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Who Leaked Gen. McChrystal Afghanistan Assessment?

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 11:48 PM
Who leaked the confidential info and why has there been no rush to figure out who leaked it?

Somebody in the government did. Don't you feel that this leaked assessment gives hope to the enemy?

The frank and mostly gloomy assessment by U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal is still officially secret, but the Washington Post published an unclassified version Monday, which it says has only a few deletions requested by the government.

What government entity requested the deletions? The Pentagon did of course.

"Resources will not win this war, but under-resourcing could lose it," McChrystal wrote in a five-page Commander's Summary that was unveiled late Sunday by the Washington Post. His 66-page report, which was also made public by the Post in a partly classified version after appeals from Pentagon officials, was sent to Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Aug. 30 and is now under review at the White House.

The Pentagon doesn't believe it was the general or his staff. But they don't exclude themselves.

The Office of the Secretary of Defense does not believe that Afghanistan commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal or his staff was behind the leak of a classified assessment yesterday that outlined the general's call for more troops, according to the top Pentagon spokesman.

There is something fishy about this battle between Obama and the General and this assessment pretty much started the whole soap opera.

The disclosure of details in the assessment, reported Sunday night by The Washington Post, coincided with new skepticism expressed by President Obama about sending any more troops into Afghanistan until he was certain that the strategy was clear.

How many President's do you know would tolerate a comment like this from their General?

He told the Institute of International and Strategic Studies that the formula, which is favoured by Vice-President Joe Biden, would lead to "Chaos-istan".

When asked whether he would support it, he said: "The short answer is: No."

He went on to say: "Waiting does not prolong a favorable outcome. This effort will not remain winnable indefinitely, and nor will public support."

The remarks have been seen by some in the Obama administration as a barbed reference to the slow pace of debate within the White House. tan.html

Is the Pentagon batting for the General, does Obama see an opprtunity in this debate? Why hasn't the pentagon or Obama silenced this General?

Could this debate between Obama and the General be nothing more than a charade?

Mr. Obama faces a deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, growing opposition to the war at home from Democrats and a desire to put off any major troop decision while he still needs much political capital to pass major health care legislation in Congress.

Aides said it should take weeks, not months, to make a decision. “The president’s been very clear in our discussion that he’s open-minded and he’s not going to be swayed by political correctness one way or the other,” Gen. James L. Jones, the national security adviser, said in an interview.

That few weeks remark sounds familiar. Pelosi mentioned a few weeks on the same day this article came out.

Pelosi wants House to pass healthcare bill ‘within weeks’

One has to wonder why Obama is taking so much lip from this general, especially when Obama has the power to replace him in a New York Minute. And why is the Pentagon so slow to remind its own about the Chain of Command?

Either the Pentagon(Defense Industry) is trying to escalate the war or the Administration sees this as a great opportunity to distract people from the healthcare bill? Then again, maybe it was leaked to make Obama appear as impotent and incompetent as Commander In Chief?

IMO, this leak has an agenda. Just a matter of finding out whose agenda's is it.


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