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The Reform of America's Prisons

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 03:52 PM
There is a big problem in our society today. Prisons are full of people who have done illegal acts such as Murder, Rape, Abduction, Assault, etc... Ok, so we have all the bad people locked up in a cage, thats good, right? Wrong.
In prison you get 3 square meals a day, living quarters, athletic/exercise equipment, a library, medical care, and a recreation room which might have a television or other entertaining things.
Does that sound like a punishment to you? It sounds like heaven for a guy down on his luck without a penny to his name. To him, it probably would be a slice of heaven, but for us taxpayers? Do you want to spend your taxes to give the good life to these muderers, rapists, and abusers? I sure would not. This brings me to my vision of a replacement for the current penal system that the USA uses.

My plan only deals with those who have committed a violent crime ( Abuse, Sexual assault, Assualt, Murder, Rape, Robbery, Child Abuse, and Aggravated Assault)

These are the worst of the worst when it comes to criminals. These people have physically, emotionally, and mentally damaged another human being. No jail time should be allowed for them, it must be Execution or Plan B. Plan B is what I think we should do to these monsters

Plan B
Send all the violent criminals to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, at least 1000 miles from another landmass. Build a fence/wall about 50 feet offshore that surrounds the entire island to prevent any escape. Insert prisoners. Thats it, its as simple as that. If they want to hurt society and expect society to pay for their crimes, we should just kick them out of society. Once prisoners are on the island, we MUST ignore them. No cameras, no spy-planes, no nothing. They are on their own now, they could be building an advanced society of peace or having tribal wars, it doesnt matter to us. Essentially, we are forcing them to punish (or reward) themselves, since the level of society they will enjoy will depend on their level of cooperation with each other.
This is not Cruel and Unusual punishment, since it is what they make of it. It could be better than what we enjoy in the US now, but we wouldn't know! And that is the important thing, we MUST not discover what they have done with themselves. If we knew what was happening, then, depending on what happened there things would have to change. If the prisoners de-volved into torturing each other and fighting all the time, then we would be seen as brutal, and it would be cruel and unusual punishments, even if the prisoners are doing it to each other. If they have formed a good civilization with toilets and peace, then we would be seen as rewarding prisoners for evil deeds. Either way, once people got wind of what was going on on the island, they would demand it be closed and protest.
Right, so we have all the violent criminals on an island where they have to take care of themselves and are no longer a drain on us and our tax dollars.

As for those who do non-violent crimes, there is no way to deal with them other than fines and restriction of certain liberties.

Review: The judicial system would no longer sentence you to lifetime in prison (or maybe not even execution) , but that option would be replaced with "the Island". There, you might live or die, and life will be what you make of it. Nobody will interfere with you except when new prisoners are sentenced. There will be no escape from this island, and the only thing you know for sure upon entrance is that you will die there.

Of course, this has a very low chance of ever being enacted, but if you never have a Plan B, you will be unprepared when the time calls for one.

So does anybody have any other "Plan B's"??
Any comments or additions to my Plan B would be appreciated.
And, this is my first thread, so if there is anything wrong, you can chalk it up to me being a beginner

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 04:41 PM
well, i guess I'll bite.
first off, I lol'd when you said that prison would be a slice of heaven for some. I'd say that there are a very small number of folks who prefer prison to any other alternative. I've been in a county jail...and 15 days there was pretty hellish.
Prison should still be some option for the person to reform. If they are one of the people in there who just continue their assults and murders, because they already are serving life and have nothing to lose, then we could go to plan B.
That's the thing that bothers me about the system. We take some guys who are guily of a non-violent crime (drug possesion or what have you) and stick them in the same class with people who murder as a hobby. These guys know that they have nothing to lose, we can't give them the death penalty in a lot of cases, so they just go on killing and maming people. The vitims of these guys are usually folks who genuinely just want to do their time and comply. They are the easiest targets because they don't want to have to fight. I see no problem with sending these HELPLESS, HoPELESS men to Plan B Island. If you read my other posts you will see that I almost without fail try to convince people that there is always a chance for almost anyone to come around, but in the case of these monsters who prey on the men who just want to keep their head down and pay their debt to society, I do not see how they can be helped.

