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Iranian President Ahmadinejad Revealed To Be A Freemason!

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 09:51 PM

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Iranian President Ahmadinejad is a Freemason!

As you can see from the above picture, the Iranian President is exchanging a Masonic handshake with Larry King! There is no doubt whatsoever that King is giving the Iranian President a traditional Masonic handshake. Let us go to the article from which this picture is taken.

"When you shake hands, the thumb naturally extends upward or straight ahead. When it points downward, you are signaling that you are a member of the world's largest satanic cult, Freemasonry, and are committed to its goal of world government under the anti Christ. Read what Stephen Knight wrote about the Masonic handshake in "The Brotherhood" (1983): 'The Master Mason applies distinct pressure with his right thumb between the knuckles of the other's middle and third finger'." (p. 132)

This information is absolutely correct! When Larry King gave Iranian President Ahmadinejad the Masonic handshake, he was signaling to all the occult world that the Persian leader is a member of the Masonic secret society. Therefore, all occultists throughout the world will know that the Iranian President is being controlled by the Illuminati and is simply carrying out his assigned script. Therefore, we must realize that this handshake is also confirmation that the entire Iranian crisis over their supposed nuclear warhead development program is a scripted crisis in which the leadership of Russia, Iran, Israel, the United States, Great Britain, and the European Union all have a role to play.

In other words, the deliberately created crisis with Iran is following a script that will result in massive amounts of "Rumors of War" without actually descending into war. This reality is the reason that President Bush and his officials have breathed fiery threats time after time after time for five long years without any resulting military action. This fact is the reason why massive American naval and air forces have built up in the waters and in the air near Iran since Summer, 2003, only to quietly disband every single time.

What are the purposes of the secret Masonic handshake?

Original Genesis of the Masonic Handshake

We need to go back to the book by John J. Robinson, "Born In Blood", to pick up this historical story.

By carefully examining Masonic teachings, their rituals, and their language origins, Robinson concluded that, "when Pope Clement V conspired with King Phillip of France in 1313 to arrest, try, and annihilate the Knights Templar, some French Templars did escape. Furthermore, Templars in other countries, most notably Britain, were able to escape the dragnet. They gravitated to Scotland, where the Scottish King refused to enforce the Papal Bull against the Templars. Accepting other Templars into their new secret order, and very fearful of betrayal, they did evolve into the Freemasonry we know today. The traditional secret society emphasis on signs and handshakes, and the keeping of secrets makes much sense, as lives were literally at stake." ["Born In Blood"; Page 150-1]

However, the historic roots of this practice of handshakes can be traced all the way back to Biblical times, when the Babylonian secret societies dominated the occult world. Listen to the Biblical admonition against secret handshakes.

Proverbs 22:26 -- "Be not one of those who strike hands and pledge themselves ..." Once again, we discover that, if a person is thoroughly familiar with the commandments of the Bible, he would never be taken in by the lying nature of Freemasonry. As soon as they discov

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 09:53 PM
Usage of the Masonic Handshake In The Modern Era

"The secret hand signs of the Illuminati are thought to work magic, to evoke supernatural beings, and of course, to communicate messages ... The handshake, or grip, is a sign of unity, oneness of purpose and allegiance or devotion to a joint cause. It is considered a bond or seal of acknowledgment between Illuminist brethren. The Masonic authorities speak of a 'mystic tie' or spiritual union. Certainly, demon powers do congregate together and enjoy one another's foul company." (Texe Marrs, Codex Magica, p. 145)

Did you catch the pertinent information in this definition? Masonic handshakes accomplish the following:

* "evoke supernatural beings"

* " work magic"

* "sign of unity"

At the very end, Marrs reports that Masonic handshakes are demonic.

Now, let us examine some other modern examples of Masonic handshakes.

The picture on the left depicts the Masonic handshake perfectly. Note the position of the thumb over the finger of the hand on the left in this picture; it is distinctly cocked and uniquely positioned over the knuckle of the first finger. This is the perfect Masonic handshake. In reality, the accuracy of the handshake depends upon the skill of the person giving, or receiving, the handshake. Some Masons do a good job and some Masons do a lousy job.

The picture on the right shows Secretary of State Colin Powell exchanging a Mason handshake with Morocco's King. The King is giving General Powell a very good handshake, as his thumb is clamped on Powell's first knuckle at just the correct angle.

There can be no doubt about the fact that Iran's President is a Mason and that Larry King wanted to flash that fact to all discerning members of the Fraternity worldwide. You can thus add one more reason to the long list Cutting Edge has provided as to why a Western attack on Iran will never happen!

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 09:56 PM
Maybe I missed something, but your only evidence of Ahmadinejad being a Mason is the way he shook hands with Larry King?

