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GenLo's Personal Ghost Experiences

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:27 AM
These get more interesting as it goes along so thought I would post them to see if anyone has had similar instances of paranormal events or share your stories.

Living in Parachute, Colorado my father comes to visit. I am inside the house alone while my mom is outside. My dad arrives at the house and when I go out to great him the door is closed (appeared to be closed by the wind) and I am locked inside until my dad opens the door effortlessly. The door is a light aluminum door I believe and not very hard at all to open, I had lived in the modular home for at least a year so the front door wasn't something that would have been challenging for me to open. The door was not locked when it shut, and as hard as my younger frame tried to open, the door wouldn't budge, so I sat and waited, never hearing or seeing anything unusual.

I go to visit cousins in Utah and use their downstairs shower. While washing in the shower I began to feel a strong stinging pain in my eye. I was not using shampoo or soap at the time but the pain went away shortly and I figured it for just being something in the water or that some how it just really irritated my eye. Once I finished showering I was about to get out when I noticed fresh wet foot prints on the bathroom mat and floor! Still puzzled by what happened there even today I have nothing to chalk this up to accept something paranormal since I was the first person to use the shower that morning (it was sometime after 0600 since we had to leave early to get to our destination with good time).

Moving into a new house in the Redlands near Grand Junction, CO after moving objects out of the car the doors were slamming close on their own. No they aren't electric and no they don't close easily.

1998 or 1999
New place in Grand Junction, CO I am having a friend sleep over and during the middle of the night the chairs in the dining room are heard shuffling about as if being pushed in or moved. Both I and my friend hear this and tell my Mom. She insists its nothing and tells us to go back to sleep downstairs. My friend and I push in the chairs and go back into the living room and lay on our sleeping bags. No more than 10 minutes later we both hear the chairs move and look into the dining room to find the chairs in different pushed out positions and proceed to my Mother's room.

Helping a friend's older brother move out of an old apartment. The previous owner died in the apartment and I cannot remember the cause. After moving much of the furniture out the gang decides to go dump the stuff off at his new place while my friend and I stay behind. I go back inside to find his bro's volleyball and start bumping it to myself and accidentally hit it out the door. My friend has been outside this entire time, which was only a span of a few minutes, to throw some trash away but when I passed through the doorway to collect the ball I heard a voice right inside my ear whisper, "I've got it.". I kept outside and kept to myself about it.

This is the most that has ever happened in a single year to me. I was in Carlton, OR at the time and shaving before heading over to my Aunt's house. While shaving, in the mirror, I noticed the office door open into the hallway. Everyone was gone but I figured it simply hadn't been shut all the way so I went back looked inside to see if the window was open, which it wasn't, and then proceeded to close the door and go back to shaving. Less than a minute after I noticed the door creak open again, and this time I heard the door unlatch, and just as creepily as it opened it shut. needless to say I didn't finish shaving and headed over to my Aunts and told them the story. There is no draft in that part of the house and the door was open to almost 70 degrees so its hard to believe it was just wind, especially after I just made sure it was closed all the way.

Next, again I am in the house alone! This time I am up in my attic room watching T.V. when I start to here some mumbled voices coming from downstairs. I start trying to listen with my ear to the floor and it sounds like its the voice of my dad talking to some lady that didn't sound familiar, but all I could make out sounded muffled. It was early in the afternoon so my dad and anyone else wouldn't be home for at least 3 hours. Perhaps someone broke in, I thought, so I ended up grabbing a double edged throwing knife and creep downstairs to see if anyone was around where I thought I heard the voices. Nothing, silence, I check the office and then the rest of the house and no one is around. I go back to my room and the voices are not heard again and I stayed there til someone got home.

Same house in Oregon. I am use to walking around the house in the dark and usually don't bother with the lights. One night I am coming from my room to the kitchen, which is a path that basically you turn right from the stairs and then straight down the hall and through the bathroom, upon walking through the bathroom doorway I am suddenly ice cold and it feels like all the air has been robbed from my lungs. I take a step back to regain myself and realize that in front of me the area is not dark but simply shadow. A black possibly two dimensional (it was hard to tell, it was dark) shadow about the diameter of a beach ball with black vapors traveling in all directions. In seconds flat I reached and flipped on the kitchen lights and it was gone. Figment of my imagination?

