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Invasion of Palestine (slightly different angle)

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 01:56 AM
A Brief Recap of the Facts:
Prior to the start of World War II, the Western elite desperately needed two things:

* 1) They needed to destroy Russia's image and/or somehow hobble its growth and development to stem the alarming trend in 2nd and 3rd World nations to view Russia (i.e., Communism) as a lucrative role model.
* 2) They needed a permanent military base strategically located in the Middle East to ensure permanent use of the Suez Canal, and to defend their colonial interests not only in the Middle East but throughout Africa.

But quiz baby boomers about what threats existed to the Western elite prior to the war, and you may grow old, before the issue of Middle Eastern oil, the Suez Canal, or even Russia ever emerges from their consciousness. Awareness of these issues appears now to have been purposely suppressed as an integral part of Allied war strategy. The full reason why suppressing these facts was so important will soon become self-evident.

Ruthless Chess Moves in the Middle East
You are about to be presented with undeniable evidence to indicate that the Second World War was initiated by the Western elite to deal with these increasingly urgent problems. The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that the invasion of Palestine was a premeditated plan by the Allies not just to CREATE a much needed permanent ally in the Middle East, but more importantly to create a location to establish a permanent military base from which to ensure the continued use of the Canal as well as protection for their colonial oil interests in other adjacent countries like Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

I would ask those readers who are tempted to label this view as anti-Semitic, to withhold any such pre-judgment at this point. Not only will the facts speak for themselves, the anti-Semitic issue will be dealt with very shortly.

The Invasion of Palestine
The first outward manifestation of a play for Palestine formally surfaced on August 13 1945, when the World Zionist Congress demanded admission of 1 million Jews to Palestine. It should be remembered that at this point, the war had ended, the Germans had surrendered, and concentration camps of all descriptions had been emptied. Europe was filled with people whose possessions had been completely destroyed and who were forced to start all over again from nothing. Many even had to clear away the rubble to get to that state. However, the Jews who later emigrated from all over the globe to settle in Palestine had not been born in Palestine, nor had their fathers or their fathers' fathers. In fact, Jews have as much claim to Palestinian property as the American Indians will have to reclaim America two thousand years from now!!

Meanwhile, the Arab World immediately recognized that the West was trying to install a puppet government in their midst. They were enraged.

* On September 13 1945, Iran requested the withdrawal of U.S. and British forces.
* On September 25 1945, Egypt demanded an end to British military occupation.
* On October 20 1945, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon joined together to establish the Arab League. One of their first acts was to warn the U.S. that the creation of a Jewish state would lead to war.

When the impending confrontation started to make newspaper headlines around the world, both the U.S. and Britain attempted to diffuse the issue by announcing on April 29 1946 that a joint U.S. British Committee studying the matter, had advised against the partition of Palestine. The Arabs were not about to be fooled by this superficial ploy because on January 26 1947, Egypt actually broke off diplomatic relations with Britain.

On May 14 1948, the British mandate over Palestine ended, and the Allies proceeded to support the creation of Israel by giving David Ben-Gurion and his chosen associates full military assistance to begin a covert imperialistic invasion of Palestine. The well understood advantage of supporting and installing puppet governments, is that the elite can implement their strategies without having to assume either direct responsibility or accountability.[B174]

In reality, the initial invaders were nothing more than a commando force similar to the CIA financed Contras!!

In the wake of the Jewish Holocaust, the Western media was used extensively to justify almost unlimited financial and military support for the creation of Israel, which served as a perfect smoke screen behind which the Allies could install a puppet government in Palestine posing as refuge seekers.

The Western media spared no effort in depicting the Allied invasion forces as refuge seekers, and so were able to successfully transfer the sympathy, which had been generated for the Holocaust victims, directly to the invasion forces. If they had not done this, the citizens of the West, and indeed the world community in general, would have been more critical of the invasion, and would most certainly have sympathized with the innocent Palestinians who were literally being thrown out of their homeland to make way for a collection of people who already had countries to live in. Jews who came from places like America were not refuge seekers, they were encouraged to go to Palestine to help occupy territory forcefully taken from innocent Palestinians by the right-wing militant faction of the puppet government's invasion forces.

