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Is your heart the real Unidentified Object?

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 09:22 AM
So many negative post's are clouting other's abilities to love others here. Your own negativity may be hurting more than your self. I know many positive people here on ATS, they know who they are as well. Keep it up, don't stop loving and beleiving.

I was reading the Majority of posts and WOW... for an online community ATS seems so Negatrive. Dont get me wrong, there are many of you who are leading positivley.
Leaders trust and show forgivness and compasion. I see so many jaded and hurt animals thrashing out.
I read your post's (all you arguer's who are confused) and its saddens me. From moon box's to people's Gray area story's. Many attack and repeat directly at other's. Is this your lifes purpose while 25,000 children die of starvation everyday?

25,000... and you spend your time arguing semantics and blind points of view... Does it matter where the round originated(the nole or supposetory) while the head was still shattered.

GET ON POINT PEOPLE. You dont need to have served in the Marines like me to find your self. You dont need to see death to value life, love , and each other. I share my experience's and take what you'd like. I claim nothing as my own, except responsibility to help others. I awoke to ATS a year ago and I did'nt get sucked down, I was elevated up. I'm out serving my people every week, and if we all did this the world would change overnight. Not even Reptillians can do that!

Let's share Idea's to make the world better, while expressing our beliefs of Extra Terrestrials, God, Religigon.... without Blatant hatred clouting our experience here. IN one hour a day we can change the world for GOOD!

Lets move forward, help each other. Volunteer in your hometown, in your community. SO WHAT if you need to work for a church in some places to do organzied good. OWEY OW! They made me listen to a bible quote and a prayer.... BOO HOO Most likely the people around you need you! In your own home town!

WAKE UP and start helping each other.

We dont need benevolents (ET's EBE"S White house lawn landings ETC ETC) to show you the Money(so to say) The real money, the real UFO is your hearts, if you havnt shared them with a hurting stranger GET OUT THERE AND PUT IN WORK.

So if your ready to be positive chain your comments here, make it a positive thread that is shedding light, and spreading good. No more trying to waste your life putting each other down. ATS is a great place to meet and share each other's love, and without fear we can change the world.

What did I see in the sky last night? Free Will. God's love. Sure some things flew bye I cant Identify, I can identify the hurt.... and some of you need to attack me.
A combat marine. Go ahead, throw your worst comments of my typo's and beliefs. You art of war is defeating your self.

For some your Heart is the real unidentified object. Nope, you can't photoshop a fake one, or post videos of past event's unexplained. Show your real love and stand up and fight in your own home town and community.

Semper fi and peace and love for all
(p.s. haters. Your forgiven)

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 09:51 AM
Well, it is a site for debate and discussion which generally will lead to arguing and what not. I get what your saying though, wish more people thought like you do on here, maybe i would make more threads without fear of being thrashed extremely harshly. I have a whole two threads and, I've been on this site since march '09 thats sad...


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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by Jb0311NY

wow, i posted something that is somewhat simialr at the exact same time you made this. I'm really glad that 2 people were both thinking positive at the same time, this is a good omen.
yes this is a debate site, and arguements will happen all the time, but beyond the tunnel vision of some folks' hatred, an opprotunity to help someone get closer to the truth is passing them by.
thank you for feeling that we need to come together as a whole in some shape or form, even if it's just a common way of conductiong ourselves. I thought i was becoming one of the only people who thinks that denying ignorance involves everyone, not just myself.
ATS has become snobby. People think they are more special than someone who isn't a "truther" and that is not true.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by Enigma Publius

Yep, i have noticed a huge increase in egos and clicks around here in the short time i have been here, and it upsets me.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by Lichter daraus

Being upset takes up to much energy. Thanks for the support!

And there are more than 2 of us here that feels this way, debate isn't just asking for scientific proof to a standstill. It's being able to debate either side, not just the former.

I just read some of my old posts today and wow.. What an uplifting experience!

I knew my faults, others try to show me them, well no one should be affraid to discuss anything here!

Share your hearts and feel the ingnorance denial! uh... I guess.. I'm a lil burned out from typing... I'll wait till later to make a point... AND NO! I don't drink and do drugs ATS!!... hahahaha... Some times I'm tired and I spell like crap. Don't hate the button masher I am!


posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 05:33 PM
The heart is an unidentified object to most. We've forgotten that we're supposed to use the heart for thinking. At some point we gave the job over to the mind, who subbed out the work to the ego, and we've been screwing things up ever since.

I heard a Native American say "We knew he was crazy as soon as we realized he thought with his brain rather than his heart."

It seems the mind knows what's best for self preservation but the heart knows what's best overall.

I bet most are also unaware that the heart sends more information to the brain then the other way around and that the human heart contains over 40,000 neurons (Brain Cells) of its own, and that it is an older organ than our brain as well.

How many of us are aware of our "Tube of Taurus", the doughnut shaped toroidal field that expends 5 to 8 feet beyond our body that allows us to get a read on the local environment? Or that manifesting from the heart is the way to get around a dualistic return on intention?

Do people know that during the Egyptian mummification process the brain was discarded? Not the heart. What does that tell you?

Aside from the physical and metaphysical heart info in this post, I too would like noticed that many ATS posters miss the boat regarding their purpose in posting.

I agree "wholeheartedly" with the OP that instead of disproving or arguing about opposames that we ought to be turning our attention towards the things that unite us rather than separate us. We've been arguing for over 2000 years and this is as far as its gotten us.

Helping in your hometown or city, or wherever your input can do what we know in our hearts to be right, All Of The Time, not just when it serves our needs.

We need to stop focusing on "When are they going to do something about it." and do it for ourselves.

We need to stop trying to change people and realize we couldn't be changed until we were ready.

These days, we need more compassion and compassion comes from the heart.

So if disclosure is what we're after, lets disclose stuff like that...

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