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What was I doing? some type of lucid dreaming/ oob thing

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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 05:12 PM
Hello - I have always been extremely doubtful of anything supernatural, mystical, religous or not accepted by main-stream science. Until I learned that 90% of what I had been taught is a lie or half-truth or misdirection. After digesting much information, I have determined the "easiset" thing I can do to prove something "supernatural" is to have an oobe. I have been interested in lucid dreaming & oobe for a little while now. However, I barely ever remember any of my dreams.

In my past attempts I did manage something which, from the literature I have read, seems to be along the correct path - or else it was some weird mental-body control. I read and listened to many different methods and have tried a few of them. At first I would try to leave my body. I would try to be completely relaxed and calm and at the same time strain "out" or "up." On one of these attempts I started to feel a tingling in one of my feet which seemed similar to when your foot falls asleep, but not so intense. I thought, at the time, that it was kind of odd because I was lying comfortably in bed and didn't see how my foot could have fallen asleep. So I sort of focused on that and I was able, by concentrating (while not concentrating), to move the tingling sensation up my leg and eventually through the rest of my body. It took me a little while to make this sensation travel up the length of my body (and it was kind of distracting around my genitals). Also, when I got around the top of my chest area, I became very slightly concerned about what effect it might have on my lungs/ breathing for some reason. When I finally got to my head it seemed even harder than before to make any progress and eventually and this point I got distracted by something or lost my concentration.

I tried doing that a couple more times and managed to make myself have an orgasm with no physical stimulation, but not very much else that I can recall.

That didn't seem to be working, and I felt that I was straining too hard or my body would become all tensed up or something. But I kind of abandoned that for a while. Then, at some point, I started playing some relaxing music while I was falling asleep and one day:

last night I went to sleep and for the past week or so I have been playing some soft & relaxing music while I go to sleep. So I was getting through the sade part and drifting off to sleep - but I hadn't been trying for too long & I was tired so I was going to fall asleep quickly when I started to have some really vivid imagings. I guess dreams, if that is what I was doing at that time, are exactly like closing your eyes and visualizing something cause it was in the same washed-out-looking image-on-the-backs-of-my-eyelids look - I can't tell if there were actual colors, but it seems like there were. but that is the same with all of my dreams. -

I was still definitely awake, and started dreaming of two people - and I guess it was myself and some lady, but I was viewing us from the 3rd person perspective of some unseen observer. Then I thought that if I am dreaming I should take a look at a clock or watch or something cause it will not be able to display a coherent or unchanging time or something like that. So I "forced" discontinuity onto the dream and "saw" my arm lift into the 3rd-person perspective's point of view - this caused a change in the dream and seemed to make the scene I was originally watching sort of freeze and some weird high-pitched but not intrusive sound sounded. It had a digital watch on the wrist with wildly changing numbers - it looked like time was going backwards based on the direction the numbers would change (it seemed like they would rotate up, instead of rotating down). Then I thought maybe my preconceptions are messing it up and tried to make the numbers stay steady, but I guess my thinking about it took me out of the lucid dream state, because that whole scene faded away - it seemed to dwindle away to the horizion and I was back behind my eyelids again minus the vivid imagery.

Then the next night I had some suprising results:

I had a couple of adventures - when I first went into that state I couldn't figure out what to do or where to go. I guess I was overwhelmed by having every single option open to me. But then I decided I would try to prove that the government was lying or doing bad. So I flew to DC. But when I got there it was some huge tangled maze of warped-looking buildings. So I thought that I need to be more specific or plan this out better if I want to do or observe something like that.

So I said, "ok, lets go to the moon" and flew up there. That seemed really strange and I couldn't really tell what I was seeing - if I was seeing my trip to the moon or if I couldn't make out what was there. But eventually I was able to see this grotesque-looking lifeform. It seemed small and looked kind of goopey and it looked like it had a smile on it's face, but that might have been just how it's head & mouth are shaped. I immediately thought "that looks grotesque" - and I might have said that aloud or something - but who knows - then I said - "hi, my name is Ian." "I come from earth" but it didn't respond and I said "who are you? Where are you from? what are you? what's your name?" But he didn't respond. I think I apologized for saying he was grotesque at some point but I am not sure - so I looked around the moon and saw some really bizarre architecture - I saw many spiky-black-arching columns everywhere. It had the same warped-look that the buildings in DC had so maybe that is an artifact of the dreaming or something. But it looked crazy and I saw that the moon is artificially created or is hollow or something.

Then I said - ok let's go to the edge of the universe if there is one. - so thataway --------->
and I started seeing galaxies or stars or lights or something flying by me and I did that for a while and covered a lot of distance but I am not sure if I was looping back around or not. So either the universe goes on forever or else it loops back around and is kind of like a bubble with "space" on the inisde of the bubble (it loops up, not down).

