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The REAL Jay-Z Deception

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 10:15 PM
Before I start I want first say that I love this site and am a big conspiracy buff and when I first came across the Jay-Z deception I was all ready to just right it off as lame christians scare tactics. The thing is that I see this topic come up more and more and the thing is along with Conspiracies hip hop is another one of my hobbies. Now I'm not being bias when I say those jay-Z videos are lame and and not in anyway truthful of Jay-Z because Jay-Z isn't even my favorite rapper the thing is I know a #load about Jay-Z (along many other rappers so don't go down that road naysayers) and because I do I can easily point out the faults in that series of movies. So I made my own set of videos disputing the vids... Here are the links

Part: 1

Part: 2

Part: 3

I encourage all of you to give your feedback but urge that is be constructive (i.e. if you think ignorant or don't get the big picture plz explain) the last thing I ant to do is misinform so if I made any real big mistakes shy of some grammar I'll mention it and correct myself in future videos. I really just want the truth to be heard guys. Also try to watch all three before commenting and there will be more to pretty much based on all of the issues left that I need to address feel free to give me some.

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