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My Experience (A year ago)

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 07:15 PM
Hello guys and girls,

I have lurked this place long enough, and have decided to share with you my experience.

I am a 19 y/o male college student. This happened about 1 year and 2 months ago, during the month of August. I documented the event the same day it happened. Enjoy.

This morning I had an “extraterrestrial” experience.

In the morning I got up, took a shower and went to my physics II class 8-9 am. My following two classes were cancelled so I went back to my apartment to get some more sleep.

At around 9:40 am or so I got there. I went in the computer to check emails and see if I could find anything interesting on the internet. Later I tried to get some sleep. I don’t fall asleep very easily, so there I was lying on my bed. My back had been hurting all week (I have mild scoliosis) and that contributed to me having a hard time finding a good sleeping position.

I was in my bed facing up with a pillow over my head covering my eyes to block the light. I left some space so my nose wasn’t covered and I could breathe freely.

All of a sudden I felt the clarity of the day become total darkness, it was dark outside. You know how even though your eyes are closed you can tell if there is a strong light or not… well I felt that, a transition from morning daylight, to darkness.

Shortly I began to be able to see through the pillow. There was a very strong, almost blinding white light going right through my window. Me being able to see through the pillow was somehow “activated” by this light.

The light was able to easily penetrate trough my window blinds and brown curtains into my room.

I was able to see the outline of an object outside my window [through the blinds and curtains] in the air floating. I didn’t see an exact definite shape of the object. The bright light gave me trouble seeing it clearly. I would say it was about 20 feet away and two stories higher. I live in the 2nd floor of an apartment complex.

Later I began to be “pulled” from by bed towards the light and the object. I felt a force attracting me towards it. I guess I could describe it somewhat like gravity, like earth pulls down objects, but I was being pulled by the light very slowly yet it was very strong.

The pulling force was exerted on my entire body; however the center was located about one and a half inches above my belly button. There the force was very much stronger.


posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 07:16 PM
Like I said the “pulling” by the force was very slow yet strong and constant. As I realized what was happening I went into a bit of shock and was overwhelmed with pure fear. I started thinking that whatever this object was, it was going to take me away. I would disappear without anyone ever knowing what happened to me. I thought about how my family and loved ones would feel about me disappearing all of sudden.

However I also felt that if I went with whatever was taking me, all of “life’s questions” would be answered to me. I felt that I would know everything there is to know, I would get all the knowledge I could ever want. So in a certain way I did want to go as I wanted to satisfy my curiosity, but in another way I was simply too scared.

With all the fear I was feeling, my instincts took over me and I began to resist the pulling.
I was moving as much as I could (think of a child making a tantrum in the floor). I held on to my bed with my left hand as to keep me from floating away.

The force lasted about 10 seconds, but I did not rise much above the bed at all.

When it ceased I felt as if whatever was pulling me decided not to go against my will, and to not take me by force. I felt as if they had decided that I was not ready for what they wanted to show me.

When the pulling ceased, the light disappeared. Together with the disappearance of the light, my “ability” to see through the pillow (and outside in the path of the light) ceased as well. I felt the darkness go away, and there was daylight again.

I got the pillow off my eyes and effectively, it was light outside. My heart was beating very rapidly and I could still feel some of the pulling sensation on my body and yet stronger above my belly button, but now it was fading away and much weaker. It lasted for a few minutes more.

I think I should address something I feel is very important for you to understand the event from my point of view. One would think… well if it happened in broad daylight in a decently sized apartment complex (inside a college campus) how did anyone else not notice it? It being 1 the change from light to dark and 2 the object and light.

My answer to this is it obviously was not a normal experience. I felt isolated in this event from the rest of the world, I felt I was being targeted and singled out. The whole event was completely bizarre as if “they” could manipulate time/space. Simply if they didn’t want anybody else to see it, it would be so. I am not sure I am explaining that too well, but it is the best I can do at the moment.

I would also like to add, that before this experience I never had much interest at all in UFOs or ETs. I believed anyone who claimed to be an abductee or anything like that was crazy, period. Also I had not been watching any alien movies or anything of the sort prior to this. So yes this turned a complete non believer into a believer that there is something out there. My experience was what eventually led me to ATS.

Please share you thoughts

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 07:50 PM
Should have let go. Will you ever have the opportunity again? Great story..actually sounds plausible. How did you feel afterward?

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:46 PM
hey,u were prolly about to have a OBE not necessarily a abduction,though it could of been. I'm familiar with the pulling force,i feel it in my stomach pulling most uncomfortable feeling i ever felt super weird ....ive had OBEs with a light but it was a tunnel of light and i was floating towards it....but i stoped right before going thru it,it brought me to the light but it was up to me to go thru myself thou ..and when i went thru i was in a different world(beautiful) with people in white robes...matter a fact i had that pulling sensation earlier today when i was about to doze off but it woke me straight up

