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posted on Feb, 18 2003 @ 09:34 AM
It was yesterday, in the 80's...

I dined at a couple of friends with another couple of their friends whose husband, young person tallies dynamic very Eighties, did not ending on complies on the United States.

He came out from his happy admiration that the country of Uncle Sam could not even be a model for us, since never we could not hope to resemble to him.
Its power was such, we could not think of comparing some way that it is, with this terrestrial Olympe intelligence and force, democracy and vitality, etc, etc.

Religion revealed against dinosaur of Humanity This young framework did not even anger me.
Its faith into America was childish, such believing it than revealed religion.
And then, of the evidence of the American power, there was with abundance, which I admit easily.

In 80's, We still believed in the threat of red army, first army of the world (Before Iraqi army in 1992), but first or not, GIs American took care of our protection.!?

I considered then, me also, the United States dAmeric like an essential ally...

However, face the disproportion of the remarks of this young dynamic framework, I finish by him pointing out that the power of AmericA-north went back only to a few fiftys years and before it, others countries had been most powerful of the world.

That had more or less lasted, but the wheel of History always ended up turning one day. With this simple remark on world History, the glance of my interlocutor changed: Because for him, Histories did not exist quite simply. All that was last before the XXe century concerned the cinema as well as possible (preferably Hollywood, which still proved United States). This evening, this young dynamic framework had made knowledge certainly of an un-compatriot : our ID cards proves that we were from the same country but...

Double seisms anti-American in less than two years : There is no doubt that this young man did not remain convinced, evidence of Americanism supremacy twenty years still lasting.
Unril a 9/11, 2001. This day, but everyone still recalls, it occurred an unimaginable fact for much: America was struck its ground! Admittedly, no risk-zero, not and nobody, not even uncle Sam, could be safe of the innovation of this type of kamikazes terrors. Ancient ally of the USA : Ben Laden - If he is really command, proven that impossible did not wasn't anti-Yankee!

Exemple was given. With the ridge of its power
- since destruction of eastern block, economical, social, human...

- since the liberal model is that which penetrates slowly, but surely, all countries of the world, in particular China? and ideological, the government of Washington, autoproclam :

- New World Order,

deciding what is or who is not Good

- AmeriKKKA was vulnerable.

posted on Feb, 18 2003 @ 11:18 AM
Hmmm...are you trying to say that we needed the USA during the cold war, but now that we don't, they still want to hold on to their past influence and power, despite having been proven to be vulnerable?

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