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 10:02 PM

Originally posted by Diplomat
Maybe I missed something, but your only evidence of Ahmadinejad being a Mason is the way he shook hands with Larry King?

Compare a Masons handshake with Larry / Ahamadi ...

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 10:05 PM

Originally posted by 2kni3

Originally posted by Diplomat
Maybe I missed something, but your only evidence of Ahmadinejad being a Mason is the way he shook hands with Larry King?

Compare a Masons handshake with Larry / Ahamadi ...

Ok, so the answer to my question was Yes?

Moving along...

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 10:08 PM
I read your thread -- and I feel robbed. Can I have my 15 minutes back?

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 10:15 PM
There was an other post saying Nethanyahu is also a Mason. So one Mason killing an other. Gordon Brown is also one. It doesn't fit for me.

Edit to add: Here's the link to Gordon Brown's secret handshake:

[edit on 25/9/2009 by White_Widow]

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 01:04 AM
If I may ask OP.

How can you logically deduce that Ahmadinejad is using a Masonic handshake, if the only thumb that is visible in the photo you provided belongs to Larry King.

To further clarify, Larry's thumb is extended; it is NOT arched downwards and it is not putting pressure on Ahmadinejad's 1st, 2nd, or 3rd knuckle joint..

I'm curious as to how you came to your conclusion?

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 02:07 AM

Originally posted by White_Widow
There was an other post saying Nethanyahu is also a Mason. So one Mason killing an other. Gordon Brown is also one. It doesn't fit for me.

Edit to add: Here's the link to Gordon Brown's secret handshake:

[edit on 25/9/2009 by White_Widow]

its not because their people are somewhat at (proxy) war
that the leaders are killing each other.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by 2kni3


I'm sorry, but the absurdity and prejudice in these type of posts is just... painful.

Whether or not he is a Mason; I neither know, nor care. My concern is more with the wholesale condemnation of Masons, "Illuminati", Templars, etc., and idea that every thing secret is evil. This bigoted perception just turns my stomach.

By this illegitimate reasoning:

  • All Catholics would be homosexual pedophiles
  • All Jews would be obnoxiously wealthy
  • All Muslims would be terrorists
  • All Germans would be Nazis
  • Everyone in the South would be inbred and members of the KKK
  • All politicians would be cross-dressers, and
  • The confessional would be evil - after all, it's secret - as well as every board meeting, private conversation, or sexual act not in public.

I mean come on... puh-lleeze! There are a-holes in every group. Realisticly, the Roman Catholic Church has done more to try to take over the world in its history than any group that comes to my mind. After all, "Catholic" means universal. It was intended from the beginning to be the one world religion. Does this mean I believe they are trying to take over the world? No, not really. I believe they would like for the world to believe as them, but I don't think they have any nefarious plan. Are there individual members who are fear-mongering, power-hungry, fascists... probably! In my opinion that church has done more to subvert, distort and repress the teachings of Yeheshuah than any supposed "demon" could ever hope. But there is beauty and value in their teachings, and they provided a softer and more easily acceptable approach to monotheism than Judaism.

It should be remembered that even Jesus taught things in secret, that he only spoke of in parable, publicly. When it gets right down to it, wouldn't the most well know "Illuminati" be the apostles? After all "illuminati" means enlightened, illuminated, those who have been taught something the majority do not know. There have been many groups in history who considered themselves "Illuminati"; few of which could truly be considered nefarious.

Most people know that Mary Magdalene, who was once thought to be a whore is no longer considered as such. What a large portion of the public remains unaware is that the Templars were absolved of wrong doing by the same Pope that had them assaulted. Try doing research on "Templar pardon" or the "Chinon Parchment". The whole thing was a political, fear-mongering, power-play debacle. Afterward the Pope found himself rightously embarrased; and trapped due political concerns.

On consideration of these matters, it should be considered nothing less than bigotry and prejudice to attempt to lump Masons with anything NWO. Are there individual Masons that are involved to take over planetary monetary systems and/or government... it very well may be. However, anyone who would attempt to label all Masons as evil is not worthy to be in any congregation of the followers of Jesus (or any other real religion).

On another note; the idea that a hand shake can evoke "demons" is utterly ridiculous. It shows a complete lack of understanding of any metaphysical or "occult" teaching. This would be like believing that touching a cross invokes G*d or Jesus. Realistically it reminds the wearer of their faith, and their relationship with the divine. Similarly this handshake can be no more than acknowledgment of their fellow and remembrance of their bonds of brotherhood. It's nothing more significant than a private "G*d bless you", "Shalom" or "Salamu" or a "Namaste".

When it gets right down to it, you have the right to be as paranoid as you choose, and believe whatever you want; but to me it demonstrates an uneducated prejudice and a lack of real "Faith in G*d".

Sorry for the rant, but I had to get this off my chest, and today was the day.

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