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Survivalists, Militias & Separatists: (1)

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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 12:15 PM
Survivalists, Militias & Separatists:

Having been involved in the survivalist movement for well over three decades, it seems there have been some very well defined “lines in the sand” drawn. Lines denoting distinct sub-cultures within the movement itself. Almost it seems, as a certain distraction from the original aims and objectives of those people that catapulted the movement into mainstream spotlight, spawning a plethora of movies, books, and magazine articles, not to mention all the negative media attention that quickly spread across the movement, in the wake of several small inconsequential incidents, who’s actions ripped the movement apart at its very seams.

Being a resident of the Cold War Era, and having been horrified to hear all the “Doom & Gloom” prophesies flowing out of various churches, government propaganda centers, the a vast army of writers; all of whom were advising us to build basement bomb shelters, stockpile anti-radiation pills, gas masks, and plenty of guns and ammo to stave off the impending hordes of Soviet para-troops due to arrive at America’s shores tomorrow.

Gun shows got their humble beginnings during those days, as did several well known magazines, and writers. Many of the most popular “surplus and preparedness” outlets began advertising their wares, some of whom still dominate the scene, even today.

Most people gave little concern to the movement at its inception. It was mainly comprised of a scattering of ex-military vets horrified at the thought of a nuclear exchange between three global super powers; The USA, The Chinese, and of course, The Russian Bear.

These people quietly went about their everyday lives, their jobs, and lived within their communities, just like the rest of mainstream America. But, their basements contained fallout shelters, and stockpiles of various supplies. Their focus was chiefly in protecting their families, insuring the continuity of their community, and perhaps, hitting back at the foreign invaders with small guerilla style actions.

“The Survivalist” a series of fictional books written by Jerry Ahern hit the market. It sold twenty million copies, and through its readership, helped to change the very nature of survival community, and quite possibly, created some of the problematic issues that we experience today.

The movements humble quiet beginnings were soon changed when national magazines such as The Survival Times, Soldier of Fortune, just to name a couple, began shifting their illustrious focus from pure survival preparedness, to articles of a para-military nature.

Glossy front page pictures of camouflaged clothed-heavily armed “survivalist” soon hit the market. Articles on building booby traps, planting explosives, as well as ambush and counter-ambush techniques quickly dominated the pages of these magazines.

Soon thereafter, several smaller home-spun magazines, many of whom no longer exists, entered the arena with their versions of what survival meant. In essence, a gradual division was spawned, as the para-military groups and pure survivalist pulled away from each other.

The national media helped to inflame this already growing concern. They sent reporters to infiltrate various “survival groups”, as did various government agencies. Soon the press flooded the country with picture-proof articles depicting survivalist as some fringe lunatic groups bent on waging a savage guerilla war against their neighbors. –And they were right.

A series of articles that shot throughout the world came when a “reporter” managed to infiltrate a religious sect in Idaho being run by a woman name Claire. (The Truth, The Light, The Way) The group purchased several hundred acres of raw land, and soon constructed underground shelters, runways, as well as a series of fortified bunkers. The membership of that particular group clothed themselves in camouflage uniforms, complete with uniform patches, ranks, and organized themselves into infantry squads. Further articles highlighted various training exercises that the group conducted at their private retreat, showed men, women, and children living in neat military style barracks and cabins.

The Government stepped in when the citizen of this particular county were outraged to find unexploded anti-tank ordnance strew among the banks of the various rivers and streams. Farmer and ranchers, as well the group’s immediate neighbors, started complaining to local law enforcement about the full-auto weapons discharges that echoed throughout the hills, as well as a series of explosions, likely initiated by home-made grenades during training exercises.

It wasn’t long before detailed reports started flowing out of the region. Reports of the “cult” that sent it’s “ministers” across the globe throwing thousands of dollars down for military grade weapons and ammunition. RPG’s, grenades, C-4, Claymore mines, millions of rounds of armor-piercing ammo, as well as various heavy caliber munitions flowed into the groups’ storage center.

It was the turning point in the survival movement. Heavily armed Federal agents stormed into the compound, seizing the leadership, and quickly disarmed the group. Helicopter flew overhead, and local law enforcement officers stood nervously on the sidelines, anticipating a fierce gun battle to erupt. Fortunately, the raid was conducted without incident, and the government released videos and pictures of the amassed weapons and munitions stockpile.

Soon thereafter, survivalists were labeled as “whacko’s” and “nut cases” by the press who did little to understand it, and later helped to define “survivalist” as being nothing less than home grown terrorist.
The division was already complete at that point.

