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The Web of Secret Society Conspiracies

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 02:41 PM
Why must we attribute all the woes of civilization upon an invisible TPTB or on Secret Societies?

Since time memorial mankind has done this. The ancient peoples blamed the Fates or facile gods and goddesses. Then we would blame a divine antagonist in the form of the Devil. Then we would blame groups of people who had a different culture or race. Then, we started believing them to be far more organized, blaming specific fraternal groups. Now, we are beginning to move towards blaming an invisible omnipresent guiding hand in everything that goes amiss in the world.

Why is it so difficult to recognize that no one person, family, group, or race, guides the destiny of the world, or holds it in their hands?

Why must we rationalize that someone must play the roll of Puppeteer behind the scenes when it is clear looking at the fiasco and folly of World Governments that no one controls them, and never could.

Of course, that doesn't stop any family, group, or race from trying.

We used to attribute the woes of a civilization on Tyrants, who did justly deserve such, even if they weren't entirely to blame. However, now many of us realize that the lifespan of any Dictator or Tyrant is limited and that they could not mastermind a plan to control anything beyond their own lifetime.

Besides, to bring about change, especially in Democratic Republics, takes time...far more time than any Dictator or Tyrant has at their disposal.

I suppose that is why we evolved our Conspiracies to be of bloodlines, groups, and entire races. A part of our subconscious recognized that to bring about any certain amount of change in the world takes time, time that passes far too slow for one person to conceive, implement, and bring to fruition. So, we unconsciously recognize that to achieve these ends it would be multi-generational, spanning perhaps hundreds, if not thousands of years. Thus, we began suspecting any bloodline, group, or organization that had been around for a couple of centuries as being masterminds behind all that transpires in the world.

Ever play Tug of War? Well, that is pretty much what goes one between these families and groups, these Bloodlines and Secret Societies with everyone else. They pull on the strings and another group, say Corporations or Lobbyists, pull in the other direction...and they go back and forth.

Let's extrapolate that a step further since there are literally hundreds of different groups with differing agendas and equate it to a Web. Have you ever looked at a large Spider Web tethered to different branches with hundreds of gossamer strings? When one branch is tugged, the others tug in the opposite direction and the whole of the web remains intact, unaffected by any tether pulling it towards any one direction.

So is the world unaffected when any one family or group or race were to attempt to pull the strings? No, it does not. Like the web, it will sway a little back and forth, but remains firmly anchored betwixt numerous tethers linking to numerous Bloodlines, Groups, Organizations, Corporations, Special Interests, Lobbyists, Governments, Nations, and Races, each with their own agendas, each as ineffectual in their lust for power or control than the next.

Those who seek power or control over anything in Life will only find the illusion of power or control. No one is exempt from this.

None of this is to say that there aren't Bloodlines or Groups or Organizations that aren't attempting to implement their agenda, or to seek power or control over the Masses of the World. However, we give them far more credit than they deserve and fear when fear is not necessary.

Let these Bloodlines, Groups or Organizations chase after their Great White Whale like Captain Ahab, pursuing World Power, Control and Domination if that is what they seek. They will not achieve their goal, and will meet the same fate as Ahab. Their desire for something they can never have will be their own undoing.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 03:48 PM
Star and flag for you, friend.

This is indeed what we all need to recognize. Yes there ARE powers at play here but they certainly cannot be blamed for everything, just as we, as bystanders, cannot be blamed for just sitting here watching them destroy the very Earth we stand on! TPTB are not as powerful as they'd like us to think they are, and united, we here alone at ATS are FAR more powerful than they are. The only leverage they have against us is economic, and if we ever hit the point of excrement flying towards the nearest air conditioning system we could easily outsmart, outnumber and outman the greedy politicians.... but by that time all that would be useless anyway...

I believe 'they' whoever 'they' really is wants us to think in the way that we do now. It's almost like we're giving them mythical powers over OUR land and OUR rights. We are really doing this to ourselves, and it's not in the least any of their doing. The more we believe in this crazy 'illuminati', 'NWO', "the bildebergs' and what have you, the more mental leverage they have over us, and the more their slaves we become.

So.... I think you are very right.


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