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Berg Video Is Planned PsyOp!!!

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posted on May, 16 2004 @ 09:28 AM
See it here...

Top left

Full article...

Berg's Father and Firm
Were On A Right-Wing
'Enemies' List

The conspiracy continues.

posted on May, 16 2004 @ 11:16 AM
The subject for the day
appears to be damage control.

First my own.
Virus being sent out
to the Ark Two mailing list.
Doesn't appear to be very affective -
but nevertheless.

No, I have never sent any attachments.
No, it is not coming from my computer.
Most likely coming from the
web page host or server
because that is where the
newsletter mail list
is maintained.

Anyway, if you get it -
just delete it -
the subject heading is:

[Arktwo] Request response

Just delete.

Other damage control.
Trip to Iraq.
Photo-ops with the troops.
Releasing of pictures.
News releases by the bunches.

Still, this morning -
New Yorker says -
He Knew
He Authorized
So, he didn't tell Bush.
Of course not.
(Officially anyway.)
Plausible deniability.
Protect the chief.
What your government does for you.

Lawyers saying to Pentagon -
don't release more photos.
The only thing that makes
the Pentagon
the White House
the American Public as a whole
is that they got out in the first place.

The thought controllers
and the thought controlled
don't like pictures getting out
of caskets
killing of prisoners
or anything that hurts their cause.
Stop the news
and you stop the reality
is their view.

At least you may change the reality.
Because action appears to follow image.

Now a new conspiracy theory.
I am usually only into conspiracy theories
to debunk them.
planted explosives in the WTC,
massing Chinese troops in Mexico and Canada,
government knowing asteroid is on collision course,
Illuminati taking over the world -
and dozens of others that I get -
but here is a new one
that is kind of interesting.

The Berg story
may be an iceberg
(what is that - 90% hidden under water?)

Reports that analysis of the video
and events
show that:

1. Execution squad
a. had wrong (especially one)
body shapes for Iraqis
b. were wearing baklavas
instead of traditional scarves
c. one was wearing jewelry
in violation of Islamic code
d. several touched their faces
with left hand -
a strong taboo in Muslim culture.
e. two stood in non-Muslim manner
f. had US Armed forces furniture
g. had an English speaking voice present
in the background
(audible with engineering
on multiple tape sources)

2. Actually execution done off camera -
with tape lapse before showing
severed head.
Some expert medical opinion holding
execution not performed in purported manner.

3. Early reports did not identify
a. that Berg was a practicing Jew
b. that Berg was a person of interest
to the FBI
b1. Emails to terrorists
having been sent
from his computer.
b2. Relative married to Muslim
b3. Terrorist connected room mate
in college.
c. held in US authorized custody
d. released and warned to leave

Speculation is that he was a CIA type of operative
that was found to be a MOSSAD cross agent -
and that he was 'terminated with extreme prejudice'
by US authorized CIA type of organization.

Alternate view is that he was
just a good American lad
looking for a business opportunity
and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time
and that his being grabbed off
was just coincidental
because everything else above is:
a. not true
b. totally coincidental
c. and shows stupidity of Al Qaeda
who had the US completely on the run
in a PR sense
and now this throws egg in their face.

Like all conspiracy theories -
you pay your money and make your choice -
and while I don't think this one
will get much play in the conventional media
it may have 'legs' on the Internet.

Everywhere the media is scrambling
to do damage control
for the US torture practices.
Think back to the amount of footage
that went on for months and months
about the consensual sex with one White House intern -
and then compare that to what you will see
about government authorized sexual brutality
for hundreds -
in the run up to the election.

Not me.
But some others will make the comparison.
The question will be asked -
(not in the media - but elsewhere)
could Berg be iceberg damage control?

Peace and love,

posted on May, 16 2004 @ 11:22 AM

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