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True purpose of the Illuminati

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 11:22 PM
I have seen the Illuminati thrown around so frequently on the internet that it has become synonymous with any and all conspiracies and secret societies but there are very few threads on the factual Illuminati or it's founder Adam Weishaupt. We could all stay crouched in a fetal position in a dark corner speculating about just how nefarious, har far reaching and powerful this organization actually is (if it even still exists) and frankly, as entertaining as it is, speculation regarding the Illuminati gets us no where. I would appreciate if this thread be used solely for a factual discussion of the Bavarian Illuminati, their actual motives, and factual information regarding their infiltration of America. The Illuminati is also highly synonymous with corruption and evil, and a general plan for a global totalitarian government and a one world satanic religion. However, based on my research on the subject, not only was Adam Weishaupt vehemently opposed to statism, he was also opposed to religion in general although he claimed Jesus is "the grandmaster" of the order in that he used religious dogma to further his goals of liberating mankind. Here are some enlightening quotes from Weishaupt.

"And what is this general object? The happiness of the human race. But where are the proper persons, the good, the generous and the accomplished to be found? And how, and by what strong motives, are they to be induced to be engaged, in a task so vast, so incessant, so difficult and so laborious? This association must be gradual. There are some such persons to be found in every society. Such noble minds will be engaged by the heart warming object. The first task of the association must therefore be to form the young members. As these multiply and advance, they become the apostles of beneficence, and the work is now on foot, and advances witha speed increasing every day. The slightest observation shows that nothing will so much contribute to increase the zeal of the members as secret union. We see with what keenness and zeal the frivolous business of Freemasons is conducted, by persons knit together by the secrecy of their union. Let this circumstance of our constitution therefore be directed to this noble purpose, and then all the objections urged against it by jealous tyranny and affrighted superstition will vanish. The order will thus work silently, and sucurely, and though the generous benefactors of the human race are thus deprived of the applause of the world, they have the noble pleasure of seeing their work prosper."

"These powers are despots, when they do not conduct themselves by it's principles; and it is therefore our duty to surround them with it's members, so that the profane may have no access to them. Thus we are able most powerfully to promote it's interests. If any person is more disposed to listen to Princes than to the Order, he is not fit for it, and must rise no higher. We must do our utmost to procure the advancement of the Illuminati into all important civil offices."

"Rulers who are members must be promoted through the ranks of the order only in proportion as they acknowledge the goodness of it's great object, and manner of procedure. It's object may be said to be the checking of tyranny and princes, nobles and priests, and establishing a universal equality of condition and of religion."

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 11:30 PM
"Jesus of Nazareth, the Grand Master of our order, appeared at a time when the world was in the utmost Disorder, and among a people who for ages had groaned under the yolk of Bondage. He taught them the lessons of reason. To be more effective, he took the aid of Religion--of opinions which were current--and in a very clever manner, he combined his secret doctrines with he popular religion, and with the customs which lay to his hand. In these he wrapped up his lessons --he taught by parables. Never did any prophet lead men so easily and so securely along the road to liberty. He concealed the precious meaning and consequences of his doctrines; but fully disclosed them to a chosen few. He speaks of a kingdom of the upright and faithful; His Father's kingdom, who's children we also are. Let us only take liberty and equality as the great aims of his doctrines, and Morality as the way to attain it, and everything in the New Testament will be comprehensible; and Jesus will appear as the Redeemer of slaves. Man has fallen from the condition of Liberty and Equality, the STATE OF PURE NATURE. He is under subordination and civil bondage, arising from the vices of man. This is the FALL, and ORIGINAL SIN. The KINGDOM OF GRACE is that restoration which may be brought about by Illumination and a just Morality. This is the NEW BIRTH. When man lives under government, he is fallen, his worth is gone, and his nature tarnished. By subdoing our passions, or limiting their cravings, we may recover a great deal of our original worth, and live in a state of grace. Thius is the redemption of men--this is accomplished by Morality; and when this is spread over the world, we have THE KINGDOM OF THE JUST."

"Jesus Christ established no new religion; he would only set religion and reason in their ancient rights. For this purpose he would unite men in a common bond. He would fit them for this by spreading a just morality, by enlightning the understanding, and by assisting the mind to shake off all prejudices. He would teach all men, in the first place, to govern themselves. Rulers would then be needless, and equality and liberty would take place without any revolution, by the natural and gentle operation of reason and expediency.