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:50 PM
OK this may be a good place to start. The idea of putting something out on the internet about the strange experiences I had in the fall of 2007 has been growing in me for some time. This seems to be a similar, yet not as complex experience to the one I had in that is was a sort of "contact" experience. I was living in Charlotte, NC and was hopping from temp job to temp job. I had been out of work for a while, when I had a promising interview with a local chain for a payroll job. I lost out on being hired, and made the inadvisable yet rather common decision of someone in that position of going home and getting slammed. Whiskey. Usually, I just drink beer so as a result, I got really slammed. I staggered around my apartment for a while, then while I was visiting the smallest room to recycle some fluids, I lost my balance and fell into the shower, hitting the center of my spine on the hot water knob hard enough to bend it (yet apparently not my spine) out of shape. I don't think I passed out, just picked myself up and went to bed. Of course, being drunk, my back didn't hurt until the morning.
I woke up with a sore spot, but not really much of a hangover. But on that day, I had the inexplicable idea of pulling an all-nighter to work on music and poetry, two of my artistic interests. Sometime in the middle of the next night I wrote a poem in fifteen minutes, and then decided to stay up for as long as I could possibly remain awake, just to see what it would do to me. I believe I made it about 60 hours. There were no unusual hallucinations (other than minor ones!), and I finally went to sleep and slept like a rock. But the strangeness was about to begin.
I prefer to think of what happened next as a dream, but somehow I am not so sure. For the next month or so, I was off and on in a sort of fugue state, and can only relate for the most part disjointed fragments of what happened to me. I found myself on my back porch confronted by three persons who, again to the best of my memory, were young and rather nondescript yet personable and attractive. One seemed to be holding a book or some sheets of paper. The one with the book simply stated:
“You are being brought along as a mitigating agent for vice with the capacity for direct action.”
There was some more about the world going through some tough times around the year 2012 which might be simply resource wars and not an apocalypse, which is pretty much what I expect anyway. The overall nature of the dream was that of being given a task to complete.
Next, they said my “past lives” were W.A. Mozart, J.W.V. Goethe, and Adolf Hitler-mostly Mozart and Goethe with a little Hitler for good measure! I guess, if this really happened apart from a dream, that these past lives were not my actual past lives, but symbols meant to delineate opposing sides of my character. One could not be both Mozart and Goethe, after all, since their lives overlapped. I do like music and poetry, however. I am certainly not as bad as Hitler, but have misplaced anger at times. The first "dream" in which I first met the "others" ended with them telling me to go back in my apartment and wait for the "singularity." They did not tell me what that was. A short time later in the day (I was definitely awake at this point) a friend of mine came by as it was beginning to storm outside. Suddenly, I saw a shining ball of light which cannot be described and was drawn into it as my friend exclaimed "Robert, you look weird!" I then found myself in the presence of a veiled yet benign (but otherworldly!) figure. The main emotion I felt was comfort. There were no words, but I felt that I was soon going to be sent back. As this happened, I was informed that I was going into reverse time and would know when I caught up with "normal time." The people I had known would then be to me "just the same."
There is much more to tell, if anyone here finds this interesting. It did not end there.....

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by godspetrat


Your story is interesting and I would like to hear the rest of it, but it would probably be a good idea to start your own thread about it, so as not to hijack the OP's thread and because it's very likely you would get far more readers and responses.
I really would like to see how your story ends.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 09:35 PM
Fascinating experience, thanks for sharing it with us. I got the feeling it was an OBE or NDE after reading what happened. Maybe it was an abduction attempt and your will was too powerful for them to take advantage of. I also think it's very interesting how you mentioned that they sort of agreed with your decision not to go with them and the pulling sensation weakened. Could this have been "friendly" aliens that wanted to show you some of life's secrets? Maybe. Must have been tempting to let go and be consumed by the light, although I know this is much easier said than done when having these things happen to you at the time.

I think another important, perhaps frightening, point is the feeling you had of not being able to return after the abduction was to be complete. Did this feeling come from your temporary connection to the object in which you felt those inside the object were evil or had bad intentions?

reply to post by godspetrat

Yours is also a very fascinating story. I agree that you should start your own thread as it is quite different to the story in this thread. Nonetheless, I eagerly await your tale when time allows.

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 09:54 PM
I thought as a new member I could only reply. If one of you old hands at this site could tell me how, I will copy the story and post it as a new thread. I worked a lot of this into an unfinished book called "The Gospel of God's Pet Rat." (hence my username). I like to keep pet rats, and believe it or not, they are part of my story as well. I feel that I can contribute in many ways to this site in that I have a lot of ideas on the sorts of things that are posted here. I have been watching it for some time, and it has the right mixture of far-out ideas and reason.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by Dark Ghost

Anyway, the beings in the experiences I related so far were benign for sure. There was no question of staying in the light. I was not meant to. I met a couple of naughtier spirits later on. I do not think these were aliens as we are used to thinking of them. They are further along than we are, however. I have also had several episodes of a "pulling away" right before sleep, even before the more unusual episodes I related tonight!

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 05:59 PM

Originally posted by lostviking
Should have let go. Will you ever have the opportunity again? Great story..actually sounds plausible. How did you feel afterward?

I couldn't let go, fear just took over me. I have never been so scared in my life. I doubt i will have another opportunity like this, and i cant say i want to!

Afterward i felt as i knew nothing about what is real and what is not, my belief that there is a reasonable explanation for everything was shattered.

Originally posted by Dark Ghost
I think another important, perhaps frightening, point is the feeling you had of not being able to return after the abduction was to be complete. Did this feeling come from your temporary connection to the object in which you felt those inside the object were evil or had bad intentions?

Yes i felt like i would be unable to go back. It did come from the connection, but then i wonder: if it was something bad wouldn't i have been taken by force?

I cannot say if it was evil or good, i was just shocked at what was happening.

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