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Why do people always HAVE to be told by somebody that something is true?

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 07:13 PM
This is really starting to annoy me, and I could go on and on with different subjects but I'd really rather stick to the subject of our extraterrestrial buddies.

Why is it that people will not use their own brain when asking whether or not life other than ours exists?

I always hear people say "their is no science to back it up" or "show me the facts". Well besides the fact that their IS science to back it up and PLENTY of high ranking military officials from all over our planet slowly telling us we are not alone, John Q. Public still has to wait for "his man" to tell him.

This is kind of lame IMO. Did anyone here have the not so typical talk with their parents on "how murder is wrong"? I know I never did, but using my BRAIN I didn't have to be told. Nobody ever told me "Don't jump off the roof, you wont be able to fly". I didn't jump because I used my BRAIN and knew that I couldn't. Why on the extraterrestrial topic can people not do this?

If you a scientific explanation here is a simple one. Many scientists believe the universe is infinite (please, lets not argue about this one). Well using my BRAIN on what infinite is that means that their is life elsewhere in the cosmos.

Main Entry: 1in·fi·nite Pronunciation: \ˈin-fə-nət\ Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English infinit, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French, from Latin infinitus, from in- + finitus finite Date: 14th century
1 : extending indefinitely : endless
2 : immeasurably or inconceivably great or extensive : inexhaustible
3 : subject to no limitation or external determination
4 a : extending beyond, lying beyond, or being greater than any preassigned finite value however large b : extending to infinity c : characterized by an infinite number of elements or terms

Read the third definition. If the universe is infinite it is not subject to limitation. Thus using my BRAIN I can deduce that not only is their other life throughout the universe, but it is limitless.

And I know, I know that is still not enough for people. Even those who believe that life is elsewhere believe "It can't possibly be interacting or visited our planet". Lay aside your ego folks. I would venture a guess that everyone reading this has at one point or another heard of SPIES. As in people from one country who blend in to another country to obtain information. Now if WE AS A SPECIES do this on a daily basis without ever being caught (not saying that they don't get caught, but if spies always got caught that would mean there would be no spies) why is it so inconceivable to so many that ANOTHER FORM OF LIFE wouldn't be doing this on a GALACTIC level. I mean we have spies on every level in our own country, not to mention our own planet.

And yes I know I know even that wouldn't be enough to open anyone's eyes, because "how could they get here from there"? Let's go into the possibilities because those are endless as well. Can we not assume that all planets have the same NATURAL RESOURCES. I mean, not even every stinkin' country has the same natural resources. "But it would take to long". FOR WHO? For us, yes. But remember if the Universe is infinite than the life that comes along with it is limitless as well. Just because we can't live for thousands of years doesn't mean other life can't as well. Jeez people, Men and Women don't even have the same life expectancy.

I know I could go on and on all night so I wont I'm just kind of sick of the debunkers or skeptics or whatever you wanna call them. The people who need to BE TOLD or basically have an information NANNY because they refuse to think. This does not just solely go along with aliens but with all the topics on this board.

Does anyone have ALL THE ANSWERS? HELL NO!!! So why do YOU? You don't. And if your sitting on your computer or couch WAITING for someone to tell you an answer to anything rather than figuring out the problem yourself using YOUR OWN BRAIN, than you probably don't understand what your being told anyways.

Sorry for ranting people, but I gotta go, John and Kate plus 8 is on

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 07:31 PM
I agree...what more can be said. However....duhn duhn duhn
As a skeptic, I agree there is something out there, maybe even visiting here or have been for a while influencing things. I have even seen 2 black triangles ( although I am more than sure those are ours). The fact is there are people that make up their own minds. But in general those are maybe 1 in 6. It all depends on environment, development and to some extent IMO hereditary. Don't get me wrong, one can be taught critical thinking. Actually more people than that little stat thinking about it do make thier own conclusions. Look at the TRUE Believers. Without question whether through first-hand experience, or maybe a spiritual epiphany are as sure as the sky is blue that what they think is fact, with or without any tangible proof. More power. If someone can be THAT sure of thier reality or even religious conviction then who the hell am I to challenge that. Hell I respect that to an extent. Skeptics whom ask for proof or something to scientifically test aren't any different. One group might want a truly spiritual experience to prove it to them where the other wants something outside of the realm of spirituality. Is either wrong? No. Reality is a matter of perception. To add, those that have to wait for someone to tell them it is true, either A) honestly do not have enough info and look to those whom they think are the expert in an area, or B) natural born followers. On a personal note my 12 y/o daughter has recently picked up this trait and I am now waging an information war to get her to use the skull.

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by GeechQuestInfo

So you're annoyed because some people don't accept what you believe to be true? mmm
I love a good debate but that would just annoy you even more so I won't bother.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 07:48 PM
Life is complex. I freely admit there are lots of things I don't know...far more than the things I DO know, as a matter of fact. Most people don't have the time or energy to investigate everything by themselves, so they rely on specialists and experts, whether at the university or in the hospital. I'd hate to have to use my own brain to sew up a ruptured liver, for example, and I'm quite happy to put that particular task in the hands of somebody who does, in fact, know quite a bit more about it than I do...even if its in my own body.

The problem comes when experts and specialists grow intellectually lazy, rest on their laurels, take advantage of the less-expert, get caught up in political or ego games, or are just plain wrong. There is a lot of that going around, too, but what can you do? You can't ban all experts...that's what Pol Pot tried to do in Cambodia. He shot everyone wearing glasses because they were allegedly part of the evil "intellectual class," and forced doctors to become cabbage-pickers to "learn from the wisdom of the peasants." I don't think we want to go down that road.

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 07:56 PM
you can look up the 1% or .01% theory. If you take 1% of all the stars, then say 1% has planets, then 1% has a atmophere, then water, then life, then intellgent life, you still come up with a couple of million. At least 1 or 2 of them have figured out how to fly around. Look at what we have done in the last 100 years.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 08:07 PM
Because they've been conditioned to be that way, like dogs.

They were taught never to question and that if a teacher, police officer or government told you something it's the absolute truth and that's that.

Luckily the majority of the younger generation is being taught to question and decide for themselves. If anything we should always check into a claim made by another and not accept it as a truth right away.

Others just have a hard time believing themselves. They figure if somebody else level headed (friend, family....) tells them then they must be right.

Finally others are able to tell the truth themselves but they don't want to accept it out of fear or another negative emotion therefor they put it of until somebody absolutely tells them it's true.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 11:36 PM
Nice OP.

Could you like summarize it for us in just a paragraph or so. If you could make it into a short entertaining youtube video that would be great too?

I really want to know what is in the OP so could someone summarize it for me?

Maybe I should just wait until phage gets here, and let him think for me.

(I joke - but these questions have been asked before....

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