“Pure Survivalist”, the original founders of the movement went underground. They shed the para-military personification, and moved out into the wilds of Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. They in fact, started the Off-Grid movement that exists today. Cabins sprung up almost overnight, complete with small hydroelectric plants, wind generators, and a variety of home-made devices to bring a certain level of comfort to their lives.

Mother Earth News, Backwoods Magazine, as well as a few other publications jumped onto the new bandwagon. It spawned millions of “How-To” articles ranging from poultry raising, to making soap. Everything that embodied the new survival movement, aptly called “Self Reliance Movement”- One in the same.

The Para-Military groups quickly vanished, some it seems, almost overnight. Like their brothers and sisters, the “Pure Survivalist” some of these groups established base camps in those same regions. They secretly continued their original concept, and actually remained out of the spotlight for several years.

A flood flowed soon thereafter. The tides quickly changed when certain racist hate groups started operating “secret armies”, conducting live fire training in the hills of Southern Appalachia. Various shortwave frequencies were dominated by the sounds of propaganda flowing from within these groups. Rebellious undertones, hate filled anti-government propaganda, as well as religious beliefs came into play, all directing their anger and general discontent towards the government’s intervention years earlier. The hate group’s membership swelled.

Many of the new members having been part of the original para-military scene years before. They came to these groups with an axe to grind. Bringing with them, a smattering of the original survival concept.
Gun shows, were not complete without these groups having a “membership” drive. Of course the hate banners never came out, except in a few instances. The new symbol having been replaced by the Confederate “stars and bars”. It wasn’t uncommon to walk up to a display table, and purchases guns, as well as military gear and ammo from vendors sympathetic to these group’s causes, or openly announcing their membership, even offering discounts if memberships cards were produced, or secret passwords given.

Member’s started wearing cammies to the gun shows. The New Survivalist had emerged onto the scene. But this time, there emerged a very well defined leadership and a centralized theme to everything. –“Stop the Governments interference in our God given rights!” This quickly became the rallying cry far and wide, even though at the fundamental level, the basic premise was still the same; Hate! Pure and simple hate at the most intrinsic level.

It made no difference to anyone that Christian beliefs, as well as various biblical reference were subjugated to fill in the void of the hatred that flowed across America. Anyone countering these hate filled religious undertones, were quickly branded as traitors and shepple, a class of people that should be gassed, shot, hung, and eliminated from the face of the earth by the “True People Of God” himself. This helped to create the Christian Identity Movement” as some of these group’s members came from the original “The Truth, The Light, The Way” cult in Northern Idaho years before. One can see evidence of this, in the symbols used by the Christian Identity is “exactly” the same as “The Truth, The Light, The Way”.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by AlaskaFranke

Prophetic preachers; all preaching The End Times, complete with their own church, and shortwave transmitters delivered their messages 24 hours around the clock. Videos, books. Newsletters flooded the market. Millions of people formerly unsympathetic to hate group propaganda gave these groups a second look. But, hidden behind all of the false religious beliefs, was still the elemental hate present since 1870 with the emergence of the Klan. Only this time, they used different names, different tactics, appealing to the survival movement as saviors and protectors to the impending intrusive government bent on creating a New World Order, and conquering, like some Napoleonic Army, the very will and lives of ordinary people. This came at a time when unemployment was at its highest, when gas prices spiraled out of control, and manufacturing plants sat idle due to cheap imported Asian products. For many members, especially the new ones, this was a means to lash out in anger against something, anything at all. Frustration with the economy was high, welfare was considered the norm, and it created further division within an already decimated movement.

Today, we see examples of this everywhere. Some of the Conspiracy Theorist whose diatribe we read on various websites across the country, constitute the same moral issues, and belief system, only their propaganda has changed somewhat, albeit any reference of a racial slur. But, if one looks closely, words such a neo-con, Zionist, Jews, illuminati, and other catch phrases still pop out from time to time, indicative of the centralize core that still remains today.

No matter what type of propaganda flows outwards, no matter what the central issue is; the simple fact “remains” that all of this originated, and continues to fester, from within the core elements that hate America, from within. At a time when America, its people, and critical infrastructure are at its most weakest point in history. A time when rugged individualism should be replaced with compassion and empathy for those caught up in the whirlwind of events that we find ourselves involved within.

