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Discord and Staring into a Pool - Necessary Drivel

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 09:18 PM
Creation, potential, unblemished, fair
all ten toes, on your head, mom's hair
father's eyes and an empty slate
piece of heaven takes physical state

narcissistic, selfish child
reflection alluring, beautiful, mild

precocious, playful, imaginative child
trust, love and hope defiled

cowering, lonely, distant child
wolrd's weight on tiny shoulders piled

Sociopathic angry child
betrayed, enslaved by your own mind gone wild

lying and hiding, avoiding the wrath
each step trudging a darkening path
I see you need help, but I'm going to bed
left to sort it all out in your head

unrealistic, immature kid
beaming with pride, one good thing you did

overly simplistic, dolt of a kid
not knowing the hatred a hero's face hid

daydreaming, worthless, lazy kid
alive but in hell, and further you slid

no business here, you ought to get help
you ease up a bit when I let out a yelp
not too loud because then it gets worse
your father checked out, succomed to the curse

Sullen, withdrawn, emotional boy
estranged from the things you used to enjoy

drowning, grasping, choking boy
not much remains or is left to destroy

facial expressions honed to lie
wanting those you loved to die
striking out but only inside
vengeance soaked weakness the place where you hide

Personable, friendly, productive young man
exist in these moments as long as you can

Hit the ground running, no looking back
hard on yourself and cut them no slack
misery shared in uneven dimensions
peace bought with lashes despite the intentions

Given to change from pain that you felt
selected, perhaps, the hand you were dealt
rubber stamped words, and crammed in a box
strangers with tools for picking the locks

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by KSPigpen

Man I take this one seriously KSPigpen. You have struck a note here. A warning sign maybe? This reminds me of someone very dear in my life. Thank you my friend.


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