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Peter Schiff - latest Senate Candidate

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 07:43 AM
I am usually adverse to authoring threads,
but in this case -> economic analyst, CEO, commentator...Mr Peter Schiff
announced he is challenging the CT Senate seat held by Sen Chris Dodd.

Peter Schiff
Oct 12, 2009

Dear Friends,

As you may know, I have decided to run for U.S. Senate from my home state of Connecticut....

Make no mistake about it, winning a U.S. senate seat will not be easy. First, I need to get through a highly contested Republican primary featuring some very well-funded and high-profile opponents. Then, I need to defeat a five-term incumbent Democrat who chairs the Senate Banking Committee. Though Chris Dodd is unpopular now, he has a lot of powerful friends, including President Obama...

...these are unique times, and politics-as-usual may no longer secure the re-election of a skilled politician. Though Dodd will try to turn my lack of political experience into a liability, it is much more likely to be an asset in the current climate. Conversely, Dodd's lack of private sector experience raises questions about his ability [to] lead this country out of an economic crisis, especially one that he and his buddies in Washington created.

Thank you for your time and for sharing this message with your friends and relatives. I'll see you on the campaign trail.

Peter Schiff

Oct 9, 2009
Peter Schiff
C.E.O. and Chief Global Strategist
Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.

see source:

I have no contributions to make, but i wish his venture well...
considering the statement contained in the above snip: " economic crisis, especialy one the that he and his buddies in Washington created"


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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 09:40 PM
reply to post by St Udio

I'm definitely not a Dodd fan with his inability to produce his "Countrywide" mortgage documents following the national mortgage fiasco. How is that allowed to go on? I don't know much about Schiff but I've seen his commentary on MSNBC and he tends to rock the MSM boat. He seems a straight shooter but who knows for sure. What I do know is Dodd is a problem for the country and tipping his apple-cart can't be a bad thing.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 05:05 AM
side bar to Hemisphere:
Dodd, is lately making his presence known ~re; health care/insurance reform~


The foremost reason for this BUMP, is that the small community of support for 'Sound Fiscal & Financial responsibilty' is growing...

ran across this endorsement just this morning , Thur 12 Nov '09

+ Sound Money Candidates Running For Congress +

Inquiring minds might be interested in sound money candidates running for office. Here is the list that I am aware of.

Ron Paul - Texas District 14: Ron Paul For Congress
Jake Towne - Pennsylvania District 15 - Towne For Congress
John Dennis - California District 8 - John Dennis For Congress, Defeat Pelosi
Mike Vasovski - South Carolina District 3 - Mike Vasovski For Congress - Sound Money Constitutional Government
Rand Paul - Kentucky Senate: Rand Paul for Senate
Peter Schiff - Schiff for Senate

()I endorse all the above candidates for office.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

So Do I 'Mish'...So Do I.

Too bad i vote in District #1 in SC... and candidate Mike Vasovski is running in SC District #3

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 07:41 AM
since Schiffs' campaign has no news releases...
We'll need to read his articles, essays... the latest which shows how keen his insight is:

++U.S. Job Losses Demystified++ (77 comments)
by: Peter Schiff November 15, 2009 | about: SPY


As the unemployment rate crossed the double digit barrier for the first time since Michael Jackson learned to moonwalk, President Obama announced that he will convene a “jobs summit” to finally bring the problem under control. Using all the analytic skill that his administration can muster, the President is determined to figure out why so many people are losing their jobs and then formulate a solution.

sounds like another example of 'policy by Committee' leadership.

That's a relief; for a while there, I thought we were in real trouble! In fact, the absolute last thing our economy needs is more federal government interference

Now , below is an example of a government statistic created & intended to portray a rosy & desired picture...But is actually backfiring on the government GDP analysts

However, the flaw in GDP calculation allows the output of those foreign workers to be included in our domestic tally. Since we count the output but not the worker responsible for it, government statisticians attribute the gains to rising labor productivity. To them, it looks like companies are producing more goods with fewer workers.


since there is little 'campaign' news, it would be informative to look into candidate Schiffs' inner workings/mindset
by PeterSchiff:

see the above link for a menu list of recent articles he has posted / written

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 09:37 AM
~ Perhaps i should not be posting Only the articles i favor by Schiff...

i was rather thinking you all, the readers would be contributing some,
(because i wasn't doing a total canvas job, & you'ld take up my slack)


anyhow here's the latest on Schiff and his confrontation with;
the financial takeover beasts..

Peter Schiff
Dec 15, 2009

Although Barack Obama has refrained, at least for now, from delivering triumphant speeches in a naval flight suit, there is nevertheless a strong tone of accomplishment emanating from the President and his deputies. Over the weekend, top White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers even pronounced that the recession is now over. Without hedging his bets, Summers declared that thanks to the Obama Administration's wise stewardship, economic stimuli, and emergency bailouts, another Great Depression, set up by the prior Administration, had been narrowly averted. Summers saw no impediments to the return of sustainable growth. He may as well have delivered these remarks from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

I hate to shoot down these high-flying expectations, but the economy is not improving. All that has changed is that we are now more indebted to foreign creditors, with even less to show for it. Washington's current policies have once again deferred the fundamental, market-driven reforms needed to redirect us onto a sustainable path. Instead, through aggressive monetary and fiscal stimuli, we are trying to re-inflate a balloon that is full of holes. This was the Bush Administration's exact response to the 2002 recession. It's shocking how few observers note the repeating pattern ...

