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Dividing and Conquering

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 10:08 PM
I will like to thank Skeptic Overlord, his co-owners, the ATS staff and, most of all, the ATS posters who, through their voicing through their keyboards, have created this new, badly-needed forum to give voice to our frustrations of the current, sick political environment that is -- by design -- driving our beloved country into madness.

Hey... 6,500 characters? That's great! We need plenty of room for more characters to by typed in by mad-hatter, politically-crazed characters, yes? I have a suggestion... increase the character limit to 6660 characters. Perfect, eh? Yea, please do that. Perfectly poetic, yes?

Like the damn politicians, we political people are windbags, too, but the political sphere is a amalgamation of many different disciplines making an effort to conciliate the multitude of needs, wants and visions of the multitudes of individuals and groups of individuals, sometimes with conflicting needs, wants and POVs. Like a busy kitchen serving the hungry, huddled masses, the political process is oft a messy one.

I totally share SO's feelings of being fatigued with frustration. That's exactly how I feel at this stage in my life, where I'm just about at the end of my political ropes.

The American political environment is anything but healthy -- by design. The voters and non-voters all are in a state of despair, frustration and political fatigue -- by design -- after decades of alternately "throwing the bums out" by voting in one from one party, then another from another party, while having NO clue that BOTH parties were totally controlled by the puppet masters, who were callously pulling the puppet strings with cynical disdain. All this by design.

The puppets did not design this state of affairs in the sick American political environment, so who were the damn sicko puppeteers who created a nation of sickos?
They. Them. The Elites. The Powers That Be. The Illuminated Ones -- I call them Illoonynaughties.

There are two main factions that pull the puppet strings in the American political theater -- a Political Plato's Cave, if you will. The puppet string pullers are hidden behind the scenes, deftly pulling the political puppet strings, stringing the clueless and gullible American voters along, most of whom have been and are blinded by the American political hubris of being the "Greatest Nation on Earth."

So the Republican Party has been and is run by the New World Order faction, which is dominated by the Rockefellers; the Democratic Party has been and is run by the Rothschilds. Their divisions of party domination was by design, as an expression of their key strategy of world domination -- divide and conquer.

Such a divisive strategy is a cornerstone of their ability to dominate the world and, without such a strategy, they could not possibly dominate the world like they do today. They are few in number, compared to the sheer numbers of the controlled masses, so it is critical that they keep the controlled masses divided against each other, than to deal with the masses working together with unified minds and voices in opposition to both the two factions of the Elites.

So the Elites -- who call themselves a Supranational Sovereignty of an Intellectual Elite and World Bankers (SSIEWB, "SSIE", for short), a term that Rockefeller used when he was thanking a dinner party of the propaganda press in the early '90s -- keep the masses divided through their strategy of divide and conquer through multiple means, the keys of which are two things: money and energy.

It is absolutely essential that this SSIE cabal dominate those two things in order to be able to divide and conquer the world; if the SSIE cabal was missing either of those two sides of the fiat coin of fiat power, they could not possibly dominate the world like they do today. By the way, there are three other major factions that function in the world today, mostly in opposition to the SSIE cabal, but that's another topic for another thread.

So the SSIE cabal are able to keep the masses divided against themselves by controlling the purse strings of the strings that string the puppets along. The voters are strung along with this false-dichotomy charade of the two-party system by being controlled by the scarcity of money and of energy, both of which the public pay dearly to obtain and, unless the clueless public "pay their dues" to the unseen puppet masters, members of the public suffer serious losses of personal and collective power by being short on either or both of money and/or energy.

So the SSIE cabal, through their "World Bankers", are able to determine who gets money, when it is issued, where the money goes, how it is used, why it is used and for what purposes the money is used. With the ability to issue and control a nation's currency, the SSIE cabal could care not who makes the laws.

So the cabal is able to fund non-profit organizations, corporations, the military-industrial complex, politicians, the media, the educational complex, the pharmaceutical complex and the defacto (as opposed to the de jure) government to work together in concert against the divided and conquered masses of clueless voters and citizens, who have been naively believing that they were "in charge" via the ballot box, when the reality of the situation was SO far from the manufactured perception of that faux Great Society.

Some Great Society it was.

The secret to the power of the SSIE cabal to divide and conquer the world is to monopolize the issuance of currency and to monopolize the creation of energy.

The big secret to divide and conquer this world as we know it is this: 1) limit, meter and control currency, so that the currency will always be scarce, hard to get and expensive... except for the cabal, who would have virtually limitless amounts of currency on hand for their own uses; and, 2) limit, meter and control energy, so that the masses cannot break free of the iron grip of the puppet masters -- if the public could obtain energy to do things without the need to buy centrally-controlled energy from the puppet masters, not only would the masses not need to buy the controlled energy sold by the puppet masters, the public would have NO need for the currency created by the puppet masters.

So the key to the strategy of dividing and conquering the world is to monopolize money and energy.

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