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Advice please, Illuminati and UFO disclosure

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 03:01 PM
Hi there, I know that this subject has been beaten to death a number of times on ATS but i need a little help.

I have been an avid follower of the UFO subject since i was a child, i think the main reason for sticking with the subject is to try and understand what's behind it. It's such a massive topic that wading through information in so many different areas can be too much brain overload and sometimes it's good to try and take a few steps back and look at it on it's most basic level.

I got to do that tonight after watching the new "I Know What I saw" documentary aired on the history channel (I am aware of an existing thread regarding this)

The general feel i got from it was the fact that us normal people on the ground will never get an answer, because the people in higher places are holding all the cards and the fact that i think that the information on the existence of UFO's exists, but i believe it exists way beyond the Government (I don't even think they know).

This got me into thinking of a segment on youtube from George Carlin about the American Dream:

Tying the Elite theory with Ufology is a new concept to me.

Googling got me The Illuminati. Before i exhaust myself i wanted to ask people here on ATS interested in higher organisations and UFO disclosure to give me some good starting points to research further.

To me the thought of the existence of UFO's and people higher up knowing about it isn't a conspiracy at all, i would just like a good starting point to get a better idea. Is the Illuminati a good place to start or somewhere else?

Thanks in advance


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