~but Summers is not the only mouthpiece in Obamas house...~
there's the contrarian that has not yet been muffled, Snip from the same above linked article:

Paul Volcker, the only independent voice in the Administration, has not been deceived by his colleagues' sunny claims. He recently noted that our economy still evidences "too much consumption, too much spending relative to our capacity to invest and export" and that the problem is "involved with the financial crisis but in a way [is] more difficult than the financial crisis because it reflects the basic structure of the economy."

Also... an enlightning read is the most recent RollingStone article by Matt Taibbi, ->> find out just where many of the Obama-the-campaigner staff got shipped off to...when they were culled from WH departments or Cabinet positions... ?Obamas coat of many colors?


posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 10:09 AM
Schiff For Senate
Peter Schiff
Apr 30, 2010

When I first announced my candidacy for the United States Senate I really had no idea how well my message would resonate in the Nutmeg State. Well we're six-months in, and my campaign is really gaining momentum. I am very encouraged with the progress we have made. I am well received at the Republican Town Committee meetings with several towns having already voting to endorse me. I have more volunteers and more donors then any other candidate in the race and reporters statewide agree that I won the only televised debate, which explains why neither of my opponents will agree to another.

The bottom line is, I think I have a real chance to win this election.

just keeping a running account of 'The Man'

i would be delighted if others' interested in his political ascendancy would contribute some obscure findings or text/appearances/ hints of potential policy he might implement...

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 10:25 AM
then we have this copy of his funding pleas:


Peter Schiff, "I Think I Have a Real Chance of Winning a Senate Seat"
Politics / US Politics
Apr 29, 2010 - 10:45 AM

By: Peter_Schiff

...According to these polls, both my message and my background win the Republican primary. Though I am still in third place (but climbing fast) among voters who are familiar with all three candidates, I win. Also, of all the Republican candidates I have the lowest unfavorable rating, and likely have the best chance to win the general election in November once people get to know me.

However, my main problem is that I currently lack the name recognition necessary to win the Republican primary...[...]



29 Apr 10, 23:49 Peter Schiff is Wrong (Again)

Peter, what we believe in is accountability. Your reckless no-regulation mantra is precisely what caused this collapse. And you are now taking up for your Wall Street friends,
placing the blame on Washington. Washington is serves as the police of Wall Street. Just because they failed does not mean that Goldman is should not be punished for the criminals they are. Peter, the last thing we need is another Wall Street guy in Washington. We need people who will protect Main Street, not some guy who drapes the Constitution around everything he says so as to fool Americans with his misdirected, reckless extremist ideas. [...]

hmmm.... i wonder just where the 'commenter' lives,
conn. ? usa? or where?
its alwats proper to point out the preceived differences among the voters, eh

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 10:28 AM

Here's his tube channel:

I'm quite sure he'll rock the boat.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by 5 oClock

thanks for the link of his homepage

being a practical person... i hear more about 'passing the plate' from him than i hear at the sunday services.

i guess i'm just spoiled because of his prolific commentaries that are posted by other sites as worthy of reading.

perhaps he's holding back on the vacating Dodd for a reason, ?
(i'm not a campaign strategist)

but i did run a campaign which unseated the incumbent 'house President, & VP' in the boys home i lived at for 11 years.
the incumbent, social climber/college prep. house President Cary L.
was challenged by a 'man-of-the-people- Dennis R. who was a 'Shop' focused, trade school oriented man, who was also a fine athelete and excelled in personell skills.

I later campaigned for 'change' and got the lad who was always picked on
and ridiculed by 95% of the George K. was to become the replacement house president the next year...then Class President @ MHS

I wonder if Cary L. the deposed. wannabe elitest. has still got a grudge (if he ever had one) against me?
did Cary L, become a drop-out & social failure in the corporate/collegiate world?
i went on the serve in Army Intelligence for 3 yrs.

that's a snip resume there mr Schiff, i'm on ATS.....

posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 04:00 PM
Peter Schiff has begun a precious metals outlet, so he can sell either coins or bullion to thoise who want silver or gold as a portion of their portfilio..

i called his outfit today, seeking the info on purchasing silver coins/ either Canadian or American Eagles.

to my astonishment... his outfit will only entertain purchases of 500 coins (which is a nominal $10K of capital)
So where is the promiose of helping the small investor, the vanishing middle-class?
having a $10k or more entry fee....belies his voiced intentions of being for the commoner...

hell... it seems he's an elitiest too!

hey -> read em-n'-weep

call 1-888-GOLD-160 for his staff of sales persons'

man-0-man... am i disappointed!

posted on Oct, 22 2010 @ 02:05 PM
it seems that on the 18th of this Oct. that Mr Schiff replaced another radio show with
his own weekday broadcast.

the radio program plays weekdays 6-8PM & is available after 10PM in Archives
the current reply is for Thursday, October 21st at 1:13:29 duration

(which means that 46:31 minutes were culled from the on-air broadcast,
i reckon that would be the ADs & commercials & bumper music...)

i see this as both a personal & political exercise.

go Peter Schiff

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