So what can be factually said about the Illuminati? We know they were founded in 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt. We know that they wanted to unite the word in a society free from the tyrannies of government and religion. We know that they prized morality. So where are the objections? If we compare the objectives of organizations like Bilderberg who are seeking a world government, we can see parallels but I beleive that the original Illuminati has ceased to exist or their goals have been severely warped and corrupted. It is obvious that there is what could be called a global cabal of international bankers seeking the consolidation of wealth and power but this hardly seems to match up with the original egalitarian goals of the Bavarian Illuminati. Based on the above facts, if the orignal Illumanati does indeed exist and they follow their original stated goals...well, what is the objection? I am in full support of their goals if not their clandestine and subversive methods.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 11:46 PM
Sorry my interest in the subject are quite satisfied. Your rage on this subject is incredibly evident, yet your methods of explination offer no objection to the general feelings of that statement under your name ignore...

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 08:46 AM
For a long time the purpose has been to control mankind which they have done sucessfully, however the greater goal is to prevent the shifting of consciousness for the masses in 2012. If this happens they will lose all of their control. They will likely do anything they can to prevent this from happening.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 05:45 PM
I think you completely missed the point of this thread. It is to have a factual discussion about the Illuminati. I don't have any "rage" on the subject I am merely trying to shed some light on what the Illuminati actually stood for.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 06:42 PM
I dont know the history of the organization but I was just considering that the illuminati may be composers , movie makers and book writers or the freemasons or masons in the field today. Considering maybe revelations through a truman house,l if I got into a accident (head injury) had a scar on my hand. I have speculation that some of what Behold a Pale Horse from 1991 might apply. Just considering the concept of god in an experiment or operation. Some movies like Dogma and the Davinci Code consider the last sion but if the idea or something with a loose consideration all across the whole spectrum to maybe fufill revelations or just curiosity. The world and a lot of peoples perspectives are always changing. And if a bunch of people had to take on what they intially stood for.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 06:53 PM
I agree it is entirely possible that the Illuminati still exists today with different objectives such as creating a one world government rather than freeing the world from it. However if that is the case, they are so significantly different from their original goals that I don't think it is quite fair to such a brilliant man like Weishaupt to call them by the same name. It is clear that the financial elite control far more than American politics in and of itself controls, however wouldn't it be more accurate to call them just that? The elite? It is after all only the rich who have power in this country. You don't see any poor or middle class people on the Bilderberg attendance lists.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by The Transhumanist

I once felt as you did about their objectives taking the information given about weishaupt as valid and accurate. My view has changed. The origins go back as I once suspected so much farther than many have ever dared to even speculate. I am really not comfortable saying more than that. I guess anyone can take it or leave it. If I were you I would most likely leave it. I have my own reasons for this change of viewpoint.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 03:09 PM
But I am assuming you don't have any proof. The Freemasons were once the knights Templar who may have once been an organization before that, but there is absolutely no proof to any of these claims that a small bloodline has been in power since the days of Babylon and there has been no legitimate research backing them up whatsoever. The Illuminati probably started in 1776 and ended soon after, with most of the members dissolving into Freemason lodges around the world. The people in power today aren't there because of some bloodline, they are there because they are extremely wealthy or hold legitimate political capital.

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 03:09 PM
13 families of the illuminati

The Illuminati is not old and out of date and non functional.
New families are coming in all the time perhaps.

Mostly on locking up a technology or industry.

I'm still looking for the illuminati hideout in Switzerland
for WWII officers with the right connections.
Was Joe Kennedy on his way there when his plane crashed.
Yet another conspiracy tale.
Joe Sr. may have heard of a attempted assassination of
an American scientists.
A lot going on Big Time.

ED: Rockefeller and big oil makes sure they are on top of
the energy market. Because you think there is speculation
does not mean its already done.

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 03:39 PM
A link to a google search proves nothing and neither do any of the sites at the top of the list. Do you really think the Rockefeller family was in a position of significant power before standard oil? No of course not. I will admit they are an extremely powerful family, but they only came to power in the last century. As in, well after 1776. The Rothschild have been in power for a while but only after the fall of Napoleon. It's not like these family fortunes have existed since the dawn of civilization. Show me some undeniable proof. I have stated before I do not want this thread to fall to worthless speculation.

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