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Transcripts on vaccine conspiracies

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 02:24 PM
Gary Null, PhD and Richard Gale of the Progressive Radio Network recently broadcast a show on what is not but should be included on the insert labels for vaccine products. Here is the link to that transcript:

Much more specific information on a wider conspiracy to hide problems with vaccine manufacturing, and even vaccine R&D work, is on the Progressive Radio Network website. Here is that link:

Because it is a long document, here are some highlights: On page 60, there is a link to a website with a full transcript of what was supposed to be a secret conference on vaccine problems. That transcript was made possible by a FOIA requent filed by Robert Kennedy, Jr. The conference took place at the Simpsonwood Conference Center in Norcross, Georgia in June 2000. Attendees included the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization, and major vaccine manufacturers such as GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth, and Aventis; oddly enough, there were no reporters at all allowed to attend this conference, despite the compelling public interest of what was to be discussed. Here is one additional link to the full transcript of the Simpsonwood meeting:

Because that is a 242 page report, you can first get highlights and quoted excerpts from a page that you will see when you first click on that report name on the home page of the Autism Help For You website.

I haven't read that 242 page report in its entirity yet, but I did hear the entire Progressive Radio Network broadcast. The Simpsonwood Conference Center is a private Christian conference center. The conspiracy that the PRN broadcast describes is very real, and very sick, sick, sick.

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 03:36 PM

The first question: Are vaccines truly effective in protecting people based upon a gold standard that can be applied to all other areas of science? If they are effective, what is the proof? Are there long-term individual and multi-vaccine combination studies and double-blind placebo control studies? Did these studies compare fully vaccinated groups of individuals against groups that were non-vaccinated? Have there been trials that compared one group vaccination and another put on a life style modification program?

Second question: Are vaccines safe? If so, what is the proof? How do we know whether a vaccinated individual who didn’t come down with an infection that it is to the vaccine or whether it is due to their immune system? How can we reconcile a very short timeframe used throughout vaccine trials to determine safety, when much of the scientific literature shows delayed responses for more serious adverse effects? How many people are excluded from being vaccine-injured because the statutes of limitation ran out on them, although their injury was in fact due to a 3 vaccination? Also, how do we reconcile the very low number of adverse reactions that are actually being reported by the CDC? In addition, when we study the Vaccine Compensation Act over a billion dollars has been given to victims. How do we know whether a person will be protected and the vaccine will be effective and safe, and what is the proof?

Questions three and four: Are vaccines not effective? If so, what is the proof? And if vaccines are not safe, what is the proof?

After spending several years researching each of these four questions, our conclusions are startling. Research and statistical studies show that no single vaccine and no combination of vaccines have been proven to be effective or safe for any given individual. In addition, we found that the vaccine process does not confer the protected immunization for a given individual. To the contrary, vaccines may actually compromise and adversely altering the body’s immune system.

How could modern medicine have gotten this so wrong and for so long? How could the vast majority of respected medical and health organizations—the American Medical Associations, the pediatric community, prestigious medical schools, the federal scientific community, etc.—have been so mistaken? And then why has the major media acted in such an irresponsible manner? This brings us to questions that cannot be based on true science but rather on greed. Greed is now something the average American is fully aware of. We have witnessed it on Wall Street, with multinational banks, with the healthcare and insurance industries, and increasingly with pharmaceutical companies who have an ever greater need for profits and now exploit their enormous influence and buying-power over our government’s regulatory agencies. Legislators at both the state and federal levels have permitted unwarranted influence by these same pharmaceutical giants, lobbyists and consultants to influence how laws are written and how funds are appropriated. Sadly, public policy and corporate liability have been directly written for and by pharmaceutical interests.

(From this source the OP linked.)

After spending over a billion dollars settling lawsuits from vaccine victims over the years now there is immunity for legal recourse against medical problems from the swine flu vaccine. As for the vaccine/big money connection here it's spelled out in more detail:

The Vaccination Racket

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 03:37 PM
The conference, as well as the unfounded claims regarding it, have been well known for roughly 5 years.


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