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Monetary System Vs. Credit system

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 01:27 PM
A monetary system

is one which is based on the indiscriminate creation of money. A central, private institution controls the creation of money for a nation. Examples of these are the IMF, World Bank, Bank of England, Federal Reserve, and other private banks.

This type of system is both predatory and inflationary. It derives it's wealth from exploiting the powerless and clueless masses, and relies on deception.

Nations (190 of them) under this system, have little control over how their own economies are run. Instead, it is dictated to them by those who control the issuance of money and loans.

Interest rates, production, inflation, and the use of this money are all in some way controlled by these few dictators who control the issuance. They can devalue your savings by watering down the money supply (inflation.) They can freeze lending so there is not enough money in circulation to pay off debts, and everyone has to work more for less, because the interest on those debts becomes a larger proportion of what they earn (deflation)

In other words, he who created the gold, makes the rules.

Money is created for speculation, meaning anyone can just get some cash, and use it to buy luxury items, or to gamble on the stock market, or whatever.. If you are among the banking elite, you have the privilege of creating as much money as you want, at the expense of everyone else, then gambling with it, and getting bailed out if you lose.. Of course, if you win, it means you have succeeded in leveraging your wealth into more power for yourself, and less of everything for the formerly middle class, which is now the modern day, slave class who has come to 'love their servitude' (as Huxley envisioned) because they got the TV they always wanted without having the money to pay for it..

Alan Greenspan's creation of derivatives

is an exponential expansion of this insanity. Derivatives are what are created when you take something that you are trusted with, like say a bank deposit, and leverage it into something new. it is a piece of paper which claims to have value, but really has added nothing to the PHYSICAL economy.

This is exactly the same as: if someone loaned you $1000, expecting a guaranteed return. You took the money to the casino, convinced them that you are 'credit worthy' and 'leverage' it into $2000 in chips. You put it all on 'Lucky Larry' in the 11th race. Win or lose, you are illegally gambling with someone else's money. Now if you win, everything is fine. You pay your debt, make a ridiculous profit, and nobody cries 'shenanigans.' But what if the casino was taking your money and betting against you? What if they are doing the same thing, and don't have the money to pay you back if THEY lose??

Right now, this is what's going on.. But instead of paying the piper, these crooks are just leveraging their toxic debts further, so they can hang on to their doomed system a little longer. as long as they can get a bet down on a race, they can't be bankrupt until the race ends. as long as there is a coin in the air, there is still a chance (in their minds) that they can win it all back.

The derivatives market has been leveraged to the maximum, and it totals about 1.5 QUADRILLION dollars today.

that's a (1.5) thousand times a million, times a million!!



The total amount of wealth today is said to be about 100 trillion.. so derivatives have exploded to at least 15 times their corresponding physical assets! and someone is milking a percentage off of the 92% of 'assets' which only exist on paper..

a Credit system

As proposed by Larouche, and embodied in the constitution of the US.. Is what the US did under Lincoln and under Alexander Hamilton. It is a National Bank. Canada has a National Bank (Bank of Canada) which we utilized until 1974

It is a system of issuing credit, specifically for the purpose of developing the nation, for the benefit of it's people. Instead of for increasing the gap of we

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 02:22 PM
The system is about to self destruct - they know the paper is worthless - that is why they are hanging onto defaulted real estate.

They are looting the entire US and probably UK and Europe out of real estate - they will hold the system in a deflationary tailspin until they have looted and looted as much as they think they possibly can without getting their heads cut off.

ANYONE who has a foreclosure against them - can dispute it in COURT. If the mortgage was subject to a MBS - then you have a good chance of winning - and the bank getting nothing.

I made a post on it here >>

Regardless - often the bank loses the mortgage paper work - its very common. Always take them to court - they are trying to steal the entire western world - stand up and defend your homes.

Back to the topic of money - the best form of money is gold and silver - there is no doubt. There are reasonable alternatives - but gold and silver are the best chance for avoiding fraud - and they are NOT subject to being controlled by a central issuer. Anyone can weigh one ounce of gold and stamp a coin from it.

If the financial system collapses - and people refuse another ponzi scheme paper currency - then I have a feeling all the assets in the world are going to find their value forced into the remaining stocks of silver and gold - thus the total value of all the silver and gold in the world - is going to be equated to the entire value of all the worlds assets. The value then of silver and gold is going to increase almost exponentially.

I wish this was the case - because silver and gold represent real money - for a fair world irt needs to have no ability to create money or credit ouit of thin air - and no interest on money.

Here are a couple clips to look at - very important that everyone views these clips and tries to understand the importance of sound money - of all conspiracies - this is the most important to understand.

I have a hope that everyone will see these movies and understand the importance.


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