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dream about russia invading U.S

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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 11:20 AM
I seen a dream today.. It was a very strange dream that I'd like to share here just because it was so strange.

Alright I worked in some kind of an underground nuclear base somewhere in USA and although I'm not American i was working there. And then there in this nuclear base was some programs that people worked with some of them were; teleportation, creating fuel with nuclear power and some other electric stuff i don't even know and can't explain but it was like Nicola Tesla experiments.. Don't remember the name of the company.

And then there were a lot of people there and I was one of them who worked on some kind of a generator that utilized nuclear power from some kind of batteries and i think this was some kind of a super weapon we were developing there!

However, something went very wrong when we would test the machine/weapon and it opened a portal to our base and Russians teleported into this base, it was like one million Russian soldiers who swarmed the base and i remember we tried to prevent them to get into the base but we lost and they destroyed this weapon or something and then i saw a timer like you see the one on a bomb tick down.. just a vision and i heard voices who said: we can't stop this, it's too late !! and it was like a Chernobyl blowout because they did something with the machine/weapon.. and i remember also someone screamed: where do they come from? we are attacked by Russians..

and then the worst part: this timer went off and this machine exploded and the whole earth exploded like a balloon when you pop it off..

and i woke up from the nightmare.. i know dreams does not mean much but sometimes they can contain part that may come true in real life because i know it happened before to me..


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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 11:46 AM
Eat something spicy last night?

That's crazy but I doubt the Russians would blow themselves up to.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 02:56 PM
I have a few of these dreams.

I was a big believer in certain prophecies about Russia becoming a war-mongering nation.

My night dreams latter reflected those conscious beliefs. If I believed in false prophets the following dreams are likely of no significance, as it would then be more a matter of what one fears or believes or obsess' over that manifest in ones dreams.

In one of my dreams, the Russian military invades CANADA and I'm forced to flee through the city as the Russian aircraft is attacking and carpet bombarding the city I live in. I witness buildings being hit by the aircraft and hoards of people running away on foot.

In over 10 years I've had numerous dreams in which "Bad" Vlad Zhirinovsky becomes or is the President of Russia. He would become a modern day equivalent of Hitler. (wikipedia "Zhirinovsky" =>

One of the dreams: it's voting day in the Russian Presidential elections. Vladimir Zhirinovsky himself does not even believe he can win the elections. The results are announced showing he won, Zhirinovsky is as shocked as anyone at his own win. In another dream: it's a few months before the elections in which Zhirinovsky makes some kind of significant strategic decision which I had the feeling/understanding was the pivotal decision that would result in his win. Another dream: I am hanging out with Zhirinovsky after he had won the elections and I actually find myself liking the guy, until he and his company kill a black lady in front of me and take pleasure in it. I than realize in the dream that he is truly a sadistic individual. As they notice my newfound disgust towards them they turn against me and decide that I should be killed as well. I run.(I believe that was the first of these types of dreams I had) Another one: Again it's election day, My grandmother's 70+ year-old German(?) boyfriend goes to the polls and votes for Zhirinovsky, latter the results are in and Zhirinovsky is announced the winner of the elections. Another dream: I'm in Canada and there is an Eastern border that crosses directly into a Russian zone. There is Russian security at the border. I went back and forth over the border a few times. It's election day in Russia(AGAIN!), I'm anticipating a win for Zhirinovsky and I'm trying to get new information about the election because I want to know in advance the facts(I must have been partly aware that I was dreaming as it was as if I was trying to extract knowledge about the future election for my awakened present state). I remember walking around talking to some Russian teenagers on the Canadian side of the border asking questions about Zhirinovsky trying to find out if he was winning in the count so far and if the teenagers expected him to win. Don't remember the answers they gave me. By the end of the dream I found out that Zhirinovsky won the elections. I walk over to the Russian side of the border where he is shaking hands with people. I go over to the Russian side, I even asked him a question I believe, but I don't remember the question or the answer. He than gave a victory speech which I no longer remember what was said.
Another dream: I'm on a yellow bus, my cousin walk's by, an old friend's trying to bully me, there are Russian soldiers standing around with guns and I knew in the dream that the Russian military had taken control of Canada.

That's all I remember right now, but I probably had a few more dreams on this subject.

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