Mind you, most Europeans were busy picking up the pieces of their lives after nearly six years of war, and could be forgiven for being a bit numbed at this stage to the invasion of Palestine. Quite conceivably, this too figured into the timing of the invasion.

Israel - Middle East Warlord ...Overnight!
With American military hardware and advisors, Israel almost instantly emerged as the strongest military might in the Middle East. Within 8 years, this artificially created nation, which theoretically should have been a collection of the most grateful people on earth, had already gone to war against each of its neighbors Jordan, Lebanon, Syria.

And within 5 months of Egypt declaring that she would not extend the Suez Canal's Concession, Israel invaded Egyptian territory and advanced to within 10 miles of the Suez Canal.[B175]


posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 01:58 AM

It was only too clear to the entire Arab world, that Israel had become an American military outpost!! The fact that the creation of Israel had the combined support of the Western elite (to at least ensure control the Suez Canal), was made evident by the fact that the Americans (through the Israelis) invaded the Sinai Peninsula heading toward the canal on October 29, 1956, while both the British and the French bombed Egyptian airfields to weaken or destroy the Egyptian capacity to resist the Israeli (American) invasion of their Sinai peninsula. British forces within the week took Gaza and Port Said. Through a long drawn out process involving UN occupation forces, the Western elite began their extended control over the Suez Canal.

Wearing a thin Israeli disguise, the Western elite invaded and claimed not just Palestine from the Palestinians, but the lands West of the Jordan River from the Jordanians, the Gaza strip from the Egyptians, and the Golan Heights from the Syrians. For 15 years, Israel also held the Sinai Peninsula but handed it back to Egypt in 1982 under the terms of a (1979) peace treaty.

Those who would wish to escape criticism for the above acts of imperialism have been quick to label any such criticism as either anti-Semitic or anti-American. Neither label is valid. The criticism contained in this book is directed strictly toward the Western elite and their Israeli counterparts. The truth of the matter, is that I have great sympathy for victims of the Holocaust persecution, as well as for the Jews encouraged to emigrate from all over the world to quite unknowingly create a brand new Jewish Feudal State.

Setting up the Israeli Feudal State
Regarding Israeli domestic policy, Jews who descended on Israel from all parts of the globe became, for the most part, pawns under the direction and control of a nucleus of ultra right-wing militant leaders who were chosen to become part of the emerging Israeli economic elite. As a result, many who were lured from abroad to help establish Israel, now realize how they have been manipulated and victimized. They are coming to acknowledge in ever increasing numbers, the true nature of Israeli domestic and foreign policies.

Class differences were an integral part of this new Feudal system. When the call went out to Jews all around the globe to come to Israel to help establish the country, some of the first to arrive were Jews of African and Arabic origins who are referred to as Sephardic Jews. In later years, as more of the Ashkenazic Jews (of European stock) arrived, many Sephardic Jews, who had served as Israel's pioneers, were now forced to give up their homes to the Ashkenazic Jews who obviously consider themselves to be superior to those of Moroccan or Ethiopian heritage.

Not only that, many are beginning to acknowledge that Israel, like South Africa, has been enforcing a policy of apartheid, ...against the Palestinians!!

And so a "worse than Feudal" class structure has been established from scratch. The Israeli bottom 90% are as much victims of manipulation by the American-installed Israeli elite, as are the bottom 90% of all other countries still dominated by an economic elite.


[B174]Williams, Neville. Chronology of the Modern World
(Great Britain: The Chaucer Press, 1975) pp. 598, 600, 606, 610

[B175]Williams, Neville. Chronology of the Modern World
(Great Britain: The Chaucer Press, 1975), pp.650, 652



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