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"Who Am I?" Meditation

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 09:15 PM
This is a technique my Mom passed on to me back in 94, it is not for the weak minded nor for those that are not on a serious path towards self discovery above all else.

It is for the advanced practitioner and newcomer alike in that it is simply put just another way to awaken the original face behind the masks we create from outside stimuli beginning at birth.

From the time we are born we learn to manipulate for our basic survival, for our most basic desires, for instance as a small infant we quickly learn that a smile can earn us love and attention and even food.

As we begin to grow older we continue to use this technique to gain the things in life we want and need for not only survival but pain and pleasure.

At some point we no longer associate our needs based on our most natural necessities but those which we gain by those who have raised us, our parents, siblings and family, then friends teachers , parishioners and eventually coworkers and our societies as a whole.

For instance as a child we smile sweetly, say our prayers and are rewarded a cookie, then as we continue to move through society our needs become geographical in nature, if you are a young boy raised in Philadelphia you would naturally (by geographics) wish to go to a baseball game, or if you are raised in Guatemala a soccer game.

One analogy is that we become like an onion, each one different but with layer after layer of skins, like a protective shield the layers protect that which is the being deep within.

It is of utmost importance to one take the chance and begin to peel away the layers until you reveal what is known by few as The Original Face.

This original face is the one that came into this life with pure and innocent, trusting and alive. It is the real you, your fullest potential before society, geographics took control of you.

You may think that you are living true to your original face when in fact it is the politician, the actor which lives in your place.


Society only creates false faces, it has to otherwise all the other characters, false masks would have to be revealed, it is an old trick and yet one that has had its day.

As we move closer to the Galactic Center as our Earth rises closer to her full potential her enlightenment, so too should each human being prepare for their responsibility in the creation of a higher evolution of being. It truly is all of our birthright and one that will come with only one thing more needed and that is awareness, self awareness.


A single candle would be lost in the darkness of the Forrest, but if every living person lights their candle of awareness the Forrest would become a blaze, it would cause such illumination it could be seen from space.

What this meditation touches on is the part us that we loose by living in the world outside ourselves for the sake of survival and what it creates within each of us just to bring us to where we are now.

Here now.


This is one of my favorite tarot cards, it is reflective of what I see this meditation technique helping to balance. And when we do not live according to our deepest truth our innermost core, we do become exhausted, with not only our outside endeavors but our inner sanctuary and then we become hard to our potential our Original Face.


A man who lives through conscience becomes hard. A man who lives through consciousness remains soft. Why?--because a man who has some ideas about how to live, naturally becomes hard. He has continuously to carry his character around himself. That character is like an armor; his protection, his security; his whole life is invested in that character. And he always reacts to situations through the character, not directly. If you ask him a question, his answer is ready-made. That is the sign of a hard person--he is dull, stupid, mechanical. He may be a good computer, but he is not a man. You do something and he reacts in a well- established way. His reaction is predictable; he is a robot. The real man acts spontaneously. If you ask him a question, your question gets a response, not a reaction. He opens his heart to your question, exposes himself to your question, responds to it....

Osho Take it Easy, Volume 1 Chapter 13


This is the portrait of one whose whole life energy has been depleted in his efforts to keep fueling the enormous and ridiculous machine of self-importance and productivity. He has been so busy "keeping it all together" and "making sure everything runs smoothly", that he has forgotten to really rest. No doubt he can't allow himself to be playful. To abandon his duty for a trip to the beach could mean the whole structure might come tumbling down. The message of this card is not just about being a workaholic, though. It is about all the ways in which we set up safe but unnatural routines for ourselves and, by doing so, keep the chaotic and spontaneous away from our doors. Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived. It's time to tear up the time-card, break out of the factory, and take a little trip into the uncharted. Your work can flow more smoothly from a relaxed state of mind.

Now for the meditation continued on next page:

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 09:24 PM
Standing in a room with only a very dim candle in the back ground, walk close to a mirror and get within about a foot from it.

Keeping your eyes unblinking stare directly into your own eyes (if the eyes begin to tear and sting, remember this is only your body and this technique takes you much further, beyond the body).

Remain soft focused at the center of your eyes and repeat this mantra:

"Who Am I?"

At first saying it quite loudly as if calling the attention of the you in the mirror, then as you continue to repeat Who Am I? you will begin to get softer and softer speaking until finally it is an internal connection between you and your total awareness, your oversoul, your watcher.

Remain focused and unblinking, many images may appear and then go, what it did for me was that I saw many different lifetimes pass before the mirror, it was as if I was one with all time and eternity, it was a blending of past present and future.

I will go into more if anyone is interested.

Anyway it is a fun meditation technique, and you do know that not all meditations have to be dry old bones or the same om same om, lol, meditation can be fun and exciting, different.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 09:27 PM
Just got done reading the first part, looking forward to the meditation.

EDIT: I see books by Osho often in bookstores and have always wanted to get them but for some reason never have.

