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2012 is YOUR responsibility

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:48 AM
To all of you who are in doubt...
To all of you who expect something to happen...
To all of you who are angry and uncertain of 2012...
To all of you who think that 2012 is BS...
To all of you who expect God/some divine force/Jesus/aliens to save you on December 21st 2012...

I have news for you.

No one will ever answer what will happen in 2012, because YOU know the answer to that already.

Nobody will make 2012 happen for you.

Nobody will come down from heavens and do your work.

Nobody will hand the world to you on the silver platter.

Nobody will take responsibility for you.

If you wake up on December 22nd 2012 in the world just as broken as it is today and you are still filled with negativity and misery - then you have failed.

If you wake up on December 22nd 2012 in a world where wars ceased to exist and you are filled with love and joy - then you have succeeded.

So, the choice is yours:

remain being in fear and negativity


spreading love and positivity

2012 is YOUR responsibility. And yours alone.

No one will do it for you. That is why no one will ever answer what will happen in 2012, because YOU know the answer to that already. You know in which direction it will take.

With each moment, with each thought, you are creating your future, your reality - the path on which you will walk. You have to realize that the power of your thoughts is much, much greater that you know.

You have to realize that the responsibility is yours.


[edit on 10-10-2009 by Spooky Fox Mulder]

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 09:38 AM
Great post, Spooky Fox Mulder!

S&F for you.

I agree with your POV in your post.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 09:49 AM
What we fear the most, we manifest in our reality.
VERY thought provoking.
Admittedly, Iam guilty of this.
I hoard stuff away for the big disaster of 2012, yet in my mind I want to plan a future past that, but I keep getting sucked back into the end times scenario.
I counteract each of my own actions almost daily.
Such indecisiveness hinders my life, greatly.
I need to get my act together.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 11:29 AM
Why do you have to wait until 2012 to start this?

Fear is natural. It allows you access to physiological benefits that you don't normally have. Faster reaction time, the ability to think in many directions at once, the will and fortitude to accomplish what would seem impossible in any other circumstance. Fear has accomplished more for the human race than any other emotion. But you shouldn't allow it to dominate your life.

Peace love and happiness. If a giant rock smacks us in 2012, the peace love and happiness guys will light a candle and invite our new 'friend' into our home. The guys that are AFRAID will have built bunkers, collected rubber chickens for appropriate sacrifice, made their get-away packs, have a properly informed family, and be able to survive in a hostile environment. Anger at the injustice done to the general population by those in the know will lead to the eventual formation of governmental system that won't make such a catastrophic decision again, or the wisdom to not live under such a controlling one.

Not saying something's going to happen, if it does, it does. But Peace Love and Happiness have just as good a place in the human heart as Anger, Destruction, and Fear.

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