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Is this the theory people share about the NWO ??

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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 04:59 AM
Heres the just of it, the dollar will fail, we will have an economic collapse worse than the great depression, there will be "terrorist" attacks or natural disasters and all this will send everyone into a panic and we will need their a solution their solution. Now most Americans, dumbed down ignorant and just fet up with living pay check to pay check will buy into this because they are being tricked and we will have a one world government, currency etc etc. I’m new to all this so help me out a little.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 05:45 AM
In a nut shell.... yes...

that's a good starting point. you now know 1/9000000000000000st of the complete picture

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 06:32 AM
Central to an understanding of the NWO is knowledge that everything you see around you is an illusion - everything you think you know, forget it.

The NWO have been in control for a long time - originally established in Europe, it is either mainly Jewish, or completely Jewish. Calling it a Jewish or Zionist conspiracy on the other hand is simply a stupid way to undermine the entire story. Regardless of whether there is truth in it or not, it is basically a side issue - but one that invites cries of anti-semitism that will ultimately obscure the underlying evidence - so as a warning - don't go there.

The original bastion of power appears to be the Bank of England - which was franchised into the US as the Federal Reserve. Along with these institutions, an integrated central banking system was established, after WWII the Bank of International Settlements was set up to loot money from Germany - called reparations - they also created the nation of Israel to act as both a financial hub, and also to manage control of the middle easts oil. They had conqured and looted China through the opium wars - and stolen most of her silver and gold - reducing the Chinese to poverty and serfdom.

They continue to benefit from drug trading and trafficking in Afganistan (one of the reasons for the troops there is to safeguard the opium trade) and South America. They employ the CIA and other intelligence agencies to oversee the operations.

They supress useful drugs such as cheap cancer treatments, and proliferate dangerous drugs and additives to cause nervous system damage and other illness - to subdue populations, keeping them sick and in debt.

They have profited and caused WWI, WWII and most of the other conflicts that people attribute to any number of causes - we think the common men are evil and stupid for creating these wars? Well - think again - we were manipulated into them.

The powers infiltrated or installed their regime in all the western democracies - Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, South Africa and many more.

The six main branches of control are;

Financial - effected by the central banking systems and also the IMF and World Bank. They use these institutions to control and enslave developing and thrird world countries - forcing them to accept onerous conditions in return for being able to trade internationally - these loans are simply extortion, with many countries not even being able to pay the interest. Aid packages from countries like the US are another tool of enslavement - so if you see "US gives Aid to XXX country" dont think its a generous helping hand - it is enslavement.

Intelligence - the intelligence agencies of the free world including CIA, MI5/6, Mossad etc serve the NWO directly. They use these agencies to forment instability within regoins they dont control, so they can install governments they chose who will follow their agenda.

Media - they control public opinion by control of the mass media, newspaper and television - but also movies. They are able to create support for war through use of bias, lies and false flag attacks or actions. They create resentment within the populations against those who they consider enemies to themselves. This paves the way for military or political sanction.

Military - they directly control the western forces. The US military is of course the largest and most useful - but any country in the EU can be co-opted - as well as Australian, UK, Canadian etc troops - and even places like Turkey.

Political - they control the western governments directly through bribery, threat, intrigue and assassination. The also have lobbyists and other methods of less direct control.

Legal - laws are mainly devised and created by the globalists. Legalese is actually a completely different language to English - and was created so that common people could not fully understand nor use the law to their advantage. Law is probably one of their most insidious methods of control - because everyone seems to assume that complex laws are necessary - which they are not. The law could be entirely replaced with - "Do no harm, and cause no loss." It would then be simply a matter of determining harm or loss, the agents involved and the value of it.

They draw their wealth from multi-national corporations - and especially control and sale of oil. The wealth is purely used for purposes of control.

They own private armies, and bases - Area51 is very likely nothing to do with the US govt for example - and there are bases possibly in Greenland and Antarctica to name two locations that have some evidence of their presence. There is evidence that they have electromagnetic propulsion systems - and have established a base on the moon - this is one of the more far fetched and difficult to assimilate theories - there is evidence that it is so, but I mention it merely as possible to stretch your mind to the implications of the sheer magnitude of the possibilities.

They control and manipulate science - especially any viable alternative to oil for energy is automatically suppressed, with murder and extortion commonly used - Tesla is worth mentioning, also Howard Hughes who conflicted with a plan to monopolize air travel. They established economics professors in universities, and promoted their central banking and fiat system. They also control peer review in science - and anything regarding electromagnetic engineering becomes classified.

Their agencies include the WHO, UN, NATO, IMF, World Bank and so on and so forth.

It appears the plan is to create a global dictatorship and rule as invisible kings - which they have frankly been doing anyway.

Countries not entirely under control of the NWO - not many - mostly third world or developing. India and Russia are somewhat under their control - but they also have powerful opposing factions inside those countries who may push to war if the stresses are too high.

The following countries are opposing the NWO - North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil and a handful of others who might be worth a grain of salt.

Corporations are key to their success and plan - and they are well protected by law. Corps are legally identified as 'persons' which means they have the same rights as a person, however they have no legal body to be prosectued - so they are a and vile synthetic construction that knows no moral boundaries.

They have created western society to be dependent on central systems - specifically banking, water, electricity and food production and distribution. While people are dependent on these systems for survival they maintain total control.

The plan seems to be to crash the global economy - I dont think that the non NWO countries suffered as much as they had hoped, and they are quite vulnerable now - they are suffering by moves away from the USD for oil.

Still the plan continues - they have usurped the EU completely - and the US. They will press for a global currency issued by the IMF - which they control.

Sovereignty, local systems and human freedom are simply barriers to their further control.

They wish to own all real estate, and all natural resources - including water, all kinds of grown food - human genetic code - everything.

they are evil monsters - who do not appear to act in a human fashion - it is possible that they are not human at all - it is a possibility I have considered, again - a very fringe idea - but the violence and sheer bloodymindedness appalls me - and makes me wish they are not human.

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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 06:58 AM
Amagnon has a very good general outline of what is going on.

I posted a more specific example showing what how food production is targeted for take over in the USA at ATS (the title was just to generate interest since food is a YAWN)

A very good US history is also available at History, Haccp and food safety Con Job

A brief international history is available at Yupfarming

A decent read about the Federal reserve is The Creature from Jekyll Island or just google "Creature from Jekyll Island" for the video links

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man gives a glimpse into the inner workings of the Central Bankers and Structural Adjustment Programs

Mr. Budhoo's Bombshell Budhoo was the first person to break the IMF's code of silence regarding internal affairs by exposing extensive statistical fraud

Reading the above will give you a pretty good picture of what is going on without resorting to "Conspiracy theories"

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 07:08 AM
reply to post by Amagnon

they are evil monsters - who do not appear to act in a human fashion - it is possible that they are not human at all - it is a possibility I have considered, again - a very fringe idea - but the violence and sheer bloodymindedness appalls me - and makes me wish they are not human.

They are evil monsters. I have a brother, president of a corporation and extremely brilliant. He is also truly evil with no human feelings what so ever. I have run into at least two others like him. human, brilliant, without an feelings of right or wrong or human compassion. They can rise very far because of their brillance and because they have learned to disguise their evil behind a veneer of charm.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 07:49 PM
What Amagnon said,

Some people maintain I have too see something for it to be true, they're foolish, take the red pill. Think of the everyday world as a magic act, it's all misdirection. We hear what they want us to hear, we see what they want us to see.

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