After being gone for several years the strange haunting at my house has continued and it doesn't seem to show signs of stopping or of it being anything all the meddlesome. I went to visit my Dad and his family while on leave and it turns out that the ghost has been somewhat accepted by the family as it appears to have possessed one of my half-sisters toys! This is where it gets funny/creepy, my dad brings up the story about this newly possessed doll one day at breakfast after I mention to him how creepy it was that while I was watching T.V. it randomly started talking to me. He told me that they have had it for just a few months and one night while he was watching T.V. late at night the doll started talking to him using apparently random phrases along the lines of "I love you." or "Are you my friend?" (not word for word). The creepiest thing about it is that it uses phrases like these at times when it seems to make perfect sense for someone (or something) to say,

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:35 AM
...especially when you are doing something and it says, "I see you!". The doll looks completely unassuming as the type of doll that would turn out anything like Chucky. Oh ya I forgot to mention that the doll talks through touch activation only! It has become more talkative and even speaks during the daytime or even if you aren't alone! My dad's family and I were around the kitchen table looking something up on the laptop and the bear (or dog?) started to interject messages into our conversation! We have tried debunking it by jumping up and down right next to it to see if it would set it off, even squeezing it takes effort to get it to say one of its messages, the only thing we haven't done to truly prove its a haunt is taken out the battery, but the slight creepiness of the toy seems useful to keep my little brother from staying up later than he should be on a school night.

LAMBERTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, NEW JERSEY! I have always wanted to visit a truly haunted location and this place proved #ing awesome!

Not the best video but it shows what its like to be inside.

Anyway I went with a team of almost 10 paranormal investigators to this place and we got some great action! We arrived on the scene at around 2100ish after not so clandestinely asking the locals where the school was and how to get there, its a really easy walk up a short road, you should notice the steps right away even in the dark. Anyway I was probably the most eager one of the group and I lead the way finding the stairs and climbing up. The place is very popular it turns out because not until late into the night there were at least 3 other groups that came to check the place out. One group was a couple young guys and gals that we scared away by making hissing and moaning sounds from the second floor of the school entrance. The school isn't all that large so having a lot of people there wouldn't make it very fun. Anyway on with the experiences. The first thing to happen but something that was immediately discounted was someone being pelted with a rock, we asked around our own group but no one would admit to it and the other two groups weren't anywhere around to ask since they were at the front of the school. For a long time after that, nothing really happened. Everyone was getting bored of the place including myself feeling highly disappointed. We did another loop of the building and decided to split into smaller groups of 2s and 3s and suddenly, very suddenly, things got interesting! Me and one of the other guys split into the collapsed part of the school to make it into the central hallway that use to connect the gym to perhaps the cafeteria. Immediately upon entering the hallway we were greeted with a high chill and the guy with me immediately mentioned the feeling of being touched on the shoulder and so we shouted the news to the rest of our group which weren't even more than 40 feet away and only separated by walls. It was a very warm night with no breeze so the experience was quite exciting and revamped everyone into finding evidence of the paranormal. At this time it was past 2300 and the only sighting after the temperature drop was made by myself but without knowing and I will explain that later. The other two groups had already left and some of us resorted to the eerie and desperate tactic of going alone into the creepier areas of building. Forever there was nothing until finally when the majority of the group rendezvoused on the second floor. Three of the guys including a friend of mine had been in the library connected to the hall where me and on of the guys felt a cold spot for a while. Apparently after only a short while of being there the bushes and book cases began to shake violently. They left immediately and told us of their findings. Excited by the news I paired up with my friend that was initially there and went back to the spot after much convincing. I took my camera there and began recording but before we could start a light coming from the doorway caught his eye. I thought he was referring to the orange light that was coming from across the collapsed gym area (this was a light that I had seen before but had assumed it was my friend Jones' surefire flashlight) but he immediately corrected me in stating it was a blue light that moved from the doorway to the basement with the furnace. After we saw the lights Jones called me saying he was bored and wanted to leave, but I asked him where he was and he was not on the opposite side of the gym but instead in front of the school building. He was the only one who had a flashlight that could possibly make that color and the other groups had long since gone. My friend and I proceeded with the recording after I got off the phone with Jones. I began attempts to taunt the spirits targeting the PA football player whom supposedly haunts the grounds. Soon to give up I sling another insult and am given an immediate response with a rock or what sounded like a rock hitting the doorway right to the left of my ear and I even got the sound on video...
After we wrapped at the library entrance since the ghost seemed to be out of pebbles, we started to walked down the hallway to get out when I felt a slight chill and kept recording. Lucky for me that I did because I caught another light, this one was green and it comes into the frame then leaves in less than a few seconds. We rendezvous back with the group who were again on the second floor scoping out a room they thought they missed in the beginning and were in it because they thought they heard something inside. Apparently one of the camera's batteries got drained when they were in the process of taking a picture and it had shut off. The camera was able to be turned back on and the picture revealed the close up of an orb!

