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Is it just me or is China 'ok' now ??

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 01:07 AM
I'm not sure if anyone has noticed the rise or the continuous propping up of 'China' advertisements lately as being 'good' culture for a lack of a better explanation. Please don't get me wrong, we had a exchange student in our home for about 2 months and we loved her and her interaction we had with her.

On that note, I want to say that I personally received a long distance phone from her, yes.. from China( VERY EXPENSIVE CELL phone call~!!) on the very day that will never be forgotten...September 11th, 2001, to relay a message to me and my family/friends that all of the people of China at Red Square are praying and crying for us and hope we will endure. *I get teary eyed every time I remember that call*

I wanted to lay the ground work, to help dispel any attacks that might be brought against me after this posting of being hate speech. I've even worked closely with Chinese engineers and to this day are still some of my closest friends.However....

within the last couple months or so, I've noticed that HGTV, History Channel, to name a couple have been...'nudging' how great the Chinese culture is. Now, I'd like to say that I'd LOVE to go to China and ALL THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD, to visit the people there and enjoy their culture because quite frankly, the USA's isn't doing so hot! I deeply appreciate what they're trying to do even if it's in good faith....

but, I if there was ever an image that has always stood out in my mind of a truly corrupt and down right communistic government.. it's this one..also with a full explanation of how the picture got out as well..

Tank Man & the Toliet

I've worked in nothing but major world corporations for the last 17 years and it's been my experience that there is no stopping Corp America from doing business with the communists~! I asked why is this from a co-worker cube chatter and it was said that and I quote.."Corporations need stable economies, and over look the politics"

it's here that I make the distinction between the 'People' of China and the 'Government' of China. I'm talking about the Government of China, NOT the people, because as we know even on this side of the world.. Governments of the world have hardly ever accurately represented the people as they should.. IMO. Our forefathers of the constitution, as one example, were perhaps the only ones that actually did accurately represent the people of this nation as the Government of the USA.

So my question to ATS members is, what is the motive behind the 'propping up' of China's culture. Should we be deeply concerned about this? I know there's been a somewhat of a history of China's culture in some TV channels in the past and I enjoyed it .. but.. the only thing that will get me onboard with 'accepting' China's government as a 'good' government is ..

CHANGE the $%)@#_*)$~! government to a government; of the people, by the people, for the people!!!!!! and let the people go!!

*with tears flowing as rivers* to the PEOPLE of China,

Though 'they' bulldoze your homes & take them from you unwillingly, run you over with tanks, torture you for believing in any other religion other than the one prescribed to you, *tears* push you out in the dead of cold in of Siberia, NAKED, because you disagree with them, remove your babies from your arms because you don't have a license, make you work excruciating hours in factories for few Yuan a day, We the people of the United States & world will not forget you; God will not forget you and what you've endured! For you have become a light of endurance for all to follow! For one day, you will see the wall town down as they were in Germany. Nothing is impossible with God, NOTHING.

We will always hold high the picture of the 1 that stood up for what he belived in and said 'ENOUGH' to the tyranny and gave his very life as a reminder of what ALL TRUE democratic governments need to stand against; for we are becoming a long distance brothers for sorts and are fast approaching the same fates that you've endured for so long. We are praying that it is not so.


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