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TPTB on our side as a SPECIES

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 08:55 AM
I agree that we should not be used as guinie-pigs and am not condoning their actions

TPTB could be for us(for human kinds existence) and not agains't us(as individuals)

What if TPTB know the earth is about to (pick an apocalypse) and are trying to make a race of humans that can live through it or that can travel through space by exposing us to it now so our species does not go extinct,

Throughout the recent years there has been alot of nuke tests done around the globe and some peope survived it without major scarring. If TPTB rounded up all the people that survived, studying the DNA from them all to find out how they survived and reproduce a human that can withstand the radiation.

Think about an x-ray...We are doused with radiation to get the x-ray.
Think about the way they treat cancer... same as above

This will also limit the casulty rate from the fallout of the nuke and less people will die from it.. taking the nuke out of Weapon of Mass Casualty rating and making it just a WMD

Eventually we will build a resistance to all radiation simular to the cockroach,and our species will live on

Anyone in here with input on if this COULD(not SHOULD) be done would be welcome.


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