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The *BIG* secret to political power

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 04:11 AM
Politics is often a messy field of endeavor with many ill-informed, under-informed and mis-informed participants flaying about, arguing for points of view that they little understand themselves. The politics of today is exceptionally messy with a massive mis-mash of amalgamated groups, voters and single-issue groups that focus on just parts of the Big-Assed Red-White-Blue Elephant, rather than the whole of the elephant, with clear understanding how the parts add up to a whole.

The Big-Assed Red-White-Blue Elephant is, of course, America; it's parts are the individuals, families, groups, clubs and organizations of all kinds, beit charity, fraternal organizations, for-profit businesses, big and small and more -- they ALL function on two key elements that are the central pillars of political power and few of them really get it about the *BIG* secret of political power and how to use it.

The NWO faction and the Illoonynaughty faction both clearly understood the essence of the *BIG* secret to power and they seized it over a century ago and they have narrowed down their central secret of political power to two things, which are the two sides of the fiat coin of political power. They have taken advantage of this *BIG* two-sided secret to political power and have enriched themselves to a mind-blowing degree that, if anyone were to ever measure the aggregate wealth that they had created -- i.e. stolen -- for themselves, no one would believe it.

Several years ago, I was musing to myself about the overall net worth of the Illoonynaughties when I was doing my heavy research and, immediately, the figure of $300 trillion came to my mind, but I dismissed it as being too high. Well, I was very surprised to find an article -- the url of it has been long lost and I've tried to find it -- of some lady Russian economist saying that the net worth of the Illoonynaughties was around $300 trillion. I was amazed.

Now it is well-known that the Rothschilds are worth around $100 trillion; the Rockefellers are worth around $11 trillion and I bet that the facts of their net worth has been discussed in ATS at some point. I've always made the point verbally to people whenever they started to talk about the wealth of Soros, Buffett, Gates, et. al., by bringing up the fact that the media's oft mention of those "wealthy" guys is a damn misdirection and that the REAL attention really ought to be those multi-trillionaire puppet masters who string the puppet strings of their media to do the misdirections away from them, thus keeping them hidden and allowing them to operate in the dark.

So, how on Earth did they get SO wealthy? It is through this *BIG* two-sided secret, the two-sided coin of political power and, unless anyone who participates in the political arena understands this secret-of-power point, they will NEVER get it, nor gain the political power that they covet. Never!

Those hapless voters, citizens and taxpayers will never, ever get it if they don't keep their eye trained on this *BIG* secret of political power. You gotta keep your eye on the prize at all times, lest you would miss your chance to, once and for all, take back your power from the Elites.

Now, by this point in this post, I surely have irritated you with my oft-repeated use of this term " *BIG* ", but I did it on purpose to really drive home that this point about the *BIG* secret of political power that it is really important to be understood by anyone who pays any sort of attention to politics, to government, to society -- to the entire arena of praxeology.

Ok, the *BIG* secret is this: 1) money and 2) energy.

Money and energy are the two sides of the big secret to power. NO country of any kind can ever be free, prosperous and stable unless they fully understand how to successfully manage money and energy in ways that benefits individuals, as well as society in efficient and liberty-friendly ways that would auger in a healthy, sane and balanced society.

So far the Illoonynaughties have done two things below with this big secret:

1) Limit, meter and control the currency by owning their own banks and,

2) Limit, meter, control the energy by dominating the energy-industrial complex

So what is the antidote to the power of the elites' big secret to power? Simple. It is this:

1) Commission, provide and share the Citizen's Common Currency; and,

2) Create, distribute and use the free-energy devices to empower the People.

So how do the People do those two things above? Well, first of all, we have to take down the damn Supranational Sovereignty of an Intellectual Elite, then we can go about in creating our Citizen's Common Currency that can finally create a sane and prosperous world. So that process is unfolding right now as we enter the final quarter of 2009. The economic crisis is an amazing process of the whole world -- the BRIC nations, primarily -- standing up to the damn Elites and saying: NO! NO MORE!

The second part, the energy part, is ALSO unfolding right now with the take-down of the Supranational Sovereignty of Intellectual Elites by proceeding ahead with the planned official US Disclosure of the UFO's existence and that the government is in direct contact with at least 5 or 6 ET races. Once that official Disclosure happens, then the process of the eventual release of the long and violently-suppressed free-energy devices can then finally come out to our dark world and shed new light, new energy and new hope to empower forth an exciting makover of our world that is ours for the re-taking -- if we can keep it.

So, as those processes of the collapse of the Elites and their attendant monopolies over the two-sided big secret of power, it is vital for us to really understand this, to know this, to never, ever take our eyes of the prize of power in our collective and individual efforts to take our power back.

So, always, remember this: money and energy. Have We the People control those two things and the world will be alright -- not perfect -- but alright.

Money and energy.

Money and energy -- that's our mantra, our goal, our prize, so never, EVER take your eyes off that two-sided prize, the two-sided coin of our common currency, our commonwealth that rests on the two pillars of power -- money and energy.

No matter how deeply you debate, discuss and dissect politics, always return to the central secret of the power of the People -- money and energy.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 01:39 PM
I have found the source of the 300 trillion-dollar-figure that I had commented on.

The source is said to be Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr., who has authored a book that I'd like to get, to wit...

...and he makes it very clear that it is the elites who ordered the killings of JFK, RFK and MLK.

And that money that the damned Elites have? That's OUR MONEY! Our wealth that they stole from us! It's time for us to get that money back, pronto.


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