I am assuming that they are well worth it?

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 09:40 PM
Im just begginging to discover the joy and importance of quieting the ego and meditation. I'm definatley a noobie so its difficult for me to quiet my mind. When I am able to focus more readily I am going to try this technique.

Thanks for sharing

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by constant wonder

You are already enlightened, you are perfect as you are, no need to wait, just dive into yourself! You-re waiting I promise!

It is all about remembering my friend, really, that's why when people begin to meditate, it is usually just a reminder of past lives and many of the known techniques are just that reminders of where we last left off on the path because it is all the path.

Meditation can be done right here right now, just watch your breath for starters, as you read this B r e a t h e.

As you scoot away from the comp, breath, be aware of of your breath and what it takes to move away from the comp, your chair and standing, then walking.

If you go to light a cigarette, feel the pack in your hands, the light between your fingers, every nuance of lighting it, inhaling, blowing out the smoke, your breath.

Life is a meditation, is the potential of awareness.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 10:19 PM

I'm going to try this tonight and get back to the thread later, it sounds fun.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 10:44 PM
I always figured that an appropriate response to the question, "who am I?" is, "Who wants to know?"

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 11:13 PM

Originally posted by chiron613
I always figured that an appropriate response to the question, "who am I?" is, "Who wants to know?"

Funny yes, and yet ironic that people spend their entire lives never really knowing who they are, the them without outward input.

It is possible to see and experience who you are at the core of your being but everything you are taught is what has been taught to them as well, but rarely is a child born into the family of two enlightened parents.

It is just as important to look at the greatest conspiracy of all time and that is the truth of the Original Face.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 11:30 PM
Hey antar, thanks for the thread! Very intense experience you had brother! Can you recall any of the past lives you saw in the mirror?

I'll have to try this one out someday and peel some layers off

Love & Peace

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 11:40 PM
I jumped back and had to refocus after seeing the first, but got back into it pretty easily, yes many faces both male and female and some undefined, most dark skined and haired (I am blonde) and it began to speed up at some point and the faces seemed to show and go replaced by the next one.

Two that I remember very well were an Alien and a Witch Doctor.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 11:54 PM
The whole point of this thread is to remind you to get fast tracked to your intuition.

So much is headed down the pike in the very near future, I dont know if you or me will even survive it, but whatever may come we can trust our inner truth and nothing else.

We MUST be prepared on every single level.

Awareness is the most important preparedness.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:40 PM
Ok so I have to say the symbology is over the top in the past 48 hours.

I believe I posted about the huge coyote I saw yesterday, then today we see an unusual black squrill in the yard, then coming home from the big city, 45 miles south of us, we see on a dark lonely hwy in a misty foggy rain, a HUGE grey wolf sauntering across the road in front of us.

We were just struck by its majestic presence and talked about it for the next 5 miles home, well when we turned off on our road about 1/4 mile in a GIANT owl almost perches on the passenger side of the roof, it instead flaps wildly and rubs its wings on the van window in full sight of my son in the seat behind the passenger seat up front.

This as well as the new woodstove I went to pick up when I saw the coyote, has an etched glass picture of a wolf.

Now if you want to hear the really funny part of the story tonight, you wont believe this...

We saw the grey wolf right after the song Werewolves of London stopped playing, we were all singing it and when we saw the wolf it just amplified the experience.

You have to know prior to 911, I was a caller to Art Bell and we were discussing the animals and their recent activity, I have not seen this kind of animal behavior or tuned in like this since 911.

Any good knowledge out there on the symbology of these occurances?

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by antar

oops wrong thread, lol! I guess I am really excited over this, so if you are interested in the thread that this ties into here it is, I would welcome any and all thoughts!

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 09:57 PM
Going to try this technique here in about an hour.

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by antar

That's crazy that you saw so many faces of yourself. I saw myself as an alien in the mirror as well during a meditation. When you saw these "facess" were they clear or were they kinda blurry. Because mine was blurry but recognizable.. just curious!

For some reason though I don't like to look at myself in the mirror too much with meditation because I don't want to see something, that I'm not necessarily prepared for. I always think that I'll see a ghost or some strange crazy thing would happen. I know, I shouldn't fear...but it happens.

Great post!!

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by chiron613

Haha!! I like that one!

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 05:22 AM
There seems to be some connection between the meditation techniques discussed in this thread, and those that came up in this other one, which is also recent:

I am unsure what to make of that, but it seems to be food for thought. Many roads converging, and all that.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 04:01 PM
I have to add that when you set out to do this technique, try it for one week, as time goes by keeping your eyes open becomes easier and eventually the truth is that you eventually see no face at all and that is the whole point.

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 06:05 AM
The one that sees that can not be seen.
It sees that It is no thing.

It sees what it sees and is all that is seen.
The seer and the seen are one.

A screen, a vibrating surface, a knowing energy field.
A knowing energy field only ever knowing it's own vibration.
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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by antar

This is Osho speaking about meditation;
You might like
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