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The United States and The Very Big Mess

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posted on May, 17 2004 @ 02:37 PM
Yes indeedy. Here's one I baked earlier.

The United States & American Culture (or lack thereof)
Secular (yeah, right), interfaith or purely Judeo-Christian in nature ?

The "War" In Iraq
The Good
The Bad
Or the downright f***ing Ugly ?

Support for Israel's ill-advised policies
A.) Foolish?
B.) Insane?
C.) Sinister?
D.) All of the above?

The US vs. the Arab World
Should the rest of the world:-
A.) Isolate them?
B.) Provoke them?
C.) Persecute them?
D.) Just give in to temptation and let them blitz each other off the face of the f***ing earth?

The Bush Administration
A.) Good Christians? (Oxymoron, methinks :lol

B.) The Champions of Democracy?
C.) Honest, decent people who just happen to have made a couple of little mistakes?
D.) The superstitious, anarcho-capitalist, spineless scum they really are?

The Twilight of Humanity has come about. Do you:
A.) Mow the lawn.
B.) Get all the cases out of the fridge and drink frantically, in one last ditch effort to find the perfect beer?
C.) Sell your soul to K-Mart?
D.) Finally think/vote outside the bipartisan box?

Thank you for having a look at this risqué inquiry into the American situation.

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