So yea, maybe Plan B Island is a little idealistic, but honestly, the current program has FAILED. We should put everything on the table when talking about fixing it.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 05:19 PM
I like the idea and agree let them do what they want I would like to say they should be given a 3 strike for a lot of crimes except murder before sent thier .

Don't forget about child melesters 1st strike thier gone. but we need this island watched to make sure they don't get out and if they try we can nuke em.

All other crimes fines and restrictions community service and if you refuse to do your community service, off to the ISLAND OF DEATH.

It will be like Escape from L.A. the Kurt Russel movie.

But we do waste so much money on them we have to do something,
but yeah our goverment loves to waste money we all know that.

Like 79 million to blow up the moon and it didn't even work. Nase should only be searching for astroids until our difcit is paid off, which mean no more space stuff for the U.S. unless all 350 million Americans
pay $130,000 each to pay it off for them, we will 1 day remeber were all colladerole to the Federal Reserve they come knocking 1 day.

NASA is a total waste of money, that money could be used somewere else I'm sure like pay on the dificet or something. Let Russia or China do the space stuff for a while, who cares who finds whats out thier 1st.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by Enigma Publius

Yes, all violent criminals would be sent to Plan B's death island. However, this still depends on the judicial system to deliver a verdict during which the prisoner would die, giving them nothing to lose. If the judge gives a man who killed 5 children 5 years in jail, then he gets 5 years in jail, sadly. There should be a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to violence->Rape, Murder, Abuse, Assault... But there isn't and probably won't be for some time to come. As for those prisoners who have comitterd non-violent acts, like speeding and such:
Maybe we could create a Plan C which all prisoners not convicted of Plan B would go to. It would be a smaller version of Plan B, but it would be observed by guards stationed on it's perimeter. The basic concept would remain the same: the prisoner would enter the enclosement with nothing manmade. We could send in tools or raw materials as their sentence progresses. Maybe shipment 1 would be plumbing, 2 would be tools etc. By the end of their sentence, they would have learned the basics of plumbing, preparing raw foods, building huts, and maybe politics if their civilization grows that far. When their sentence is up, a squad would go in and find the prisoner and take them out of the prison, along with whatever accomplishments they have done. Upon exit, the ex-prisoner would have a set of skills that would find them a job and get some money. Even more, the ex-prisoner would be grateful to the prison for the gifts they have given, which would stop them from committing more crimes. Of course, your tax dollars would have to be spent on the packages of raw material that would be sent in, but you would get a productive member of society as the end product. That would be money well spent, no?

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by fleetlord

HEY I REALLY LIKE THE PLAN C THING ALSO! But, did you say speeding????

I have a LOT of driving violations and tickets, but it's no reason to take me away from my family??
please clarify!
anyway, i love the reward and supply drop system man! this WILL HAVE to be considered eventually IMO.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 05:27 PM
plan c is great idea and I think that even modivate them more when thier time is up. to try to stay on the right path becuse they will not want to go back again.

Thier would be nothing but friends they have made but nothing else.

NO radios
NO xbox 360
NO books
NO beds
NO women
NO family
NO Kids
NO Internet OH MY GOD

I hope they don't go retarded on that island from living in todays world to 10,000BC

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by Enigma Publius

Hehe, when I mentioned speeding tickets, I didn't mean that a speeding ticket=Plan C automatically. If you accumulate enough tickets and have to go to court for it, Plan C would be one of the options (probably with a fine, liscense suspension, etc..) for sentencing.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 11:13 PM
I can't see why our goverment wouldn't do this its a great idea they would have that money for something else instead of wasting it like they do on them law breakers that need reform.

let them reform thier selves we would only need to spend money on sending them thier and pickups and some guards. for the outer perimenter.

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