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H1N1 Vaccine Injection vs. Nasal Delivery, Georgia Guidestones?

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:57 PM
I'm starting this thread because I want to know the differences between the two methods of swine flu vaccine delivery.
I have heard that the german government is giving the nasal vaccine to their soldiers and the intravenous vaccine to their general populace.

This usage of two different vaccines has got me thinking about the georgia guidestones.
We here on ATS like to talk about conspiracies relating to the government, etc etc. however it is my opinion that there is no such thing as 'the government', and that they are just representatives of people who have taken more power than us, and they're good at hiding it.

If you were in the position of 'the illuminati' or 'the elite', and you completely believed with all your soul that the planet was doomed and that in order to save the human species AND the planet, that 90% of the world's population had to go away, what would you do? I'm not talking about 'some evil elitist plot to kill humanity', I'm asking you to see things from their perspective.
If logic were to state that the human race was about to see to it's own destruction, and you were given twenty years to fix it before the human race died of it's own accord, what do you think you would do? Even if the H1N1 wasn't made in a laboratory, that it is simply a regular flu that people hyped up, and you knew that if left unchecked could literally wipe out the human race, would you let it, or out of total fear would you try to save the small percentage of people that you knew you could?

The hypothetical scenario they always give you in psychology tests and team-building exercises on ethics in highschool, is the one where you are one of a dozen people on an overloaded boat, and you had to choose a couple of people to be evicted from the boat so that you could all survive. In that scenario you are expected to act 'humanely' by sacrificing yourself, otherwise you are seen as 'an evil person who passes judgement on others'.
Is the current scenario any different? You're one of a few million people in the world who have lots of power and influence, and you realise that you cannot save everybody, an opportunity arises to make a decision whilst having your hands clean because "there was nothing else I could do, I had to save the people that I could with my limited abilities!", would you take the opportunity?

If you had the chance to save millions of lives from their impending doom, would you?

Now, I don't want anybody proclaiming that I am an 'evil eugenecist' or that I am 'inhuman', I'm merely trying to do what is my duty under God, which is to dedicate my life to understanding the world around me without prejudice or hatred.

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