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I can touch without physically touching! Plus more!

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 12:25 PM
Hey everyone, I haven't made a thread in awhile because I usually just do research on my own accord and the only time i will usually start one is to learn more or to share thought and experiences like this one.

Well I'm sure everyone knows what an aura is.

"The aura is an energy field produced around all things, animate and inanimate. Your aura acts just like your shadow; you can not trick it, grow out of it, nor leave home without it. As for what your aura is made of is like asking what your shadow is made of. An aura reveals itself in the form of a thin cloud, wave or halo surrounding and radiating from an object, animate and inanimate. Even your shadow has an aura. Whether you believe it, can see it, feel it or not, your aura is always present. Properties by which auras can be perceived range from cold to warm and bright to dull. An aura can be seen, felt, reveals itself in various hues and temperatures and is not a physical thing. That is the mystery of the aura. You can feel it and see it, but if you physically touch something, you have already penetrated its aura."

Now I'm not sure that everyone here knows auras to a great degree, but from what i know to be true from experience is that anything in your aura will effect you, yes even a rock.

"When it comes to aura, I do not see inanimate objects as void of an aura. In other words, an inanimate object can have a very bright healthy aura, a stone. For inanimate objects, the temperature and hue of their auras also range from cold to warm, bright to dull. "

"You have an aura and your aura will have a cause and effect upon the aura of those things, with which, you come into contact. The aura of some will allow them to play with fire, without major incident. The aura of some will help them survive a vicious attack, but each encounter and second brings on a new aura challenge and your aura will help to influence the out come of that challenge."

Now the experience I'm talking about is that I catch myself spontaneously looking on the ground where I'm about to step on a worm or insect and then avoid it, So it is my guess that because I try to avoid stepping on any life period consciously that I guess I have become accustomed to that feeling when life comes into my aura. Its just weird because I don't look down like that at any other time unless something is about to be stepped on... I have also been able to feel my own aura as well as other objects auras. Yes I can also see them if i try hard enough but I find it much easier to feel for them, I'm still a beginner.

Now the Plus! is something else I just felt like talking about, which is I'm sure what is called an Empath. I'm already pretty sure that I'm a empath anyways but to this degree just seems unusual as I don't recall anyone else saying anything like this. Well the thing is I believe I can feel emotions from inanimate objects for example, when i touched my friends fishing hook I felt pain and my eyes were becoming watery, This next example is not inanimate but I found a leather back turtle which was captured and held hostage in a trash can that it could barely fit in and when i touched it or got too close, instant tears! Are these traits of an empath or am I just over emotional?? I wouldn't say its over emotional only because although I do feel bad for those fish or the turtle I wouldnt normally be in that much pain or grief over it like I was in those example, Like i would feel bad for them but I wouldn't tear up like that. Yes I let the turtle go. =)

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 01:13 PM
Nice of you to set the turtle free!

Now as for aura's, I don't have much experience with them, I know what they are, but I can't say I can see, feel or read aura's.
I do call myself an empath.

As far as my understanding goes, the aura is a non physical reflection of a physical body. But our non physical thoughts and emotion also give off a reflection in the form of an energetic wave (with lack of a better description for it). I am empathic in the way that I pick up those energy waves from people, mostly emotions, but sometimes physical pain aswell. With me it has nothing to do with the aura.

But what your saying with the worms and living things on the ground that prevent you from stepping on them, it could be the aura... the whole topic is a bit of the unknown to me

interesting thread though, I hope more reply with their experiences

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 01:22 PM
Sometimes when I go out on my back deck and I'm relaxing and looking around I begin to see a white aura around all the wood on the deck. It is usually only about an inch above it everywhere. I know it sounds weird.
Also one time I went to a message service and I began to see the energy aura that was coming off of the guy conducting the service. It looked just like waves of heat and as he moved around it left a path. Like what you would see in the movies when a super hero takes off real fast and it leaves a streaky energy. I don't know its hard to explain!

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 05:56 PM
haha yeah i too have gazed off looking on the floor in my school hallways and saw a foot off the ground of its aura. The color of the floor was white and red, i saw a light bluish color all around the red!

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