed my tax return into the office personally). Anyway, I'm not going to question it any longer. I strongly believe the government has lost the ability, intellect and motivation to continue organising our society while we see to the other aspects of it. Enough. You pathetic, money grabbing, insecure, paranoid bunch of seratonin depleted retards. You DO NOT tell us what to do, WE tell YOU what to do... and we pay you to do it. That is what democracy is - no one person or small group of people CAN NOT be in charge - fairness doesn't work like that due to our (and that is ALL of us) inherent greed.

Blah blah blah - I could go on for ever but this is text and it doesn't do much and I'm getting tired so I'll end on a short as possible note.


posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 08:11 PM
Government: We need a government, society needs a government but we all need to be on the same page and you need to lead through inspiration... not oppression. Gordon Brown, you wonky eyed piece of crap go away. You've proved yourself incapable many times now, you're not cut out to be any form of leader. You don't inspire - you annoy and you ridicule yourself and the position you represent with your ineptitude. I AM saying I could do a better job than you because I actually care about progress, not how much paper I can accumulate with the picture of an expired, wrinkly, useless monarch on it (who is also a skeleton wrapped in flesh with RED blood I might add). I'm not really one for symbolism - everyone is equal, those that don't pull their weight need a kick up the arse, there is a role for EVERYONE in this world. Those that do pull their weight need a pat on the back and some relief of carrying everyone else.

People: You don't need telling what to do. That utter moron in the high visibility vest on with POLICE written on it is just like you. They do not represent any form of superiority and you DO NOT have to do ANYTHING you really don't want to. However, you DO need to be prepared to pay the price of rebellion - and because many people are too scared, tired, uncaring or whatever to do this - that price is high. You are the most dangerous weapon as it is you who decides your life. I like my luxuries of society and fair enough moving back to a time of non-dependence on technology is a step backwards - progress is difficult, it costs time and expertise (not money).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we're buggered. Nothing is going to change in this world - it's too far gone. Everyone is waiting for some kind of intervention as usual, maybe it will happen... maybe it won't. Whatever it is, if it isn't you making the change - you haven't earned it.

My life is going to change though. I'm in debt - I will honour those financial committments, continue to work in a job I enjoy and no longer fear anything. After this I am leaving the country, for good. A strange realisation but there is nothing to fear - fear is what you feel when you are powerless to change the situation. Powerlessness comes from conditioning. We have been divided and conquered... what a waste.

In order to not end on a bum note I wanted to instead end on a small nugget of success. Despite officer (I didn't get any last night because my family hates the hateful husk I've become) twat's attempt at making me poo my pants I got home successfully and proceeded to excrete my digested substance in a VERY satisfactory manner. Small victories, but that's where true happiness lies.

Good luck to you all, and I'll see you in this world of ours.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by Terric

I could rant on for hours.
But I just want to say I hear you, I am with you there on all of it.

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