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Regardless of where you stand, be who you are!

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 01:00 AM
Hi folks! I have read postings that make statements about this site, other sites and public blogging sites, that claim there little more than a "dis-information" distribution center for the mindless"...
Well, may I point out a couple of things? Thanks,.... I will!
First thing, what if they are? I would have to say, "Like everything else, I will do my research should I find someone's perspective, comment or opinion causing me to question my own".
I don't "blog or post" to convince anyone or read and participate to be "lead". I do these things to seek out and distribute different perspectives that lead to solid evidence that strengthen my beliefs or weaken them as to define them as uncertainties.
I tend to be an "individual", (as we all are) but one who intends on remaining an individual. I will not be "lead" by another persons opinions any more than I would expect to be a leader to anyone who would follow me just because the statements I made, agrees with theirs.
If you do your "research", anaylize it then form an opinion or belief, you've earned the right to it. If not, then you are not as cleaver as you think.
You should stand for your own beliefs, be open to new information, seek out that information, decide through whatever means necessary if it is valid, then form your own opinion. That way, regardless if your standing in front of the "enemy" you can stand tall and be who you really are!

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 06:45 PM
The last time I checked ATS encourages individuality.

I welcome you to the site and look forward to reading the input you have to share with us. Every point of view is important to any discussion on these boards.

Welcome, I think you just got a flag.


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