Then I guess I thought about that too much or something cause I kind of woke up or went somewhere else or something - I forget how the transition went but I was in some kind of room and I guess I could fly around, since both myself and the others were floating around - I was a little blue guy. I was in a dwarf-like body with light blue skin and I was with antoher guy and a girl both little blue people. Then I forget what happene exactly - some event or conversation or something occurred and then it seemed like nothing was happening so I said to the girl "can we have sex?" and so we started doing that for a while - that whole act seemed more like my mind directing my dream than at any other point while dreaming. And I don't know if I felt slightly guilty or if I just wanted my girlfriend to join but I said "Melanie too!" But I think that made me think about her too much or else it just made me wake up a little because I went out of that state pretty soon after that.

Then I went back in and said "ok, who am I?" "what am I?" and apparently I am this little largely smiling vaguely humanoid-shaped light - but I couldn't discern any arms or legs. Or at least that is what seemed to lift up out of my body and what my focus was upon when I was asking that question.

Then I went to sleep normally.

So I can not really tell what this is exactly. It feels different from when I consciously imagine something. So it is either my subconscious imagination or else it is something external. But it is cool either way!
What should I try to see/ do/ observe/ learn next???
And what do you think about all this crazy crap? heheh

Then, the following night (sep 16th) I tried again but ran into an impediment:

me: I tried to do that again last night!!!!!!
this time right when I got into that state
I saw like two humanoid monster-looking people
10:42 AM some scary-monster-looking people
so I tried talking to them
but I couldn't hear anything they were saying
or else they weren't talking
10:43 AM and then I think they threatend me or something
so I was like # you, you can't do anything to me & you can't hurt me & you can't even affect me
and then I think they did affect me some how
10:44 AM I felt some weird sensation by my ear
and then my body had some weird effects
10:45 AM and for some reason I was thinking I was just poisoned
and I said - "no that's silly, I must be imagining it"
10:46 AM but I felt like some weird wave
of sensation go through my body
or like some pulsing thing
I don't really know how to describe that
and so I thought about that for a little while and about how poison interacts with the body
10:47 AM and then I stopped and tried to relax more
butI was never able to get back into that state
so I went to sleep normally

Then, that night my girlfriend dumped me! (she came back to me the following week) - but it kind of messed up my state of mind for trying to do whatever I was doing. And I have not been able to do it again since.

So? What was I doing?

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 07:50 PM
Sounds like what you said lucid dreaming, not that I can do it myself I havnt tried really. Ive had sleep paralysis and some whacky visuals there and sometimes that had moments where Id realize I was dreaming... enter lucid dream mode and then wake up cause I just freak myself out of it.

Just keep doing what you are doing it sounds like fun
thanks for sharing

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 08:04 PM
No problem - I have never experienced any type of paralysis anything, but during all the times I described, I was most definitely awake and aware of the music that was playing in the background - I know that is definitely different than any asleep dream I have had.

Are most people aware of their surroundings while lucid dreaming? Are you aware of your surroundings while oob?

It sucks, but I have not been able to do it since. I don't know why.

So if I am lucid dreaming at this stage, what can I do to go out of my body?
Above I described two different actions and I guess I didn't explain the second one - with the second one (the times that I "saw" things) I just completely clear my head and relax my body kind of drift off I guess, but I seeem to see everything projected onto the backs of my eyelids - but not projected with light or anything.
The first one I was actively straining or trying to do the mental exercises like envisioning yourself overy your body and pouring yourself into your body above you and whatever other weird things I read about.

What should I do/ focus on to have an oobe?

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 09:16 PM
Lucid Dreaming as far as I personally understand is usually an ability to manipulate a dream while asleep (ie. Deciding at a crossroads to go left, or to plop that monster on the head instead of running away) I have been a lucid dreamer for many many years although I haven't had the sexual experience you describe. (lucky you lol)

As for a possible OoBE ... I think you may be on the right track of getting out.. I think it is a little different for everyone. (I have had a whopping One in my life...woo..) And since I am not a scholar on the subject, I will direct you to the best thread ever on it (IMHO) by TheRiverGoddess - concious Oobe...It's Real!!-ATS Thread Hope this helps

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 10:19 PM
I don't do OOBEs or anything that borders even the slightest on the supernatural. It just feels too dangerous to me. Anything that I can't hurt physically means that I'd lose all the time.

I only felt the part about "vivid imaginings". It's when I prep myself by closing my eyes before I sleep. I can see some really weird things that scare me a lot. It's like someone or something with a face morphing to something that spooks me so I open my eyes before the final transformation happens. And when I close my eyes once more it happens again. In order to remedy that, I don't lie beneath the rack.

And this happens ALWAYS. Part of my bed is under a platform-table-rack of some sort. And my head or back got hit when standing up a long time ago. My body learned though. Then, when I prepare to sleep directly under it, these things appears in my head always. In order to fix that, I don't sleep underneath it. Took me almost a decade before finally deciding to get rid of the damn thing.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by polit

Yeah sure you are are aware of your surroundings while OBE or lucid.. when lucid you direct the dream more or less go where you want.. like you went to the moon. I had an OOBE when I was 3 I went flying up through the air over houses on the way to hospital.. I had split my head open right between the eyes. Saw myself getting stitched up while I stood on the edge of ..well... eerie quiet blackness.

Im no expert on OOBE techniques but Cheyracingchick has left you a link there check it out. I could find methods and tips easy on google or youtube.

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