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ThinkTanks needs your input. USA 2 loose a war it hasn't faught

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 06:11 PM
Yea, I laughed when I heard it brought up, but after hearing about 5 mins worth of other things that makes no sense, and basically that is why I come here.. you guys usually know... or at least have valuable input -

Ok, lets suppose the FRB was chartered to bring America down in approx. 100 yrs. from a Free Republic to a people without property, and without freedom as Thomas Jefferson wrote about attempting to warn modern America.
now lets think back to WWII, Japan Unconditionally Surrendered after we vaporized two of their cities... is that a conclusion you should take if we were Nuked by a Foe... 2 nukes and we surrender... America Surrender... its hard to think about... but it fits, every thing you can point at makes Wdc look criminal at best... Why...? ... to provoke... Washington is provoking constantly... it puts its nose in everybodies business and it cant take care of business here at home...?
911 - Obviously doesnt take a half wit to notice it's a Inside Job... and the COG, Concentration Camps, Food, Fuel ... you name it .... it all involves Govt... they are central to our lives and they shouldnt be. now where do we go from here...
this Govt is toast its just a matter of time... and they realize this.... and they remain on a war footing because ... why...? well you can always loose a war... and you loose your constitution just like Japan did...


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