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Secret Society 'Teams'

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 01:55 PM
Hi ATS team,

Just wanted to take everyone on a little journey, it will take place entirely within your mind and I hope you follow it to the fullest extents of your imaginations. The imagination is a powerful tool after all.

People on ATS often ask about sides etc. which secret societies are good or evil? I'll explore this with you very broadly at this point, this is better in that we can be liquid on the topic and not worry too much about off topic posts.

This is a story i know of which is circulated within various secret societies, it contains all the fun stuff, bloodlines, war and the epic struggle between good and evil

While I am inclined to believe in this as historical fact it would probably be easier to see as a process of imagination for anyone who hasn't heard it previously.

It was a time of war in Palestine, the knights templar waged a bloody battle against the saracens in order to claim control of the holy lands. Standing tall among the templar knights were 3 brothers whos names have long been lost into the bloodied sand there.
Together they were invincible, a brotherly trinity of power, defending each others lives with their own. When they stood together their battle cries were as lions roaring into action. Many an enemy was slain mercilessly before them as they waged the war of their god upon this land.

Eventually it was done and the last swords had been sheathed, the brothers were each given a holy relic to safeguard in gratitude of their bravery. However by this time a raging hole had been born between the brothers. One brother decided he could see no more war, and would follow the way of peace and light, the 2nd brother decided to continue as he was, but the 3rd brother retained his bloodlust and lust for power and dominance over all men...

In this manner the 1st and 3rd brothers came to clash as the eldest brother attempted to stop his young sibling from falling into darkness. The 2nd brother did all he could to keep them separated and stop either side from gaining enough power to extinguish the other, as he loved both of his brothers no matter how far they fell...

Because of the secretive wars being waged each of them had now formed their own group of followers, light to destroy dark, dark to consume light and the 2nd brother to be assaulted and to assault both sides in order to keep the bloodshed minimised between his family.

One day however things came to a head and the leading brother of each group convened and began combat...

Sadly when the brothers stood united they were invincible and yet divided they all fell from terrible wounds that day. Their remaining factions determined to enforce the covenant each of their masters had made them swear to.

To this day there are still 3 factions at war, for the purpose of this thread and to keep it simple we shall call them team 1 - light, team 2 - balance and team 3 - dark.

The story today is that Team3 is stronger than ever, having permeated Team2 on their quest for power.

Team2 are TPTB but have since begun to lust after money and power, they needed these things to control the warring factions but power breeds corruption, and corrupt they have become, but not to the psychotically dark extent of Team3 , but are still often in collusion

Team1 is all but dead, there are only a few candles left in the darkness as they haven't been able to stand against a far more organised enemy, especially because of the links between the two. They are also usually peaceful and despise war, only picking up their proverbial blades to stem the darkness and often getting massacred for their troubles...

Hope that gave you a mad read and dealt somewhat with how different societies are divided, I'm sure you'll find neat little boxes to place them into. I am looking forward to reading posts from the large dysfunctional family of truth seekers that is ATS!

Peace out!

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 02:26 PM
Nice story. Are you able to provide any literary or historical sources for this? It's new to me. Personally, it smacks of folklore rather than history, with the "brothers" as allegories for different ideologies or currents with the Templar organization. Having said that, without being able to read any other sources for this story, it's difficult to discuss meaningfully. Perhaps you could elaborate a bit as to where you've come across this tale.


posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by articulus

Hi Articulus,

It is far more towards being a folklore story, though i know people who believe this stuff to be the absolute truth. I definitely agree that the brothers make great allegories but again i have met people who claim to be descendants of the knights. This is why i think it's best used as an allegory to explain the perceived teams. For instance masons are not evil, as per occasionally popular belief, they seek knowledge and keep balance, as exemplified by their measuring tools.
I got this story from the oral traditions of someone i know who holds a particularly high position in a certain organisation, zero points for guessing which one!
I can't provide any proof other than that i heard this from someone who has this oral tradition running through their family and secret society.
That's why i said it would be an exercise in imagination. If you do belong to any group in particular let me know and i will ask them at some point if there are any books on it but i doubt it sorry.

It's a good fun story though =)


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