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Defence secrets advice manual leaked

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 03:29 PM
Well this is getting strange now there seems to be a lot of leaks happening in England up to now this it the latest one why do you think there is so many.

In a breach of its own security the MoD was left embarrassed after its advice on keeping information out of the hands of Russian and Chinese spies, investigative journalists and “curious members of the public” was posted online.
The Defence Manual of Security describes methods of countering the threat from "subversive or terrorist organisations" and investigative journalists.
These are some of the other leaks that have happend.

It comes as the latest figures show almost 700 MoD laptops and 200 memory sticks have been lost or stolen in the past four years with the most recent containing personal details of 600,000 military recruits.

There must be a lot that do not like what is happening on the inside to be letting all this get out.
Sorry if its in the wrong place did not know were to put it.



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