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2012 Manifesto

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 11:03 PM
This is a manifesto for all beings willing to participate.

Starting right now, I will make an increasing effort to bring as much awareness and pure consciousness into my reality as possible. I accept this as my personal responsibility.

That’s all.

Bless those who are up for this at this period of time, because you are guarding a sacred flame.

And please spread the message, that how the future unfolds is ultimately in our own hands as much as it is anyone or anything else’s.

Thank you.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 11:28 PM
Star and flag, at first glance this may seem silly to some people, but I understand. What we think and feel can affect everything around us. If most of us want doom and gloom, they will make it happen. That's how I came up with this little soulution you may find useful:

[Prepare for the worst while expecting the best]

It's easy. Say you are building a bomb shelter because you are aafraid of 2012 scenarios. While building it, stay in this mindframe:

"I am stocking this shelter with a years worth of ccanned food because when 2013 rolls around and I see that everything is going to be okay, I will be able to donate all these canned goods to people less fortunate than me! I'll have a good laugh at how unnececary this all was!"

So you get the idea. You can still prepare for something bad happening, without giving that event power by thinking it into existance! Hope you find this as useful as I do, I often find ways to apply this to smaller, everyday annoyances, and it has helped me tremendously!

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 08:24 PM

Originally posted by Enigma Publius
What we think and feel can affect everything around us. If most of us want doom and gloom, they will make it happen.

Right. And if anything "bad" DOES happen, no matter what it is, all it takes is someone to label it as part of the "2012" thing.

So if we are going to put energy into something happening around 2012 at all, it should be something positive.

Even if something "bad" happens and everyone stays positive, it would be the ultimate form of damage-control. We would all have each other through whatever it is, and things will be back to normal before we know it. As opposed to freaking out, worrying, going out and killing the neighbors.

This is all about taking personal responsibility, to take part in meaningful change, and to minimize fear. If anything is going to happen, so be it. No need to get feathers ruffled up.

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