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Help with negative entities

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 01:17 PM
I would like some advice concerning some negative going ons at my parents house, as with this kind of thing i am out of my depth.
Abouit 5 years ago my parents and brother moved into a new house. Well nealry new the house was about 5 years old and had two previous owners. I came down to see them shorlty after they had moved in. I stayed in a bedroom with my brother and slept on the floor. One night I was awoken to a blood curdling scream. I mean the kind of scream that would make the haisr on your arms and back stand up and your belly feel sick. I was my brother screaming. I ran over and turned the light on his eyes were open and he looked real scared. He said that he had awoken to see two ghostly, skelatised figures wearing some kind of hoods coming towards us. One towards me and one towards my brother. It did kinda scare me too but i didnt see anything and so i put it down to some kind of waking dream. One more thing happened that ealry morn that i thought was coincidental at the time. After this happened I went and stood at the bedroom window with my brother and we looked down upon the road and saw the biggest black dog ever. It was the kind of dog that was in the Omen films. I think they are Roitwilers or dobbermens. What was strange about this was the dog was looking up at us. It was also odd that this dog was running about because you recgonize most of the dogs in the area and this dog was different.
Anyway that was one event. I live a very long way from my parents and i have not been back in a while. I am down there again now staying in the same bedroom with my brother. Last night i jokinigly asked him how the ghost were. I was concerend when he said that they were still here and that he said he now seen them many times.
He said that there were two of them one much taller than the other and that if they appear not to look them in the eyes. This is really affecting him. He is scared and now sleeps with the light on. He said that on some occasions after seeing these things he has looked out the window and seen the same dog again. He is also getting nightmares, something that has started since moving into this house.
My dad is now no longer sleeping in the same room as my mom. This is beacuse he too is suffering nightmares and now cannot sleep without the radio on. This too has started since moving into this house.
Now i dont really care if peeps believe this or not. It is not about that. What I am hoping it that someone has some kind of idea on how to deal with this kind of thing. I told my bro that the best thing to do would be to confront them. He says he cant. he is too scared. This house is new so i dont understand how it could be haunted.
plz hlp

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 01:51 PM
Wow that's a heavy story..
It doesn't matter is peeps believe you or not. These things exist and IF your story is true you have to take it very seriously

I would suggest you/you parents/brother to go and see someone with experience with this kind of stuff. I don't know where you are from. But i know a lot of people around here (holland) who know how to deal.
(look around, google paranomal. be very carefull with peeps you don't know and don't invite anyone to the house untill you are shure they can be trusted)
You have find out the intentions of the entity!

If you are connected to a church, let them come. They take hauntings very seriously.

Are there any personal changes appart from your parents sleeping apart? There are a lot of different entity's. some just want to cross over but don't know how or have unfinished business and ask for attention/help, some feed on your fear and get "lifesource" from it. Other just want peace and want you out of the house. if these entity's want to take control and poses someone, there will be signs. There are 4 stages to possession.

Symptoms of Demonic Possession

intense, maniacal delight in wielding power
filthy, uncontrolled swearing without provocation, even toward total strangers*
total incapability of submitting to anyone or anything but demonic authority
irrevernt, vile, lewd comments about members of the Godhead; comments attributing gross sexual immorality to Jesus*
sustained supernatural strength or intelligence beyond that which might come from adrenaline or some other physiological source*
irrationality to the degree that even the simplest spiritual truths are beyond comprehension
intense, highly disturbed reaction to the mentions of Jesus' blood shed on the cross for man's sin and Jesus' name
possession of supernatural, occultic powers (ability to foretell future events, to levitate tables or other objects, or to travel outside the body (astral projection)
wild, unnatural facial contortions (no not like Jim Carrey)
presence of two or more distinguishable, coherent personalities, personalities capable of expressing themselves simultaneously (may include emergence of strange voices, dual or multiple voices and/or unnatural conversations)*
unexplainable,, uncontrollable terror especially in the presence of Christians whose faith is strong* (this terror arises either from the demon's fear of being cast out or from the possessed person's fear upon being cruelly threatened by the demon(s)).
extreme violent, reckless behavior (throwing knives, playing with poisonous snakes, etc.)**
severe, persistent depression, despondency and/or temptations to commit suicide**
total lack of self-restraint, especially in sexual behavior; uncontrolled sexual advances
extreme disregard for physical appearance and/or physical well-being**
intense loneliness, even in the midst of warm, compassionate fellowship
* Conclusive evidence of demonic possession.
** The demon's goal here is to get the possessed person to kill himself and/or others before they act on the opportunity to become Christ's captives.

Also, It doesn't have to be the house that is possessed. I can be the ground it is build on. i bet you have heard stories about houses build on indian burial grounds? Even South Park has!

Well this is about everything that comes to mind for me right now. I hope it helps...
I wish you and your family a lot light in dark hours

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 02:14 PM
ty for your reply i am based in the UK. This is happening in England and I myself am living in Scotland.
It would be very difficult to have spmeone come in and deal with it. Apart from the first occurence when my brother screamed my parents have no idea that hr is seeing these things at night time. He does not want to tell them maybe beacuse he is scared about what they might about him. He is not lying, he trulty believes what he is saying. He is exhibing any signs or phychosis or any other strange behavior like mentioned in your list about possesion.
My family are usually very private, my dad does not really believe in things like ghosts. It would be very difficult to persuade him to allow someone into the house. I was kind of hoping that someone would tell me something i could do myself. It scares me too but i would confront it if i knew how to. I will not allow any harm to come to that which I love.
The house along with a few others have been built on the site of an old estate i think. I will do some research into this. Up the road about a 5 minute walk is an unconcertared graveyard. Again i will need 2 do some research to verify this. Although i am sure the graveyard is there cas i have seen it.

ty kx

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by purplemer

Have you ever heard of the ghosts making certain gestures or something?
Is there any Indication for something they might want?
Have you/ your brother seen them doing anything or so? or do they just walk towards you?

The Nightmares your Family has.... Do they have something to do with the Sightings, or are they random?

I have also had personal experiances with ghosts in the Past. When I was a child we lived in a apartment with as we found out later on the ghost of a child. Nothing spectacular or dangerous really, it just kept taking my toys, and returning them weeks or months later. It wanted to Play...
A Year later I moved to Florida with my Parents. We lived in a house which was used as a field Hospital during Civil War. My Father (A Army Officer who doesnt believe in any such things) repeatatly kept on seeing what looked like a Civil War Soldier in Uniform standing in Front of Woods about 200 feet from our house, making morse-code signals to my father telling him that Quote: "We need Help, We are Surrounded and our Backup is Two Days away".

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 03:53 PM
ty 4 ur reply i will check with my bro when he gets home if they are making any gestrures or anything and i will find out what kind of dreams he is having


posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by purplemer

Get you a couple of inside cats. There was a poltergeist around here a few years ago and I believe my cats ran it off.

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