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I'm kind of a new member.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:55 AM
I say kind of because I've been lurking at ATS for years. Probably since a year or so after 9/11. At that time. I was a troubled young man. Lonesome and depressed. I was an intellectual trapped inside of an anti intellectual society. I asked questions I wanted answers to everything. To life, religion, love, government, race, everything you name it. I found a few answers on ATS. I left for no particular reason. I admit that it felt more comforting to stop reading and looking into the various world conspiracies that are the subject of debate here. Perhaps ignorance could be bliss. To this day I'm not convinced of everything that is said. But, I've learned that this is not what ATS is about. Its about asking the tough questions and looking for the tougher answers. I was perhaps too young to grasp that concept. Now that I a few years older and wiser I am ready once again to ask the tough questions about life in all aspects. I need a heavier dose of intellectualism. So much of society today (esp. the culture I was born into) is content with ignorance. They do not want answers, they do not want truth. They want gratification. I've come to find that the things in life that gratify me do not coincide with the status quo. I thirst for knowledge. I thirst for absolute truth. I may or may not find it here but from what I've seen. I'm sure as hell ain't gonna find it among the blissfully unaware masses.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 05:24 AM
First: Welcome aboard!

Second: I agree with you. No one wants to question anything, these days.

I've learned the hard way to question everything, pretty much. Things are seldom as they seem, and most people are apt to simply swallow whatever explanation they are given first. This applies to a lot of things in life, I'm discovering. When something doesn't sit right with you; question it. Ignorance may be bliss, but it's still ignorance.

As far as being an intellectual person; if society says being intelligent is bad...then to hell with society. If that's where we're headed, I'll want no part of it. The few of us with the capacity to love and learn can stick together while the rest of the planet goes to poo-poo.

And these days...I don't want any part of the majority of society. It's sad, but I do agree with you.

Keep searching for answers, my friend. If you dig deep enough, you may yet find what you're looking for.


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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 05:46 AM

Welcome!!!! TO!!! ATS!!!!!

Of course.....

Welcome lol.

Yep,you'll fit right in, especially since you've waited so long, glad you finally introduced yourself!

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