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my 1993 vision, maybe *this* is why the Quakes!

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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 06:10 PM
hi all.

Disturbing. This is what I think when I now read about this "swarm"
of earthquakes.
I "should" know differently than to read the "calming" geologists when they talk about the movements of the earth that always happen.

I should be Paying attention to my Visional dream, back in 1993, as 2012 looms.

I was hospitalized with a dangerous Lung condition, they thought that I could very well have died. I was in a room, in this hospital, for about 20 days.

Early on, a few days after I was admitted, I had this strange dream. Not a nice one either.

Basicly, I saw a city street, like of one of those large southern towns where all of the businesses are still on main street. Ahead of me, "superimposed" on the street, was a sort of a platform, almost like, as in many of these southern towns, the railroad runs down mains street, and that this "platform" was like of the rear of a railroad car that politicians sometimes give speeches from.
Behind this plaform, but ahead of me, was a large "hole" in the ground. Rather than a hole, this ten foot wide spot was more of like a window, transparent. I could see far far far down, and the bottom was "magnified" in some fashion to indicate to me that i was seeing 100 to 400 miles down into the crust of the earth!
I could see "whales" there! or, "manatees"! that is what they looked like.
I then somehow "heard" a voice speak and this male voice told me that these creatures were living 300 miles down. They are "partly physical" and partly etheric, and thus they "swim" in the molten rock, he said to me.
Above this hole was another hole in the sky, a hole about 10 feet above the platform. In this Hole was what looked like a cute 10 year old boy sitting on a expensive chair. A strange "boy", as he was partly naked and he had several cobra snakes entwined about his arm and in one hand he held a trident upright.
This chair was sitting upon a tigarskin rug too, and there was a Bhramma cow in the background. I then, people, *recognized* this boy! a painting done by a famous painter who visited India in the ???1700s, 1800s, and he painted a picture of the God SHIVA. Now this image is their favorite image of this God of Hinduism, and they believe that this Shiva is the guy on the white horse that will ride with his red robe: he is the One that will end the world and bring in the new.
"KALKI" is his name, the 10th avatar.

*then* this "Voice" tells me that this Shiva is the One that will stir up and Activate all of these creatures of the deep and get them to stir up the magma so that at first the earthquakes get much much more numerious and stronger, then most of the earth's volcanos will then fire off, one by one, nearly all at once!

oh dear. while that was all that there was to this dream; no date or time given for this Action, surely about "now" would be, or could be, the time.

be a hard thing to have most of us "liberals" to accept that there are Gods, and God, and that if this end times happens, it will be *CAUSED*, caused deliberately by a living being that India calls "Shiva"! [their word for the 3rd trinity of what God is, bhramma, krisna, shiva, creator/maintainer/destroyer!]

*if* shiva is the One behind my dream, whether you belive, or not, it is meaningless, as shiva will do something whether you belive or not!

And I have to live with this vision!!

probably the quakes will subside, but suppose they do not and "only" 10 to 20 supervolcanoes erupt soon after, in a year or three. ONE supervolcano will darken the skies for years, if 10 go off, then "midnight at noon" for years and years; nothing grows!

funny how this shiva red robed white horse figure, that the Indians use, is the SAME figure for the book of revelations man on the white horse with *his* white robe.

a fever dream?
RIP, see you all in heaven or hell, Soon!!


posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by freestonew

" Now Mr. Freestone ,will you count backwards from twenty for me ......"

Manatees "Partly physical" "partly ethereal" swimming 300 miles below in molten rock ...

What do you think `emmmmm .....?

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 06:57 PM

I have dreams about being Water and Air all the time, but, usually while in the Tub or by an Air Conditioner in summer heat...

How does the ebb & flow of the convection currents deep within the mantle affect your ability to concern reality from either-world?

Do Aliens have a ~Force Field~ that can keep us from harm in such an Environment?

PS: Ever watch Ghost Busters prior to these ~visons~ ...Just askin'....

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