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Why do non-believers or sometimes even Christians associate with the Devil more??

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 07:32 AM
I'm talking about fashion, and art and especially teens and Christians are no exception.

Associating with images that depict horns, skulls, blood, death, obviously the devil, swastikas, world dictators, etc.

n fact, why even like something that depicts bloodshed?? Malevolence?? Violence??

I do not understand why people would 'side' with evil even if it's a joke, even with harmless motives. Why would you even like the images of evil if you already know whether it's fiction or fact that they are never meant to do good but to do bad?

We all know that evil deeds for real will eventually doom the fate of humanity. So what makes it so cool to associate yourself with your own doom??

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 02:26 PM
Because souls are rebellious.. OP and here's the thing. Satan blinds them, he blinds the understanding to what awaits them.

They perceieve hell as a place where buddy buddy satan will laugh with them and they have some sort of companionship. uh uh... aint happening.

There will be no light there, from saints description souls will not move, like a lumped pile together. because they rejected Gods light on earth, sunshine and other things, happiness..

But take it from experince.

I used to think I was a vampire i the late 90s... I swear on my life.

Had God not saved me from that darkness, which btw I was suicidel then too, I would not be here typing..

But I was Godles back then. I know the darkness that goes on in their minds, the idol mindedness, the confusion.

It's sort of like a rebellion against the norm, like a sort of high.

which wears off the more you mature, unless you don't mature.

But to each has their specific reasons. Not speaking for everybody.


posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 05:45 PM
what is the devil ?

association with a symbol ?
or being, acting out the symbol ?

what they do is learn, that's innocent..

they learn that to love god,
you have to see the devil first,
and start to forgive the devil.
Releasing fear of the devil,
releases acting as part of him.

The devil does not like to be loved (=understood, accepted but not as taste, but as turned into right, as forgiveness)
because then he dissapears into nothing.
(lies do not like to be seen, because then they can be changed into truths)

God is one.

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