No longer should we allow these 130 year old traditions of hate to embody a movement whose origins were pure of heart. We should stand up against the very core of these “America Hating Conspiracy Theorist” that seek to create a climate of hate and distrust through their cynical and malignant propaganda dissemination.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 02:07 PM
What does the term “Militia” actually represent to the individual?
In essence, it represents a group of people that train, equip, and prepared themselves for protective purposes, against whatever they perceive as being a threat to their way of life…

There used to be militia chapters in nearly every state, and I’m guess that they still exists, but choose to remain out of public eye, and government scrutiny. That is the nature of the beast, aptly so…

Since the media and government have labeled the militias as a domestic terrorist group, many quickly and quietly disappeared from site. That isn’t to say that they just packed up, and went home; instead they operate without attracting any attention, and strive to remain under the radar. But they do, still exists out there.

I am 100% for having a militia. I mean 100%, period. It’s something that I believe at the very core of my own belief system. Does that make me traitorous, or a rebel, or the type of guy bent on overthrowing or forcing capitulation of our form of government. Hell No! On the contrary, my type of militia is vastly different from what the media claims it is. It is a militia (so far, comprised of just me) that stand side by side, and willingly will take point, with the forces that protect and serve this country. (period-emphasis added!)

What it does not represent to me, is massing together in order to formulate programs and schemes to wage war against America, and what I perceive to be wrong with it.

It doesn’t dictate that I blindly follow some beat-up worn –out old warrior with self-illusions of grandeur, leading some angry army/mob against HIS perceived injustices, against a form of government that the rest of society lives under.

It also doesn’t represent a gathering of people, armed to the teeth, and ready to start ambushing federal convoys, steal automatic weapons, and explosives, so that I can wage a guerilla action against elected leaders and government officials. That would put me in the same class as those whackos beheading each other in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So, (in case you ask) what does a Militia actually mean to me:
It means that I am fully prepared to come to the aid of my neighbors, my community, and the people that need my help, assistance, or protection, during events that may, or may not unfold in my lifetime.

It means that I will resists, with everything I have inside of me, the establishment of silly laws, brought about by petty self-serving politicians, that become aroused and horny at the first sign of power; seeking to increase their power base, and self-serving apparatus through petty regulations, policies, and insane covenants imposed on me, my neighbors, and my community.

How will I accomplish this, to any means?
By stepping up to the plate and allowing my voice to be heard across the chamber.
By Not being silent when such policies are force fed to me.
By sending a clear message through whatever media and outlets are available to me, of these perceived injustices.
By preparing my family, my friends, and those that would listen, to what I “personally’ feel are threatening to myself, my family, my neighbors, and my community.

Preparations being defined as:
Situational Awareness at first, at the Local level, secondly the Nation level, and finally, The Global Level. This is how my world works. Always has, always will.

It means that I vote.
It means that I get active in my community.
It means that I stand center stage and voice my opinions to those that listen.
It means that I am not afraid of being sent to prison for having a voice.
It dictates that I give a damned what happens across the street, as well as across the state.
It means that I care about the elderly cooped up in the nursing home,
And it definitely means that I stand against the forces that would attempt to subvert my thinking, way of life, or crush my will and voice, due to their own twisted sense of greed and quest for power.

I also creeds that I do not blindly follow somebody else’s way of thinking, or become involved within hate filled causes, for causes of somebody’s else ‘s own making. Such as what I see and hear from fringe groups hovering around the edges of society.

The people that preach a Utopian Society, where all is peaceful, and everything is good, are deluding themselves, and trying to sway my thinking, with their way of thinking. They would have me believe that I should take up arms against the government, fight my neighbors son that is serving in the Marine’s, and hang from the nearest lamp pole, those who do not espouse these views whole heartedly. This is utopia? For Whom I ask. It certainly doesn’t sound like Utopia to me, as a matter of fact, it sounds more like The People’s Temple in Georgetown Guyana during the late 1980, when The Reverend “I use that term loosely” Jim Jones was claiming to have established utopia to his, 1330 followers. All but a few hundred are dead and buried today.

I’m also reminded of the speech that Adolf Hitler made to the German people, that if they blindly followed him into war, he’d” make sure that there was a chicken in every pot, and a Volkswagen in every garage”. That didn’t turn out quite like he planned, since his version of utopia was to eliminate all Jewish people, create the Master Aryan Race, and establish himself as the next Messiah to rule to globe. It took eight million Jewish deaths , before another Utopia was flushed down the #ter.

