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Regicide: The assassination of JFK.

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 10:26 PM
I have done a search of ATS and see that there's an enormous body of threads covering this topic that has been a repeatedly-flogged dead horse. I'm sure that many of the old-timers on ATS groaned when they saw this thread pop up.

The reason why I have gone ahead to beat this dead horse some more is that I was totally surprised that Gregory Douglas' book, Regicide: The Official Assassination of JFK was NOT covered in any of these JFK-related threads, hence this thread.

Professor James Fetzer has written some reviews about Gregory Douglas' book, the first of which is an overview... excerpt...

According to Douglas, Crowley took numerous documents with him upon his
retirement from the CIA and occasionally shared them with various historians.
As he came to trust Douglas, he became increasingly forthcoming, especially
about the sequence of events that led to the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
If Douglas' documents are authentic, this has to be one of the most important,
if not the most important, developments in the history of the case.

...and the second of which is an honest critique of Douglas' work. Some of things that Fetzer questions, I, too, wonder, but the rest of it, I think that the information is spot-on, with a number of exceptions, like the number of shots (only thee shots are described in each of the intelligence reports covered in Regicide: The Assassination of JFK, when there were between 8 to 10 shots that really were fired)...

Douglas is not without controversy. You read. You decide.

In a nutshell, the bare facts of the JFK assassination are purportedly:

1) The CIA was the prime mover in the regicide of JFK; the CIA's reason was that it was JFK who was leaking the classified PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing) to the Russians, which was treason and the CIA considered a number of ways to remove Kennedy, including impeachment, but, in the end, they chose to fully neutralize him.

2) The Director of Central Intelligence, John McCone, ran Operation Zipper.

3) The Israeli Mossad was involved with the logistics, as well as to kill the Corsican sharpshooters; the CIA needed covert operatives who did not live in the USA and who were proven to be extremely discreet and effective in carrying out logistics of an extremely-sensitive project; furthermore, Israel was really pissed-off with JFK because he refused to allow them to build the nuclear reactor, Dimona, which was absolutely essential for Israel to have in order for them to make their own nuclear weapons.

4) The main shooters were Corsican Mafia sharpshooters; the Mafia wanted JFK gone because of RFK's pursuit of the Chicago Mafia, who never expected the Kennedys to go after them, because of one of their own, Joe Kennedy, who chafed badly from Capone's shaming Joe in the past, so Joe wanted revenge. It was great prestige for the Mafia to have a Kennedy as President. At Joe's insistence, RFK went after the Chicago Mafia with a vengeance that shocked the Chicago Mafia, so they were eager for payback against the Kennedys.

5) The Joint Chiefs of Staff were informed of Operation Zipper and they did not stop them from proceeding; the Joint Chiefs of Staff had wanted JFK gone, because JFK killed off their Operation Northwoods plans and that pissed them off.

6) The FBI was involved to the extent of participating in the coverup.

7) LBJ was informed and remained silent on the plans to neutralize JFK, as he was about to personally gain from this operation.

8) JFK issued the EO 11110, which was his attempt to destroy the Federal Reserve and he had succeeded in getting the initial run of the US Treasury Notes printed off and the Rothschilds would have none of that, so they supported the regicide of JFK.

So that's apparently what happened to the last President who really tried to be a real President.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 03:34 PM
Another thing is that there is a long-running thread in this site...

...that is an oft-hilarious phone conversation between the "Gregory Douglas" guy and Robert T. Crowley, the late Director of the CIA's Clandestine Operations Division. Totally informative in terms of insider CIA attitudes, history, characters, etc, and totally hilarious escapade accounts by the "Gregory Douglas" dude, the first account of which is here...

...the work your way up the archives in that site. Every conversation is numbered and you can click right onto it, for easy, fun and informative reading. Beware that some of the conversations include some harsh comments against certain races.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 03:46 PM
We can sit here and come up with hundreds of reasons to kill JFK. They exist, that's not debatable.

We can sit here and come up with hundreds of suspects that could have killed JFK. Cause their motives existed, that's not debatable.

But the fact of the matter always remains that all of this is essentially IRRELEVANT.

What is RELEVANT, is the fact that the American Public was systematically lied to, and through a multi-front cover up was led to believe in an entirely fabricated story.

Since then, those who do not believe the fabrication, have been divided and conquered and turned into "fringe, nut cases". And that's why many decades later, we have NO PROGRESS on this case.

It's the exact same thing that has happened with every single major event in United States History, no one is ever held accountable, and no progress is ever made through the use of the always effective "divide and conquer" strategy.

How people fail to understand the greater picture of issues, and instead focus on the minor off shoot issues - baffles me daily.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 04:05 PM

Originally posted by king9072

What is RELEVANT, is the fact that the American Public was systematically lied to, and through a multi-front cover up was led to believe in an entirely fabricated story.

Great point that you have made, king9072.

It is impossible to prosecute those who are responsible when the court system is NOT a true Constitutional, Judicial, Due-Process Courts of Law, in which they'd hear a case to be brought against those parties that are responsible.

It is impossible to make those who are responsible for the regicide of JFK fully and publicly accountable when the media is fully owned by those who are responsible for the murder of JFK.

It is very difficult to break through to the masses on this and many other issues.

I just sure as hell hope that the coming changes this fall -- if they happen and I think that they will -- will change our ability to address serious issues of justice that are so badly-needed to be addressed.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 10:41 AM
Connally uses his Stetson hat to hide his gun. He makes a sharp move with his hat just after they appear past the sign. This is the first shot.

He makes´╗┐ a second sharp move during the death shot with possibly a second more powerful firearm. This is the second shot.

All further shots were from "them" (most probably LBJs goons who hired Oswald) from outside the car aimed at Connally to silence him. Connally was double crossed but lived to bargain.

Kennedy Assassination Solved:

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 10:49 AM
musta been a smokeless gun he used then.

divide and conquer .

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