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Obama and Acorn, Voter Fraud and embezzlement (oh my)

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 09:02 AM
I was just curious how ATS feels about something we hear everyday, namely Glen Beck and Fox News.

But we all know massive amounts of money were used by ACORN in the interest of Obama's Campaign. Now, it seems that some ACORN insiders are fessing up to embezzlement in the amount of $5 Million.

What does that say about our president?

If we can't trust an orginization with ties to the President with $5 million, then how are we supposed to trust the president and administration with $787+ billion plus alloted to bail out financial institutions and promote financial insolvency rather then putting the money where it belongs, with the tax payer?

Sometimes I wish this was a bad science fiction movie. Hardly believable and I want to turn it off.

"Current high-ranking members of ACORN have publicly acknowledged that embezzlement did in fact occur, but the exact amount of the embezzlement was unknown until it was recently acknowledged in a board of directors meeting on Oct. 17, 2008, by Bertha Lewis and Liz Wolf that an internal review had determined that the amount embezzled was $5 million, " the new subpoena says.
The subpoena says, "It is still unclear if some of the monies embezzled are from state, federal or private funds."
The subpoena requests documents from Citizens Consulting Inc., a financial arm of ACORN, and from various accounting and legal consultants in New Orleans. Investigators are trying to verify the issues raised in the subpoena.
"We're going to follow the evidence where it leads us and try to do the right thing," said David Caldwell, head of the attorney general's public corruption and special prosecutions divisions. "We are actively investigating the case, whatever the outcome might be. This is something we are devoting our full attention to."
Wade Rathke, who was in Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday, referred questions to ACORN officials. Lewis said she would comment further after she and ACORN attorneys had a chance to review the subpoena.
ACORN board member Vanessa Gueringer, chairwoman of the Lower 9th Ward Chapter, said she had not seen the subpoena but that the accusation about the larger embezzlement was untrue.
"I believe it is another lie, another witch hunt, " Gueringer said.

Last October?!?

oh my, what is going on with our country?


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