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naked man on motorized barstool with flames coming out his ass

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posted on Feb, 18 2003 @ 05:40 PM

Must be one of Alien's friends...
It must have been quite a sight - a near-naked man careering down a road on a motorised barstool, with his backside on fire.

The New Year stunt landed the contraption's owner, John Sullivan, in trouble with police and last week saw him sentenced to 200 hours' community work.

Sullivan confessed to having "had a few" and said he shouldn't have been on the road on the motorised barstool, which he claimed could reach 80km/h.

The flames come courtesy of one of Mr Sullivan's party tricks, which involves a piece of rolled-up newspaper, a cigarette lighter and ... needless to say, it all backfired.

His Tauranga neighbours didn't see the funny side and called the police.

Sullivan was upset taxpayers' money was spent prosecuting him, but conceded that driving a vehicle with no warrant and no registration was probably pushing the law a bit far.

"One cop wasn't too happy but the other two were laughing their heads off," Sullivan said.


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