Then I hear, or read, some of the “Utopian Theories” from various websites, (even on ATS) and again, their versions of Utopia has them sitting in the throne, making all the decisions, and keeping the little worker bees, (that would be me) busy with jobs like insuring that any contradictions, verbalizations, or critiques of a critical nature against their Utopia, would be dealt with as traitorous filth, worthy of nothing less than a painful death by extreme prejudice . Right—That’s Utopia for sure.

That, my friend, is what I stand against THE MOST. The foulness of their breath, the malignant words of discontent by lunatics that see themselves as leaders and messiahs, of a society constructed to serve them, glorify their benevolence, and bend a knee in their presence. Yeah-Right!

Will I (A militia Of Self) take up arms against these nocturnal creatures that would execute me, mine, and those around me. You Betchya I would…willingly! Without provocation or debate. You see, these are the Utopians that we have watched rise in places like Russia, North Korea, China, Chechnya, Georgia (The Country), Afghanistan, Palestine, and various hotspots across the globe. These are the Utopia’s that they have built for themselves in those places. I need not remind you how THAT is like.

What alarms me, is the fact that these Utopian’s seem to hold some sway over the disillusioned, the angry people caught up in difficult economic times. They listen to this propaganda, pause, and claim these utopian values for themselves. Echoing, almost verbatim, the same foul words; Jew, Nigger, Spick, Zionist, and other such diatribes. Nothing that they say, is an original thought of their own making, their just verbalizing The Master Race’s programming already deeply ingrained into their physic, and don’t even realize it. They say that zombies don’t really exists, but I would beg to differ; ever really listen to one of these Utopian Zombies…mumble, mumble., mumble.. The same trash in, the same trash out… Never any exception.

If you’re going to stand “for” something, than stand for justice. If you’re going to stand “against” something, then stand against this brand of Utopia. Even to the point of bringing violence to these, for violence is all that they understand, or respect.
Speak to them first, humble them when possible, humiliate them when necessary, and destroy them, completely…

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 07:18 PM
Nice rant! I think you're spot on about most of your asessments. Since I teach survival skills someone recently asked me if I was a "survivalist". I told them no, I just like camping and guns.

I hate being pegged as "an" anything. I am free person and reserve the right to change who I am at my own discretion!

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 08:05 PM

Soldier of Fortune, just to name a couple, began shifting their illustrious focus from pure survival preparedness, to articles of a para-military nature.

Soldier of Fortune magazine was never a survival magazine it has always been a Guns, Gear,& para-military magazine with a few survival articles.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 08:59 PM

Originally posted by AlaskaFranke
I’m also reminded of the speech that Adolf Hitler made to the German people, that if they blindly followed him into war, he’d” make sure that there was a chicken in every pot, and a Volkswagen in every garage”.

The above statement is incorrect.
You should double check your quotes.

Also you should separate your ideas of what you think may have been implicated from what you actually promote as consisting of part of the alleged speech.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 09:04 PM
wow.... very well written.... I suppose i fall into a bunch of different types... I am indeed a full blown survivalist..and have been near to 30 plus years now and i am a full and active member in a local militia unit here in my state....

I never really cared much for SOF mag... seemed to me that it created all to many arm chair warriors and wanna be's..

I like the article ...and it was very good and to the point.....

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 08:46 PM
The militia as familiar and known to our Founding Fathers consisted of every able-bodied, adult male. Now due to equal rights for women, they too, are the militia.

Not someone who joined a labeled group.

This confusion leads many to misunderstand who the militia really is, and why it is so important for the Second Amendment.

Even the greatest wuss you know who's adult and male is a member of the militia.

It WAS considered an obligation and responsibility in years prior.

NOW it's considered by MSM to be a bunch of soldier wannabes and sons of anarchy.

The militia is all of us who are adults.

[edit on 13-10-2009 by dooper]

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 11:41 PM

Originally posted by ANNED

Soldier of Fortune, just to name a couple, began shifting their illustrious focus from pure survival preparedness, to articles of a para-military nature.

Soldier of Fortune magazine was never a survival magazine it has always been a Guns, Gear,& para-military magazine with a few survival articles.

Absolutely correct. For a short period in the 80's, during the height of the survivalist fad, the publishers of Soldier of Fortune, Omega Group, DID have a spinoff magazine geared toward survivalists called "Survive!", but Soldier of Fortune started out as a Paramilitary magazine geared towards veterans of various foreign conflicts, most notably Rhodesia at the time.

Y'all call 'em "mercenaries" nowadays, as if it were a dirty word.

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