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NEWS: Cold Fusion on the Cold Slab, Dr. Eugene F. Mallove Murdered.

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posted on May, 17 2004 @ 12:52 AM
Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, one of the fore-runners of coldfusion technology, was found murdered after what police suspect to be a robbery and subsequenty assault. Since 1995, Mallove has been editor of "Infinite Energy" magazine, which explors the science of alternative energy sources. With degrees from MIT and Harvard in engineering, he is by no means a hack: His 1991 publication of "Fire from Ice" read, in it's preface, that "mounting evidence from cold fusion experiments [...] provides a compelling indication that a new kind of nuclear process is at work."

This murder comes in the wake of the US Department of Energy's decision to formally review the concept of Coldfusion as an energy source, as well as other specuative Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). The DOE had previously refused to seriously undertake the examination of LENR, as the existance of coldfusion defies widely-accepted scientific theory. However, recent scientific indications demonstrate that it is become a far more viable option.
Read Murder Coverage Here

Several hours later, Mallove's 1993 green Dodge Caravan was found in the Foxwoods employee parking lot on Route 2 in Preston. The vehicle is easily identifiable by several large bumper stickers, including an American flag and his company Web site,, in the rear window. The New Hampshire license plate bears the registration INFNRG.

It seems like a rather timely murder. Coldfusion has long be denied the scientific examination it has warranted. Dr. Mallove was one of the most vocal scientists in support of infinite energy, devoting his time and energy to its study and conception. His murder comes just prior to the official DOE openings of the examination of coldfusion as an alternative energy source, and supporting documentation. Until more details are released, there is going to be much speculation regarding the rather mysterious circumstances of his death.
Infinite Energy Press Release (DOE)
Cold Fusion

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posted on May, 17 2004 @ 01:46 AM
Man, some stories speak for themselves, don't they. Murdered. What does the media want us to see here? Another one of those millionaire scientists, probably rolling around the 'hood in his pimped out van, showin off his bling, and hatin on the otha research playaz . . . ?

Hardly. People kill rich people because of what they own. Scientists are killed for what they can prove.

posted on May, 17 2004 @ 10:42 AM
Guys, we need to get a few facts straight, here:

Eugene F. Mallove was NOT a leading scientist working on Cold Fusion. He championed its cause (in spite of the problems) but he was not one of the scientists on it. He championed the muchly discounted (because nobody could replicate it) "cold fusion" experiment of 1989.

He did appear on Art Bell and other such programs, and he wrote a book -- but he's not the only one to do so. He was a science writer -- NOT a leading researcher.

What would be the motive behind "silencing" *him*... rather than, say, the scientists working on "cold fusion"? If someone wanted cold fusion suppressed, why not instead whack someone like Harvard's Hagelstein?

Or McCubre (same article) or Hekman, who has an alternative energy company and actually got the DOE hearing? Or off the scientists who were originally intending to ask the DOE for a reassessment?

Surely if there was a conspiracy, killing the university-based scientists who are actually producing the results and publicizing them (and who have research students working on this) is far better than killing off someone who is an advocate-writer, but who is not doing any of the work himself.

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posted on May, 17 2004 @ 12:03 PM
Here is more info on Mallove:

I don't know Byrd, but it seems that he was also a researcher in the field, because this article says that he contributed a lot to the research.

posted on May, 17 2004 @ 12:16 PM
Byrd --

I don't think that "they" (whomever "they" are) are particularly concerned with the research currently being done as "They" are with the prospect of having a feasible, renewable, pollutant-free energy source. That is, by quieting one of the most vocal proponants of LENR, they are able to effecitively "silence" the entire program.

The researches are pesky, but it's the scientists - as in, Dr. Mallove - who shout it from the rooftops that the concern has to be about.

posted on May, 17 2004 @ 01:44 PM
Here's another article about cold fusion. Ladies & gentlemen... We have a conspiracy here indeed...

Data Versus Dogma: The Continuing Battle Over Cold Fusion
Establishment science continues to turn cold shoulder despite mounting scientific evidence.

posted on May, 17 2004 @ 07:46 PM
there are plenty of people working on cold fusion. what would make whomever single him out for elimination? also wonder if there have been others in the field involved in 'accidents'

posted on May, 17 2004 @ 09:12 PM
Was he on Cheney's energy task force? Just a minute, I'll check.............hmmm................still not public info.........

Here is someone's take on the conspiracy.

Gary Voss writes: I want to make an observation of a moment to remember our good friend Dr. Eugene Mallove since his passing as a result of a recent brutal murder It is still inconclusive, yet not to be dismissed as highly probable the suspect of foul play to have had a hand of involvement to intentionally silence this exemplary leader of the pack who would risk everything to prove to the world that free energy is abundant and available all over and relatively chep and inexpensive to reproduce right in your own kitchen! which I might point out that the DOD considered a threat thus the motive for hiring disinformationalist contracted out to put a spin on this by intenionally corrupting the data from cold fussion replication experiments, moreover is the motive for hiring a hit on his life is which is without question in consideration of his plans to confront this issue on a very highly influential platform that would fi nally provide the smoking gun to put the disinformation campaign to bed once and for all, it's just a real tragedy that the gunsmoke trail had to end in his sudden death, yet we should rival from this and do what he would have asked us all, and that is that the show must go on! we will not back down, and if we rally collectively to act swiftly, we could turn this around to benefit the very target of trying to stop us from doing so.

Best Personal Regards to all,

---Gary Voss
T.A.P.-T.E.N. Research Foundation International
San Diego, CA.

copied from

I checked out the tap-ten. It's about time travel. So, it makes sense that Gary thinks there is a conspiracy.

If Mallove had evicted the renters from his parents house and they were prime suspects, wouldn't the police know who the renters were? How hard would it be to find them?

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by DownValley
If Mallove had evicted the renters from his parents house and they were prime suspects, wouldn't the police know who the renters were? How hard would it be to find them?

Excellent point.

I've yet to see anymore information regarding this murder unfold, however, I doubt if there will be anything more "high profile" about it - I suppose there's just the hopes that come with looking.

Also, I'm interested in finding out if the DOE has actually begun formal review of LENR, or if they are even still scheduled to do so.

Maybe Cheney had him offed, as a serious threat to his energy businesses? Hmm...

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