After collecting more audio/video we called it a night, which we shouldn't have done since all the activity was picking up the closer we were coming to the midnight hour. Even as we were leaving the spirits gave us one last hurrah as we exited I kept taking pictures and my camera was suddenly drained only to be able to turn back on again, which normally means a spirit is trying to manifest itself. I tried taking several more pictures but I was being left behind and I was a little frightened so I quickly caught up.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 05:28 AM

After the event of ghost hunting ended that night, remember the guy who felt like he was touched on the shoulder? Well turns out they (him, his brother in law and his sister) get home and the others notice a firm red hand print on his left shoulder, and if not shocking enough, they found the imprint of an evil smiley face on back of his leg! Evil smiley face, sounds cooky right, but you gotta see it! It was texted to my razor so I guess I have to download a razor emulator to my computer to download the pictures? Other weird things that happened were the videos. There would be captured audio of what sounds like low howling wind and then when we went back to listen again it wouldn't be there, also strange occurrences with video, at one point during the provoking I remember my camera getting very green pixilations forming boxes that were swaying but unfortunately this is not recorded, instead when we reached that point in the video the video turned into a strange grey but when we tried to review it simply vanished. I guess these were possible technical difficulties.

I only have raw video to upload if folks want to see it, I don't have an editing program so I can't make it all nice and brief for the good parts. Also if anyone has audio programs in which they can capture white noise, please let me know and I will send the videos to you!

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 05:39 AM
Okie... Don't think ABS photo media uploader likes me very much cause now its not uploading photos... I will just link them to my myspace folder.

EDIT! LINKIE: Lambertville HS Photos

For anyone that wants to see the videos needs to make a request and I can have them sent to your e-mail.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 11:51 PM
Evil Smiley Face:
This I believe was located on the back of his left leg.

Orb Close Up:
You can see the orb sort of looks like a nucleus and has an orange/yellow outer membrane with sort blueish inner membrane(?) and you can even make out pores in its surface and perhaps the nucleus thingy itself in the center.

More Orbs:
Buddy said he could see faces in the orbs on his computer but I don't see anything.

There are more pictures of the inside of the school but only if people are interested and have the programs to digitally enhance them.

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 12:01 AM
The forum appears to be cutting off the rest of the photos, if you want to see the rest of it, especially the close up of the orb just check my photo album.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 10:01 PM
physical evidence and no replies im a little shocked.

not even someone to challenge what i have presented???

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 10:17 PM
Part of the reason for no replies is that your thread is kinda lengthy.

Like how you divided the first part with dates, but the second half is very hard to read.

Anyway, Could the evil smiley face just be a joke they were playing on everybody to make everybody think the place was haunted?

What is your opinion of orbs?

Still reading your personal experiences.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by jam321

true, im just shocked that no one responded to what i posted in the end.

i saw the evil smiley for myself, i don't know how you would create it. if you look at it you can see no lacerations to the skin and to do this with a lighter would be rather difficult and painful. i also keep in mind that my friend is an evangelical and was very afraid when he found the smiley and the hand print.

as for orbs, i never believed in them until that night. not only did we get a nice close up of one that forms some sort of nucleus but most of us saw ones of different colors and even caught a green one on film

can you see the picture of the orb or are you having to use the link?

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 10:29 PM
On the myspace photos on 2nd page, 2nd to last picture.

Just looking at the pic without zooming, I can make out a face.

When I zoom in with firefox zoom, the orb looks like it a picture of a cartoon character.

On the picture you have on the thread showing the wooded area, I see a bluish color in the middle of the orbs.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by jam321

what i wish is that they could be digitally enhanced and eventually get my videos up to have them analyzed, that is if anyone has those kind of programs.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by GenLo

I am suddenly ice cold and it feels like all the air has been robbed from my lungs. I take a step back to regain myself and realize that in front of me the area is not dark but simply shadow. A black possibly two dimensional (it was hard to tell, it was dark) shadow about the diameter of a beach ball with black vapors traveling in all directions. In seconds flat I reached and flipped on the kitchen lights and it was gone. Figment of my imagination?

Pretty scary moment, huh?

About two Christmas ago more or less, my girlfriend and I were sitting in my mom's kitchen. The table was set in one of the corners. It was about two in the morning and everybody was asleep and we were getting a midnight snack.

We had a light on and were talking when suddenly I saw a black object about the size of a ball jump out of the corner and moved quickly to the left running the length of the table and disappeared.

My girlfriend screamed and jumped into my arms crying at the same time that I saw the object. She was freaking out. Just about woke everybody up. Up to this day I still don't know what we saw. But it was real.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by jam321

thats amazing! i think that is much more impressive than any of mine since who would listen to anyone at that age having experiences.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by GenLo

I have other incidents that have happened as well. That one was the first one I ever posted here.

I have notice that many people automatically want to call a person a liar because there is no proof.

But how do you provide proof of things that happen at the spur of the moment.

I applaud you for posting your stories and you are correct does deserve some attention.

I found the orbs to be very interesting as well as everything else you posted.

Hope you keep posting your experiences and investigations. Pop me a U2 whenever you do. Will be more than glad check it out.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by jam321

ah the feeling of validation certainly is sweet
but ya definitely i'll let you know, actually something strange happened tonight but im posting about it on a different thread due to the relativity of the subject. i have another strange incidence but im posting it in another of my threads specifically dealing with this other type of paranormal.

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