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I'm new here

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 10:24 AM
Hey everyone in the ATS community,

I'm glad to be a part of a community like this where you can discuss "non-conventional" happenings. I've had experiences which have ocurred through my 28 years of existence, but have been too embarrassed to talk to anyone about them as everyone around me would ridicule me until the day I died. So I put on this false persona as being a skeptic myself, when in actuality, I'm desperately searching for answers. It's comforting to know that I'm not some crazy loon, and maybe someone here can shed some light as to what in the heck has happened to me during these weird, experiences. I look forward to sharing my ideas and hearing from you all.



posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 10:35 AM
Heylo there,

welcome to ATS - sit down, have a cookie.

I've only been here for a couple o weeks or so myself but have found nothing but warm welcomes and decent debate.

Hope ye enjoy and find whatever you're looking for. I've also got a couple o stories that I wanna share - I just feel reluctant in sharing them - nothing too 'big' but weird nonetheless.

Looking forward to reading what ye have to write

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 02:20 PM
Welcome! Hope your stay is enlightening.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 02:43 PM
I can't spell nonconventional "well maybe"
but if thats whatyou call it now....
I can't wait to hear what you call it in 6 months
edit to spell "spell" corrrect

[edit on 22-9-2009 by Doc Holiday]

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 02:50 PM
Welcome ithappened2me.

Hope you enjoy your stay - I too am pretty new here, but it's very interesting, lots of good debates and fascinating opinions.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 02:58 PM
welcome,if u get bored sometimes write to me xD

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by ithappened2me

Welcome! you'll feel right at home here!

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by ithappened2me


You probably ARE a crazy loon like the rest of us.

Just kidding. What I love about this site is there are all kinds of people here. And you can learn so much.

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